How To Play Bastion in Overwatch 2 [Guide, Tips & More]

Check out our guide on guide on how to play Bastion in Overwatch 2, offering insights into his abilities, playstyle, and key tips for mastering the hero.

Updated on Sep 21, 2023
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How To Play Bastion in Overwatch 2 [Guide, Tips & More]

Overwatch Bastion: Weapons & Abilities

Ability 1: Configuration: Recon

Bastion's standard configuration, it is fully mobile and bipedal in this form, holding a submachine gun with no spread and consistent damage. Its SMG is hitscan, so every bullet matters, but it does have falloff damage, so keep a good range to your opponents.

DamageFalloff Range

Fire Rate

7.5 - 25 (depending on falloff)
30-50 meters
5 per second

Its SMG's bullets can critically strike, so you're looking at 250 damage a second with full headshots and at close-range.

Configuration Recon Bastion Overwatch

Ability 2: Configuration: Assault

Bastion's second and well-known configuration is its assault mode, and one could say that this ability alone makes Bastion one of the best DPS characters in Overwatch. It transforms into a slower, but still mobile, tank, with a large minigun on its front, dealing incredible damage at a fast rate. Since it is not its standard form, Bastion can't permanently stay in this configuration, and the shots will not critically strike.

DamageFalloff RangeFire RateAmmo
3.6 - 12

(depending on falloff)

30-50 meters
30 per second
6 seconds
12 seconds

Note that you need to press an ability key to transform between the configuration modes, from recon to assault and vice versa. Bastion will also be transformed back to its Recon mode after the duration of its Assault configuration has ended.

Configuration Assault Bastion Overwatch

Ability 3: A-36 Tactical Grenade

Bastion fires off a grenade that can bounce off walls, exploding if it hits the ground or an enemy, for large splash damage. It is a projectile, so it will arc slightly downwards in the air. This can be used in both non-ultimate Configurations, Recon, and Assault.

DamageArea of EffectCooldown
115 max damage

(15 on impact, 30-100 splash damage)

4.5 meters 8 seconds

Tactical Grenade Bastion Overwatch

Ability 4: Configuration: Artillery

After charging up its ultimate, Bastion can transform into its most destructive configuration. It becomes fully immobile but turns into a mortar cannon, raining hell from above and completely taking over the battlefield. It shoots out three large artillery shells, dealing powerful damage at the center, losing potency at the outskirts of the shells' impact.

DamageArea of EffectDurationUltimate Cost
200 - 600 (Inner Ring)

30 - 200 (Outer Ring)

2.5 meters (Inner Ring)

6.5 meters overall

8 seconds
2310 points

Configuration Artillery Bastion Overwatch

Passive Ability: Ironclad

Bastion's secondary configurations are innately tankier, as it rearranges its armour to protect itself in its more vulnerable modes. No need for a table, Ironclad gives Bastion 20% damage reduction in its Assault and Artillery configurations.

Ironclad Bastion Overwatch

Overwatch Bastion: Playstyle

  • Bastion is a glass cannon, it can't set up on flanks as easily as the more mobile damage characters, so Bastion likes to push in with the frontline and destroy the enemy tank's health bar with its Assault configuration.
  • When in Recon configuration, Bastion should look to pepper the enemy backline with shots in a short flank, before returning to its team.
  • Bastion's main goal is to put in unstoppable amounts of damage, scaring away the enemy DPS with its minigun's raw power, splitting up their team and allowing your allies to push safely.
  • Bastion can send out a surprise amount of burst outside of its Assault and Artillery configurations, its Tactical Grenade should be used with its SMG to kill flankers in an instant.
  • Finally, its Artillery configuration should be used on a grouped up enemy team to turn the teamfight and secure victory with its one-shotting capabilities.

Overwatch Bastion: Tips & Tricks

  • Understanding when and how to use each Configuration is vital to Bastion's playstyle. Recon should be used to position and for long-range fights, Assault mode for frontlining and close-range fights, and Artillery for a grouped up teamfight.
  • Bastion can rocket jump; a term popularized by Quake and Team Fortress 2, Bastion can launch itself in the air using its Grenade on the floor and jumping in time with the explosion.
  • Position yourself very carefully in Assault and Artillery configurations. Bastion gets its Ironclad passive in these forms, but remains incredibly slow, and immobile in Artillery, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Pair yourself with Reinhardt, his large shield can provide a safe pushing spot for your Assault mode.
  • Pair yourself with Zarya, her ultimate, Graviton Surge, can group up enemies for your ultimate to destroy, hitting the inner ring of your artillery strikes.
  • Arc your grenades when aiming, they fall downwards with range, so if you want to hit a mid to long-range enemy, you'll have to aim high.

Bastion is a great hero that you can climb Overwatch ranks with in nearly all meta games. However, if you get annoyed by it, and want to counter Bastion in Overwatch 2, you will need to focus on exploiting his immobility in Artillery mode by using characters with high mobility or long-range capabilities, such as sniper heroes.

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