8 Best Counters for Symmetra in Overwatch 2

Symmetra is really tough to counter with her turret abilities, although some of the best counters like Zarya are no match!

Updated on Dec 09, 2023
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8 Best Counters for Symmetra in Overwatch 2

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Zarya is by far the best counter for Symmetra in Overwatch 2. Zarya can easily absorb damage using her bubble which will keep her beam charged to counter Symmetra. As a Zarya player I have found countering Symmetra has been not only easy, but clearly manageable.

Zarya Countering Symmetra in Overwatch 2

Using Zarya's beam, I can easily keep Symmetra out of effective range, since the beam has a much farther range for damage. Keeping Symmetra out of her primary fire range will ultimately give me the advantage to use the power absorbed from the bubble to destroy her.

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Pharah is second to best, although she may not absorb damage as well as Zarya, she is an impossible target for Symmetra to hit. Using her Jet Pack and maneuvering abilities, she can easily counter Symmetra, making her one of the best damage heroes for the job.

Pharah as Counter to Symmetra in Overwatch 2

There have been many scenes when Pharah has actually saved me from Symmetra and her turret. Since Pharah can distract Symmetra, I can easily focus on destroying her turret, then ultimately, killing her (if Pharah hasn't already).

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Moira has just the right amount of distance to completely destroy every turret Symmetra sets. Not only with the long range, but her high damage output is a huge factor in why she is the best support hero to counter Symmetra.

Moira as counter to Symmetra in Overwatch 2

Although Moira may not be the ultimate counter, she provides healing and high damage that offers as a great counter against Symmetra's team. Along with her teleport ability, it will be extremely hard to counter Moira as a Symmetra, and will force her and the enemy team to retreat.

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Echo may not put Symmetra down for a quick kill, but she is the perfect distraction for her turret ability and primary fire. Since Echo can fly and dodge primary attack and melee attacks, she stands as a good counter against Symmetra.

Echo as counter to Symmetra in Overwatch 2

As someone who doesn't usually play Echo, I have found her useful against specific heroes, including Symmetra. Since she can evade from a few hits, I can use her grenades and primary fire to distract Symmetra, and causing passive damage.

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Ana, although one of the worst heal heroes, can definitely keep a Symmetra player behind effective range. With her sticky bombs, she can easily annihilate turrets, and keep her from dodging possible splash damage.

Ana as counter to symmetra in Overwatch 2

Although I don't play Ana often, I definitely would use her to counter Symmetra. Not only with her grenades but also taking advantage of the long-range opportunities that Ana's has.

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Orisa is another one of the best tank heroes to counter Symmetra. Although she doesn't offer splash damage rockets, flanking abilities, or airborne abilities, her defensive abilities make up for it! With the Javelin Spin and health boost, I have been able to easily counter Symmetra and her abilities without sacrificing too much health.

Orisa in Overwatch 2 - Counter to Symmetra

Since Orisa provides plenty of defense for herself, this helps distract Symmetra while the entire team can deal damage against her. This makes Orisa an impossible target for Symmetra, and will keep her cornered for the entire game.

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Another great counter is Sigma. Since he provides a barrier for protection, he can easily avoid Symmetra's sentry turret and grenades. Although he is one of the slowest heroes in Overwatch, I would argue his damage output on Symmetra is well worth it!

Sigma as counter in overwatch 2 - symmetra

Sigma definitely makes as a good counter with his Accretion and effective range abilities. Although I hate slow heroes, he has really made a difference for a team when facing annoying turret heroes.

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Lastly, but not the worst, Mercy is a great option for support players to effectively avoid damage output from Symmetra. As she can easily dodge incoming attacks, she can also maintain high healing abilities to keep her team in the fight.

Mercy as symmetra counter in overwatch 2

Mercy is the best support counter when it comes to dodging her attack abilities. Although Mercy doesn't have any high-damage solutions, she can remain out of range for Symmetra's primary fire, and still effectively heal her teammates.

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