How To 1v1 in Overwatch [Step-by-Step Guide]

To 1v1 in Overwatch, create a custom game, choose "Elimination" mode, and invite your friends for a duel!

Updated on Nov 11, 2023
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How To 1v1 in Overwatch [Step-by-Step Guide]

Getting used to new sensitivity settings? Or maybe you get into an argument with your friend about who is the better player? Here, we'll break down exactly how to get into a custom game in order to play with your friends without the chance to lose important placement matches.

1v1 Friends in Overwatch by Creating a Custom game

The best way of 1v1ing friends is by creating a custom game. It's the only way to guarantee you and your friend will be on opposite teams

Here is a step-by-step process for creating a 1v1 custom game:

  • Hit the "Play" asson on the opening screen.
  • Select the "Custom Games" tab

Custom Games Overwatch

  • In the right corner, click on the "Create" orange asson

How to 1v1 Overwatch

  • Once you're at the "Create Game" page, you want to go to the settings option
  • From there, you can choose all Overwatch maps and heroes available, but most importantly, you want to go the to modes section

Create Game Overwatch 1v1

  • Select "Elimination"

Elimination Overwatch

  • You can also change and set other options in this area, set rules, point caps, and other settings.

Overwatch 1v1 Settings

In your custom game, you can now invite your select friends and duel. Each time you or your friends are eliminated, the round ends.

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