9 Absolute Best Brigitte Skins in Overwatch 2

From the fantasy-inspired Sol and Mani skins to the spooky Vampire Hunter, check out the best skins for Brigitte in Overwatch 2!

Updated on Nov 05, 2023
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9 Absolute Best Brigitte Skins in Overwatch 2

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Brigitte's armor, mace, and shield give the cartoon-ish nature of the game a lot of amazing options for skins. Two legendary skins that take inspiration from fantasy are noted: Sol, the bright and sleek armor, and Mani, essentially the same skin in grey and black. The color scheme of white, gold, and royal purple matches her personality and attitude.

Brigitte Sol Skin

In her origin story, Overwatch described Brigitte as a "valiant squire," as she trained with Reinhardt. This armor with her small shield matches almost like a mini-Reinhardt, the man she looked up to so much.

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Vampire Hunter

If you had the original Overwatch game, you hopefully got as many skins as you could. Vampire Hunter, released as a part of the Halloween event in October 2021, this skin is one of the coolest for Brigitte all year round. Her coffin-shaped shield, huge green-glowing mace, and trench coat really nail the spooky, Vampire Hunter aesthetic.

Vampire Hunter Brigitte Skin Overwatch

The color scheme of Brigitte's trench coat and white hair, juxtaposed with the spooky green color of the flail and skulls' eyes, really make this skin pop. And who wouldn't want skulls protecting your knees and shoulders? The details given to this skin makes you feel that Brigitte would not only be a supportive ally but also a legendary beast hunter.

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Though Ironclad is only an epic skin, it outranks some of the copy/paste legendary skins Blizzard has released for this hero. Not tied to any particular event, this skin was primarily acquired through loot boxes.

The skin gives the appearance that Bridgette just won a hard-fought battle and now needs to go back to base to repair and fix everyone's armors and items, and as a support character, this fits her hero type as well.

Ironclad Brigitte Overwatch skin.

The aesthetic of this really works with a character like Brigitte. In her origin story, an adolescent Brigitte builds her cat a small coat of armor, training with a shield and bat with Reinhardt, and building other pieces for her own armor. The gritty, dirty look that her cape gives, plus the smudged dirt across her face really tells the true story of Brigitte, a tinkerer and a builder.

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Many of the best skins came out during anniversary or season events. Opera was released as one of the Lunar New Year event, the Opera Legendary Skins It is unique because it is one of Bridgette's brightest and most detailed skins. This skin is not cool or rugged, but simply beautiful.

Opera Brigitte Skin

Taking inspiration from Chinese Opera, Bridgette wears red, white, and aquamarine in what could only be defined as a costume. Her pale white makeup with red eye brush, as well as her elaborate headdress and rose belt really complete the Chinese Opera look.

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Riot Police

The Riot Police was one of the first Legendary skins released for Bridgette, and it comes as no surprise that everyone in the Overwatch community wanted to equip this look as soon as they got their hands on it.

Riot Police Brigitte Skin Overwatch

The look is a surprisingly accurate theme for Brigitte, as everyone are familiar with this division of the police and their protective shield. The blue-on-black with a hint of red and yellow also complete this look, making the color tone subtle, yet the outfit itself exceptionally recognizable. The colors are also representative of Brigitte's Swedish heritage, with blue and yellow the colors of the Swedish flag, and "Polis" is Swedish for, you guessed it, "police."

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Shieldmaiden is what the developers thought Brigitte would have worn if she lived in Sweden in Middle Ages or was snatched directly out of Thor's universe. Just as players who love to play the best sniper heroes care for precision and patience, Brigitte definitely have more viking-ish vibes, and this is where this skin really helps!

Shieldmaiden Brigitte Skin

The details in this skin make it an authentic Viking outfit. The wooden shield, leather coat, and fur helps you imagine Brigitte in a Mead Hall, sharing stories around a fire with her fellow warriors, the snow outside gently falling on the roof. The blue warpaint on her biceps, streaks of blue in her hair and on her armor, and her blond hair add subtle details that bring the skin together. Added to this is the bear on her shoulder, layering an extra level of bad ass to this look.

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Overwatch 2 arguably release their best skins during the Halloween events, with the Stone skin from the Halloween Terror season in 2023. This is also one of the Overwatch skins that you can't get no more, which makes it even more spicy. 

Stone Overwatch Skin

This skin adds unique textures not seen in most of the Brigitte skins, adding an almost dwarf-like theme to the character. The dark grey stone clashes beautifully with the gold flowing like veins throughout Brigitte's body, and her eyes pop through her stone face. Perhaps this skin was inspired by stories of Dwarfs, known for their blacksmithing, but that is not one Overwatch developers told. Maybe they were simply okay with producing a skin so cool it didn't need a story.

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Again matching the Blue and Yellow of the Swedish flag, Feskarn, or "the fisher" was available in the Summer Games 2020 event.

Feskarn Brigitte Skin

The developers at Blizzard really focus on the minute details with their skins. This skin has so many small details making it unique. From the mace that looks like octopus tentacles, to the fish dangling on Brigitte's belt, the fishnet wrapped around her waist, and the inflatable shield named "Driftwood," this skin captured the Summer theme perfectly. Maybe they could have done something a little more exciting with her hat, though.

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When looking in the hero gallery, you may notice that the Engineer skin and Mechanic skin take inspiration from Brigitte's origin story as the daughter of Torbjörn.

Engineer Brigitte Skin

This skin, like Ironclad, call attention to Brigitte's nitty-gritty side. Brigitte grew up in her father's laboratory, building elaborate armors and learning as much from her father Torbjörn and their family friend Reinhardt. Eventually, Brigitte went on to become a mechanical engineer before deciding to join the battlefield. This skin is a definite shout-out to her father, as you can see Torbjörn's wrench hanging from Brigitte's back.

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