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Overwatch 2: A Guide to Bastion

Welcome to our Bastion guide. To learn all about Bastion's kit, playstyle, how to master him, and more, this article is for you.
Overwatch 2: A Guide to Bastion

Bastion is a damage character, supporting the team, not in frontline tanking or healing and cleanses, but in destroying the enemy team with its unique roster of weapons. It can push with the team and obliterate everything in sight from close to mid-range, whilst still performing well at long-range battles with its rifle. Its kit is simple and strong, so newcomers should try picking it up. Do you want to explode your opponents in a classy outfit? Then check out its best skins here. Now, let's get on with the guide.

Bastion's Weapons and Abilities

Bastion Assault Mode OW 2

Ability 1: Configuration: Recon

Bastion's standard configuration, it is fully mobile and bipedal in this form, holding a submachine gun with no spread and consistent damage. Its SMG is hitscan, so every bullet matters, but it does have falloff damage, so keep a good range to your opponents.

DamageFalloff Range

Fire Rate

7.5 - 25 (depending on falloff)30-50 meters5 per second25

Its SMG's bullets can critically strike, so you're looking at 250 damage a second with full headshots and at close-range.

Recon Mode Bastion

Ability 2: Configuration: Assault

Bastion's second and well-known configuration is its assault mode. It transforms into a slower, but still mobile, tank, with a large minigun on its front, dealing incredible damage at a fast rate. Since it is not its standard form, Bastion can't permanently stay in this configuration, and the shots will not critically strike.

DamageFalloff RangeFire RateAmmoDurationCooldown
3.6 - 12 

(depending on falloff)

30-50 meters30 per secondInfinite6 seconds12 seconds

To note: An ability key must be pressed to transform between the configuration modes, from recon to assault and vice-versa. Bastion will be also transformed back to its Recon mode after the duration of its Assault configuration has ended.

Assault Mode Bastion

Ability 3: A-36 Tactical Grenade

Bastion fires off a grenade that can bounce off walls, exploding if it hits the ground or an enemy, for large splash damage. It is a projectile, so it will arc slightly downwards in the air. This can be used in both non-ultimate Configurations, Recon and Assault.

DamageArea of EffectCooldown
115 max damage

(15 on impact, 30-100 splash damage)

4.5 meters 8 seconds
Bastion Grenade

Ability 4: Configuration: Artillery

After charging up its ultimate, Bastion can transform into its most destructive configuration. It becomes fully immobile but turns into a mortar cannon, raining hell from above and completely taking over the battlefield. It shoots out three large artillery shells, dealing powerful damage at the center, losing potency at the outskirts of the shells' impact.

DamageArea of EffectDurationUltimate Cost
200 - 600 (Inner Ring)

30 - 200 (Outer Ring)

2.5 meters (Inner Ring)

6.5 meters overall

8 seconds2310 points
Bastion Artillery Mode

Passive Ability 1: Ironclad

Bastion's secondary configurations are innately tankier, as it rearranges its armour to protect itself in its more vulnerable modes. No need for a table, Ironclad gives Bastion 20% damage reduction in its Assault and Artillery configurations.

Bastion OW2

Bastion's Playstyle

  • Bastion is a glass cannon, it can't set up on flanks as easily as the more mobile damage characters, so Bastion likes to push in with the frontline and destroy the enemy tank's health bar with its Assault configuration.
  • When in Recon configuration, Bastion should look to pepper the enemy backline with shots in a short flank, before returning to its team.
  • Bastion's main goal is to put in unstoppable amounts of damage, scaring away the enemy DPS with its minigun's raw power, splitting up their team and allowing your allies to push safely.
  • Bastion can send out a surprise amount of burst outside of its Assault and Artillery configurations, its Tactical Grenade should be used with its SMG to kill flankers in an instant.
  • Finally, its Artillery configuration should be used on a grouped up enemy team to turn the teamfight and secure victory with its one-shotting capabilities.
  • If you are struggling to deal with the enemy Bastion, check out our counter guide.

How do I unlock Bastion?

If you are a new player, you have surely come across the new system put in place by Blizzard. First time users will now have to play and complete matches to unlock Overwatch 2's unique characters. Unfortunately, rookies will have to complete 30 matches to unlock everyone's favourite Omnic and its pet bird, Ganymede. These matches can be completed in Quick Play, Arcade, and Competitive.

Bastion Art OW 2

Bastion's Tips and Tricks

  • Understanding when and how to use each Configuration is vital to Bastion's playstyle. Recon should be used to position and for long-range fights, Assault mode for frontlining and close-range fights, and Artillery for a grouped up teamfight.
  • Bastion can rocket jump; a term popularized by Quake and Team Fortress 2, Bastion can launch itself in the air using its Grenade on the floor and jumping in time with the explosion.
  • Position yourself very carefully in Assault and Artillery configurations. Bastion gets its Ironclad passive in these forms, but remains incredibly slow, and immobile in Artillery, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Pair yourself with Reinhardt, his large shield can provide a safe pushing spot for your Assault mode.
  • Pair yourself with Zarya, her ultimate, Graviton Surge, can group up enemies for your ultimate to destroy, hitting the inner ring of your artillery strikes.
  • Arc your grenades when aiming, they fall downwards with range, so if you want to hit a mid to long-range enemy, you'll have to aim high.
Bastion Cinematic

Bastion's Lore

Bastion was designed simply as a peacekeeping Omnic. Bastion is one of many Bastion units created for this purpose, and their different weapons and modes would definitely scare any nation into keeping their peace.

The Omnic Crisis turned all Bastion units rogue, turning against their owners and creators, and wrecking havoc in all cities globally. They were considered the principle force of the Omnic army, as they were easy to construct and had already been mass produced. At the end of this Crisis, nearly all Bastion units were destroyed, with the exception of our lovely playable Bastion.

Our Bastion's biggest mission, and where it fell in combat, was during an attack at Stuttgart. It took heavy damage, hibernating in the Black Forest near Eichenwalde to repair. Ganymede, the bird that now constantly follows Bastion, woke Bastion up after an untold time of waiting, but long enough for Bastion to grow moss and decay. After awaking, Bastion continued its original mission to attack Stuttgart, not understanding the conflict was over.

Whilst Bastion grew curious of the nature around it, it still kept parts of its original programming, instantaneously configuring and destroying anything its sensors deemed a threat. This lay waste to Ganymede's nest and the nearby treelines, which triggered sad emotions in Bastion after seeing the destruction it caused to the creature and his home.

Marching over to Stuttgart and seeing the battle was over, as well as its aftermath, Bastion grew even more depressed, but continued on. The stubborn Ganymede would however befriend Bastion with a twig as an offering, making Bastion relapse between its calm and pure innocent feelings and its combat protocol. Bastion eventually succumbed to the nature, becoming a gentle spirit again. It however would still have difficulties controlling its combat mode, meaning Bastion would stay away from heavy populated areas where its sensors could trigger unwanted consequences. 

Bastion was eventually found by a confused Torbjörn, amazed at how a Bastion unit could develop senses and feelings. They stayed together for many years, living together as friends, and curing Torbjörn's original hatred towards Omnics. Bastion would even be repaired and upgraded by its new short friend.

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