Overwatch 2: A Guide to All the Maps

For info and tips for all the maps in Overwatch 2, continue below.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Overwatch 2: A Guide to All the Maps

Maps are the basis for every Overwatch 2 match. They are diverse, mostly unique in style and design, and are ever-growing. Every map will change how you and your team approach the game, and learning their tricks and layouts can help out.

Overwatch's maps and thus game modes are categorized into five different types; Escort, Hybrid, Control, Push, and Assault. We have articles on Overwatch's best maps and worst maps for more in depth ranking, as well as the recommended heroes for each map.

Escort Maps

1. Circuit Royal

Circuit Royal is a map that takes place in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


The payload is a race car that rides through this race track in the streets of Monaco. This map takes place in 3 central locations. They are the following:

  • The Casino Front
  • Vertical Curving Racetrack
  • The Hotel

2. Dorado

Dorado takes place during a festival in Mexico.


The map takes the attackers through the city streets and into one of the ziggurats that powers Mexico. You first take a nice street stroll after exiting base, entering a festival plaza. You pass by Dorado's bank, a spot that defenders spawn from, and a museum, before entering the ziggurat built by LumériCo. The payload is in fact a power source that restores power to the region as you capture the final point.

3. Havana

Havana takes place of course in the capital city of Cuba, Havana.


Whilst not available for normal game modes, Havana is accessible in Custom Games. The map has three central locations:

  • City Streets
  • Distillery
  • Sea Fort

4. Junkertown

Junkertown is an important location in Overwatch, being ruled by Junker Queen, being attacked by Junkrat and Roadhog, and even hosting Wrecking Ball as a fighter. It takes place in the fictional town of Junkertown in Australia.


Junkertown takes attackers past Roadhog's farm on the outskirts of the main town complex. It is a very open and wide angle point. The payload is a secret bomb manufactured by Junkrat and Roadhog, preparing it for the Queen in return for being exiled. The gate opens, and from point A to B you go through the town, with many shops and scrap metal barriers. You then go through another gate and enter the Junkertown arena with its rotating high-ground. Capturing the final objective explodes the bomb in front of Junker Queen's vault.

5. Rialto

Rialto is a beautiful map located in Venice, Italy.


The map takes place in three central locations.

  • The Grand Hotel and Courtyard
  • The Rialto Bridge and Dock
  • Talon Headquarters

5. Route 66

Route 66 is a map in Albuquerque, United States.


Originally a capsule for Echo before her release, the payload is now just a simple payload, and goes through 3 main locations.

  • Gas Station
  • Western Town Complex
  • Bunker

7. Watchpoint Gibraltar

This map is located in Gibraltar, an overseas territory near Spain, and it is Winston's main base.


The payload departs from Winston's laboratory, curving then dipping below a large high-ground area with containment structures. It passes a server room and leads towards the hangar. The hangar hosts a large ship used by Overwatch, winding around various storage units and passing under the ship. Once around the ship, bay doors open and the final stretch is available. Players must fight a slow uphill battle past many high-grounds and then make one last stretch in a wide-open launch bay.

Hybrid Maps

1. Blizzard World

Blizzard World is located in California, United States, and is a fictional theme park based on the developer's franchises.


This map takes you through the many games of Blizzard. Players start in the Hearthstone Tavern, and attack Warcraft's Booty Bay. Once captured, the point spawns the payload, and players must escort it through. They go around a massive Starcraft themed building with a pylon, and finish at a Diablo themed cathedral, a route that dips and rises with a large death pit in the center.

2. Eichenwalde

Eichenwalde is a town in the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. It is here that Reinhardt and his master made their last stand against the Omnics during the Crisis.


Eichenwalde's three main locations are:

  • The Town
  • The Castle Grounds
  • The Castle Interior

3. Hollywood

Hollywood is based on Hollywood in Los Angeles, United States. You escort an Omnic film director.


Attackers first exit a cinema with various films on display, and make their way to the film studio. They first battle past an archway and onto the capture point. After capturing, attackers must escort the director in his luxury car through a wild west film set. Elevators are located on the two major buildings of this set, and high-ground is very important. The final capture point is in a courtyard after windy path through the film studio's building.

4. King's Row

King's Row is a futuristic neighbourhood in London, England, and is the location of many important plot points of Overwatch, and ties into Tracer's lore.


You must fight in the streets of this British neighbourhood. You first pass by a classic London bus and must capture a point in front of Big Ben. The payload spawns, and it is escorted through more of the town, past a pub and through narrow streets with tricky high ground locations. After making short work of the city, players then enter the Underworld, an omnic city just beside King's Row. The payload travels downwards and into a large space with several fatal spots to fall through.

5. Midtown

Midtown is a map in New York, United States.


