Best Sombra Skins in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

The best Sombra Skins in Overwatch are absolutely game changing for the Sombra main community!

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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Best Sombra Skins in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

1 /8


Tulum has received beyond favoritism as the best Sombra Skin in Overwatch 2, and I can definitely agree as it is my favorite Sombra skin of all time. Although not everyone can get on board with its very obscure, creative details, Sombra is definitely queen of the best Overwatch 2 skins!

best Sombra Skins in Overwatch 2 - Tulum

Tulum is a diving-inspired skin giving Sombra a chance to escape on a short vacation look without... really going on vacation. Whether you are playing summer games or its the middle of winter, you will see so many players rocking this hardcore Sombra skin everyday. It is also a great pairing with one of the best Ashe skins based on the summer

2 /8

Guilded Hunter

Guilded Hunter is a fairly new addition to the Sombra skins, but boy, does it give Sombra a fantastic impression! This is a must-have skin for anyone who rocks Sombra as a main, and if you don't, youre honestly missing out on being the coolest Overwatch 2 player of all time.

Best Sombra Skins Overwatch - Guilded Hunter

Giving Sombra a mysterious yet badass appearance, Guilded Hunter puts face changer to shame as you see the power of Sombra's abilities through her glowing purple eyes. Almost giving us vibes of Assassins Creed... what do you think? Honestly, if you were to drop any money for a Sombra skin, pick this one. She's the best.

3 /8

Black Cat

Black cat makes its way as close second, although if I could also put in first place, I definitely would! Black Cat is by far one of the coolest Sombra skins with multiple details. This is by far one of the best skins that combines cyberpunk with a futuristic dark gamer look.

Best Sombra Skins in Overwatch 2 - Black Cat

Black cat is one of the most expensive legendary's among Sombra skins, although it definitely holds up to its price if you are a hardcore Sombra lover.

4 /8

Los Muertos

Los Muertos is one of the coolest Sombra skins bringing her to her native roots, and making it super rad! Honestly, if I had to choose a Sombra skin, this would be my main.

Best Sombra Skin in Overwatch 2 - Los Muertos

This skin not only brings Sombra to her native roots, but it also has some amazing details giving it still that cyber-style that she always brings to the team. With the super neon pink and yellow along with the traditional skull painting, this is hands down one of the best Sombra skins worth getting!

5 /8


Augmented had to be on the list, simply for how OP it really is. Augmented is not only one of the more affordable Legendary skins, but it is arguably one of the best Sombra skins among the Overwatch 2 community.

Best Punk Sombra Skin in Overwatch 2 - Augmented

Blizzard seemed to take the original Overwatch skin and just optimized it, and named it Augmented. For those who really appreciate the original skin but want something that is a bit more badass or unique, this is one of the best skins with a super cool hair style and sticking close to the typical color palette of Sombra.

6 /8


Cyberspace really brings out the true Sombra within its awesome details, giving her abilities even more attraction as this skin dominates any other.

Best Cyberpunk Sombra Skin in Overwatch 2 - Cyberspace

Blue is obviously the perfect color for those who want to stray away from the average pink color palette Sombra typically provides. Not only is the blue an awesome choice, but it really brings this Sombra skin to another level of uniqueness and, overall, one of the best-ranking skins in Overwatch.

7 /8


Rime is an awesome Christmas focused skin that is a great figure for the holidays or even to use all year around. I mean, who doesn't love to show off their heroes all year round celebrating Christmas? Overwatch 2 definitely went hard on these skins, and Rime is definitely one of the best!

Best Christmas Sombra Skin in Overwatch 2 - Rime

With Rime, you get a similar theme that you also see in some of Genji's best skins that have an ice hero essence along with a sharp attitude shown through their details. All in all, Rime had to make it one of the best Sombra skins to play with.

8 /8


Although Bride makes its way as our final choice, you definitely can see the cute and creepiness that this appearance gives to Sombra. For you Halloween event lovers out there, this one is for you!

Best Halloween Sombra in Overwatch 2 - Bride

Bride gives Sombra a perfect vibe of being Frankenstein's daughter while also being that nurse who might put toxins in your veins if you aren't watching. Pretty yet dangerous, as they always seem to be... Anyways, as a legendary, Bride is a must-purchase for anyone who wants to collect some of the best Halloween skins in Overwatch 2.

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