5 Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2

For true FPS fans, who prefer dominating the battlefield over tanking or supporting, damage is the ultimate experience. The best DPS heroes are ranked below.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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5 Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has three main hero roles, Tank, Damage, and Support. For this article, we will be focusing on the Damage role. They are carry heroes with small health pools, that require great aim and positioning, but come with the benefit of being able to carry your whole team with eliminations. So, here are the best dmg heroes Overwatch has to offer, ranked from lowest to highest.

1 /5


Echo, the Omnic created for good, is our first pick in this DPS tier list. With her insane mobility and burst, she can swoop in from anywhere and obliterate enemy heroes. If she wants to play safe, she can deal great damage from afar. With her ult, she can take up any role in the game. She truly is versatile and has good carry potential, and is why she is so controversial in the community, and also why she is in our top 5.


Echo is a very good DPS in Overwatch 2, being able to solo carry fights with her burst damage and her ultimate.

2 /5

Soldier: 76

The most standard character you can get in an FPS shooter. Soldier: 76 does what every soldier does best, shoot. And he does so with great damage. He has an instant mobility increase, heals to self-peel, and an ultimate that excels in Overwatch 2, where a second tank no longer exists. These abilities in conjunction allow Soldier to flank and find picks at ease, with no real counterplay.


Soldier is probably the easiest damage hero in the game, and a fantastic one at that. Recommended for any new players to pick him up first when learning the game.

3 /5


The cover star of Overwatch, Tracer. She has always been performing well in Overwatch, with quite a straight-forward but effective kit. She can dash into the sidelines and burst down a support, escaping at ease.


Tracer is a formidable ally to have, and a scary enemy to face. She is a high-performing but highly-mechanical damage hero in Overwatch 2.

4 /5


Reaper's usage and performance was shoddy in the original Overwatch, as an off-tank could easily peel for one's supports and shut down Reaper. With one less tank in the battle, Reaper can now effectively flank and eliminate enemies, becoming a nightmare to deal with. His kit is also very simple, but the damage is very high.


Reaper is very strong in Overwatch 2, and requires little risk for good results. If you want to be riskier, you can reap even better rewards. He is a great counter to tanks.

5 /5


One of the latest additions to Overwatch's roster, Sojourn is unstoppable. She doesn't really have any downsides, and her mobility is disgusting. She can flank, deal a ton of damage, one shot someone, and escape in under 5 seconds. Her ultimate adds to her one shot capabilities, and turns her into the scariest character in the game when used by a professional.


Sojourn may require getting used to, but she is the best damage hero in the game, and maybe the best hero overall in the game. Master her, and you will see excellent results, being able to pick off any support or damage opponent from miles away.

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