How To Play Hanzo in Overwatch 2 [Abilities, Tips & More]

To excel as Hanzo in Overwatch 2, focus on sniping high-priority targets and use Sonic Arrow for valuable tracking, but don't forget about mastering Storm Bow.

Updated on Sep 20, 2023
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How To Play Hanzo in Overwatch 2 [Abilities, Tips & More]

Hanzo Shimada is one of the best DPS characters in Overwatch, and one of the best snipers to pick in the most Overwatch metagames. And as most heroes from the 

His primary role is getting sneaky and game-winning picks from afar on high priority targets to capitalize on a win. Hanzo can also shred most Overwatch tank heroes and scout out enemies; he just does it all. So, if you want to look your best when sniping every foe on your screen, be sure to check out our listing for the best Hanzo skins, and now, let's move on to our actual guide!

Hanzo Overwatch: Weapons & Abilities

Ability 1: Storm Bow

Unlike any other Overwatch hero, Hanzo dons a bow as his weapon. It is a projectile weapon, meaning his arrows will arc downwards after reaching their apex.

DamageProjectile SpeedCharge Time
27.225 m/s

0 s

110 m/s
0.75 s

Hanzo has a standard critical hit multiplier (2x), meaning a fully charged headshot will deal 250 damage, enough to one shot all squishy targets.

Hanzo Overwatch Gameplay Storm Bow

Ability 2: Sonic Arrow

The Shimada archer will transform his next shot arrow into a sonar tracking arrow, spotting enemies through walls in the sonar's radius. This ability will also replace a storm arrow (his next ability), if pressed. A sonic arrow will keep the original arrow's damage, only giving the benefit of the tracking device.

Area of EffectDurationCooldown
9 meters6 seconds12 seconds

Overwatch Hanzo Gameplay Sonic Arrow

Ability 3: Storm Arrows

When using this ability, Hanzo will charge his bow and increase his next 5 arrows' rate of fire and charge rate, shooting out 5 fully charged arrows in quick succession, albeit with less damage.

DamageProjectile SpeedRate of Fire
65110 m/s
1 arrow per 0.24s
5 seconds
10 seconds

Whilst doing around half the normal arrows from Hanzo's storm bow, these empowered arrows will allow you to dish out 5 fully charged arrows in about a second.

Overwatch Hanzo Gameplay Storm Arrows

Ability 4: Dragonstrike

Hanzo's ultimate ability sends forth a deadly dragon spirit, travelling through all obstacles and dealing damage to any enemy in its radius.

DamageProjectile SpeedArea of EffectUltimate Cost
125 (Initial Arrow)

150 every second (Dragon)

20 m/s4 meter radius
1680 points

Overwatch Hanzo Gameplay Dragonstrike

Passive Ability 1: Wall Climb

Like his brother and now Kiriko with Overwatch 2, Hanzo can climb walls.

Move SpeedRangeDuration
7.8 m/s4 meters1 second

Passive Ability 2: Lunge

Essentially a double jump, Hanzo can shift his direction whilst mid-air by pressing his jump key again.

Move Speed
15 m/s

7.85 meters

5 seconds

Hanzo Overwatch: Playstyle

  • As a sniper but also a heavy damage carry, Hanzo can adopt two different playstyles, and mix and match said playstyles mid-game. He can look to position on high-ground to have a better view of his prey, flanking the enemies to avoid a beefy shield in the face. You can enable this by using his Lunge and Wall Climb, taking advantage of positions not many other characters can reach.
  • Hanzo can also play behind the team, looking to add damage to the tank in the frontline, by shredding the enemy tank with his Storm Arrows.
  • His primary goal is to get picks (kills) and enable an advantageous 5 versus 4 teamfight. His fully charged Storm Bow can kill any squishy enemy DPS or support with a critical hit, so be sure to aim for headshots.
  • Overwatch 2's one and only archer will enable your team to collapse on unsuspecting foes by utilizing his Sonic Arrow. He wants to use this ability to find enemy flankers or badly positioned enemies.

So yeah, Hanzo is that one hero that will punish you for your lack of movement skills. With all that said, if you are looking to counter Hanzo, it's really all about positioning.

Hanzo Overwatch: Tips and Tricks

When you finally have Hanzo and are ready to test him out in combat, be sure to read these tips and tricks to better understand the Shimada clan's marksman.

  • Train yourself with Hanzo's Storm Bow in the Practice Range. Hitting headshots is Hanzo 101, and knowing how the arrows arc at every range is key to downing foes at any distance.
  • You can use Lunge after a Wall Climb, combo these two movement abilities to escape close-up enemies.
  • Furthermore with Wall Climb, it will not cancel your arrow charge. If you see an enemy on high ground, you can charge your Storm Bow and then climb up towards them, catching them off-guard and instantly eliminating them with your fully charged arrow.
  • You don't have to shoot all Storm Arrows instantly. Pace your Storm Arrows if the enemy is dodging the first ones, or is under cover.
  • Finally, combo your ultimate with crowd control ultimates. Characters that can group or stun several enemies at a time with their ultimate, like Zarya and Reinhardt, will allow your Dragonstrike to deal maximum damage to helpless enemies.
  • Use your Sonic Arrow on cooldown, the scouting opportunities are incredibly valuable for your team and for your next arrows.
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