8 Best Counters for Pharah in Overwatch 2

Although Pharah can counter many heroes, her arc-enemy Sombra is one of her best counters in Overwatch 2

Updated on Dec 09, 2023
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8 Best Counters for Pharah in Overwatch 2

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Sombra is the most frustrating hero to counter Pharah. With her hacking abilities, this makes Pharah grounded and unable to fly, or use her abilities. Without Pharah's airborne movements or sprint ability, she's pretty much a sitting duck.

Sombra Counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

I love to play with Pharah, I really enjoy her when my aim is just not having a good day. But if a Sombra enemy player is hacking by every chance she can get, it really ruins my day as a Pharah player. I can't do anything but use my primary fire, which if I am surrounded, won't do much. This is why knowing the best counters for Sombra is extremely useful in these situations!

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Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 has a great damage output with his primary weapon and grenade. This makes him the second most effective hero to counter Pharah in Overwatch 2. When playing as Pharah, I have always found Soldier 76 to be a challenging counter to push past due to his speed and precision.

Soldier 76 counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

Since Pharah's jump jet allows her to fly, it also makes me a vulnerable target since moveability is limited, and it feels more like a glide than a boost. For Soldier 76, this makes Pharah an even easier counter, with his high-damage weapon and Pharah's vulnerability. If you have an enemy Pharah, this is definitely something to consider when trying to find an efficient way to bring her down fast.

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Cassidy is a huge ultimate ability killer, and one of the best Pharah counters out there. As someone who prefers Cassidy as a good damage hero, I can tell you Pharah is one of the easier enemy heroes I can counter with him.

Cassidy Counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

Cassidy not only has a large blast radius for his grenades, but his also has a very precise weapon that can kill immediately with good aim and headshots. Against Pharah, this immediately puts her out of the equation, especially if you are playing 1v1 against her.

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Echo is many players' go-to anti-air hero, and for me, I can agree that this is a good choice. Echo has great abilities that counter Pharah and other flying heroes that just need to be brought down.

Echo Counter for Pharah in Overwatch 2

Although Echo has many counters herself, she can definitely be used for special cases. I do not usually like to use Echo, but I have enjoyed using her sticky bombs against Pharah. This is probably one of the most effective ways I have taken down Pharah, along with her focusing beam.

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Moira is unphased by Pharah's concussive blast, hitscan primary weapon, and overall defense matrix. With Moiras damage orbs you are sure to be one of the best counter for Pharah Overwatch has seen. Moira is one of a few heroes I can say that has really made it hard to counter, time and time again.

Moira as Counter for Pharah in Overwatch 2

With Moira's high damage output, teleport, and healing capabilities, she is just an impossible target to keep my sights on. Even with the concussive blast, I have seen so many Moira players avoid damage more than other heroes.

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Roadhog is the best tank hero effective enough to take down Pharah. I cannot tell you how many times he has interrupted me with his hook ability, which makes him a really good counter, perfectly suited to take her down from her jump jet.

Roadhog as counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

In a team fight, Roadhog can take Pharah down rather quickly with his hook and close-range weapon, eliminating her from dealing damage to the rest of your team. Along with his self heal, Pharah really has no way to counter Roadhog effectively without needing team assistance.

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Widowmaker can easily bring down Pharah from long distances with one single shot, especially if Pharah is in mid-air. There are countless times I have been shot down from mid-air by Widowmaker who I just cant get a good angle on with Pharah. Since her weapons are more mid-range focused, this making countering Pharah easier to accomplish for Widowmaker.

Widowmaker as Counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

Don't get me wrong, being on the other side of the scope is extremely satisfying, but as someone who plays Pharah often, this counter is one of my least favorites, but most effective.

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Torbjorn is an extremely underrated hero, but his turret is a huge anti-air weapon that makes him a prime counter for Pharah. Not going to lie, when I first started playing Overwatch 2 I thought Torbjorn was one of the worst damage heroes... and dang was I wrong.

Torbjorn as Counter to Pharah in Overwatch 2

Torbjorn not only has a really effective turret that keeps Pharah out of the air, but his primary fire weapon provides just enough damage to keep her as a vulnerable target. With the few heroes that can effectively keep Pharah grounded, Torbjorn does an excellent job.

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