The map takes you through a sprawling futuristic part of New York. You fight around iconic sights like a yellow taxi and in a subway car to reach the first point. Once reached, the payload enters another part of the city, a road that curves and travels under a very large high-ground area with multiple entry routes. It bends again and reaches the Grand Central Terminal train station. The payload must be escorted inside the train station, and the final point is the central area of the station, with a traversable train on the side.

6. Numbani

Numbani is a fictional futuristic city near Nigeria. It is central to the plots of Doomfist and Orisa.


The first point is an interesting one. It has four different entry points, and is a open-space area beside the skyscrapers of Numbani. Once captured, the Doomfist gauntlet-holding payload departs. It passes by the city buildings, curving downwards and bending twice again before reaching the second point. Many high-ground walkways cover this area, as well as vehicles to hide and fight around. The final point takes the payload through to the Numbani Heritage Museum to store Doomfist's gauntlet, and is a very difficult point to capture.

7. Paraíso

This is a very large map, the biggest in the game in fact, and it takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The first point takes players through a narrow corridor and around to an open courtyard with a walkway all around it on the high-ground. Capturing the point spawns the payload, a parade float. The next point is past tall city buildings, with various entry points and lots of different vertical levels. You then reach Lucio's nightclub, a building similar to the final point of Dorado, or the second point of Havana.

Control Maps

1. Busan

Busan is the second largest city in Korea, and the futuristic version of this city is this map's location.


The three points of Busan are the following:

  • Downtown
  • Sanctuary
  • MEKA Base

2. Ilios

This map is based on the Ilios Village in Greece.


Ilios' three map sections are:

  • Well
  • Ruins
  • Lighthouse

3. Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is held in the heart of a futuristic and fictional metropolis in China.


Its three points are the following:

  • Night Market
  • Garden
  • Control Center

4. Nepal

Nepal is based in the country of Nepal, and is key to Zenyatta's and Genji's lore.


Nepal's three maps are:

  • Village
  • Shrine
  • Sanctum

5. Oasis

Oasis is another futuristic fictional city, and is located in the desert of Iraq. It is tied into Symmetra's lore.


The three points are:

  • City Center
  • Gardens
  • University

Push Maps

1. Colosseo

Colosseo takes place by the Colosseum of Rome, Italy.


This Push map begins in a long narrow corridor inside the Colosseum's outer pathway. It pushes into an open area and then under a bridge, looping around to on top of the bridge. In then pushes forward to a large open area in front of the enemy's spawn. This map favours high-ground and sneaky approaches with its various entry and exit routes.

2. Esperança

This map is located in a fictional town in Portugal.


This map is very large, and the push bot begins in a wide-open area, at the highest point of the map. It must be pushed downwards, through bridges and archways, past the town buildings and through a large walkway before leading back up to the final point. The final point is yet again a large area, but this time has much more cover with big buildings on the side with multiple openings.

3. New Queen Street

This map is based on Toronto, Canada, where it takes place.


This map begins in a plaza covered with high-ground areas. The bot travels upwards towards the enemy spawn, in a long windy path that is surrounded by high-rise buildings and shops, several that you can enter. The final stretch is a long uphill battle with virtually no cover, with two spots that defenders can defend from.

Assault Maps

1. Hanamura

Hanamura is the fictional town that is home to Hanzo and Genji.


Hanamura's attackers begin in a city area, before reaching a large gate that opens into the courtyard. The first point is located in the courtyard, a very enclosed area with a dangerous cliffside and defensive high grounds. The second point is past a small shrine and inside Hanamura's castle. Players can enter through ramparts on the right, or through the main entrance. The point is extremely large, and it has low ground beside it, and three levels of high-ground beside it.

2. Temple of Anubis

Temple of Anubis is located in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, and is central to Pharah and Ana's history. It is one of the smallest maps in the game.


Attackers start from the ship spawn, and upwards to the first point. The first point starts with an archway, with various ways to enter. The main defensive point, a small high-ground, is in front of the attackers as they enter through the archway. Bridges and staircase connect several other high-grounds that surround the first point. The second point is reached after a long open stretch, and is beside the main temple. It is surrounded by walls and crates, as well as some circular high ground platforms, and is only really entered through the frontal entrance, though teams can opt to flank it underneath or by its side.

3. Volskaya Industries

The final map of this list is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and ties into Zarya's lore as well as the Omnic Crisis.


The first point is reached by attackers after battling past a large arch way. It is an open area with several buildings around it, all with respective high grounds. A large side path loops around the point and connects it to a flank, and towards the second point. The second point is reached through a wide open area with not much cover. After passing a central wall, players enter a large factory, with the very enclosed second point. It has levitating and rotating platforms on one side, and a walkway on the other that connects all the defensive high grounds. It is very compact and chaotic, and close to the enemy spawn.

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