9 Worst Maps in Overwatch 2 Matchmaking [Ranked]

Everyone hates having a bad map queued in Overwatch 2, especially the worst maps such as Junkertown and Route 66.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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9 Worst Maps in Overwatch 2 Matchmaking [Ranked]

1 /8

Junker Town

Junker Town has to be everyone's least favorite by now, including mine. From the attacking team to the defending team, I have no high ground on either side. Typically as one of the escort maps, this is the toughest and most frustrating maps in Overwatch 2.

junkertown overwatch 2 map

Depending on if you are defending or attacking, as an attack, I have had a very difficult time leaving spawn, which becomes a problem, especially if your team doesn't know how to push properly. With the best heroes and the right teamwork, it's not impossible to win an attack, but again it is difficult.

2 /8

Route 66

Route 66 is a hit or miss for many players, and unfortunately most of the time it is a miss. I have experienced so many team fights with this map due to the amount of flanking spots, and the narrow streets.

Route 66 overwatch 2 map

Luckily Route 66 is one of the short push maps. So if it is going wrong, at least it won't be for too long. The bad news about this, is it doesn't take long for the tides to turn really quickly, as flanks and nowhere to go become prevalent rather quickly. Make sure to choose the best push heroes for this map. 

3 /8


Dorado is surprisingly one of those maps I don't see very often, luckily. Although I have to say it is not one of my favorites for a few reasons. Including how long it is, snipers are some of the worst encounters for this map, making it one of the worst assault maps ranked in Overwatch 2.

dorado overwatch 2 map

Dorado has more choke points than the average Overwatch 2 map, causing a lot of confusion and turnarounds. Dorado can be fun for the right people, but for me, I would rather avoid this map if I could. Especially if I am trying to counter Widow Maker or Reaper.

4 /8


Havana is another one of the worst maps Overwatch has ever released. Luckily, it has been out of the map pool for some time, although Blizzard plans to rework the map and eventually bring it back into rotation. For me, I would be alright if they didn't.

havana overwatch 2 map

Havana was a failure for many Overwatch players; from the moment a good Widow Maker enters the defending team, it is game over for the attacking team. It is so hard to counter not only Widow but also countering Ana in this map due to the long range abilities in the first point of the map. Reaper players will also struggle hardcore in this map, so beware of deathtraps while matchmaking here.

5 /8


Numbani, for some, is one of the fun maps in Overwatch 2. Although, as one of the control maps, I have to say it is extremely difficult to win if you don't choose the right heroes. As someone who mains Lucio, this place is an absolute deathtrap if I was going against wrecking ball.

numbani overwatch 2 map

Although countering Wrecking Ball is a pain on this map, there are many other factors about it that just make it one of the worst on the list. Including the size and narrow streets that make facing Widow Maker impossible. Not only is it claustrophobic, but the high rises just make this place confusing to know where the enemy is camped.

6 /8


Oasis was a hopeful replacement for Temple of Anubis, which unfortunately makes its way into my worst maps among many Overwatch maps. Oasis is one of those control maps that if you don't make it first point to the control point, you are doomed (unless you have a good Mercy or Lucio)

Oasis Overwatch 2 map

Since Oasis has such a long drag to the center, using heroes who give an extra speed boost such as Lucio are big advantage here. However, you really need a tank that is present and aware of the amount of damage you can receive if you aren't acting strategically. With a good team, this map is possible, but for me, it never ends with a smile on my face.

7 /8


I think Esperança is a beautiful map that was newly added to Overwatch 2. I hate to add it to the worst maps, although it has to make its way here. Not due to its beauty, but the way it was designed.

Esperança Overwatch 2 map

Esperança is so difficult to push on both sides. Not only this, but you really feel like you're on this map forever, as it is a big map with a lot of twists and turns. As a hybrid map, I really despise its grueling tug-of-war. No matter who your tank or healers are on the defending team, the attacking team captures immediately, and it feels like the end of the world.

8 /8


Nepal is our final addition to the worst maps ranked in Overwatch 2. Despite its city center being rather tuggy, Nepal is just overall a bad map for control.

Nepal Overwatch 2 Map

The control point in this map is just too far from spawn points. Causing a rather skilled group of players to easily dominate and not give any advantage to the losing team. Although I would like to enjoy this map, I find it really hard to control, and makes for a lot of arguments between teammates.

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