8 Best Counters for Sigma in Overwatch 2

Besides Winston and Sombra, support heroes are the best counters for Sigma with the right communication!

Updated on Dec 09, 2023
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8 Best Counters for Sigma in Overwatch 2

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Winston is known to be the best counter for Sigma Overwatch has seen to date. With his agile abilities, he can easily jump over or around Sigma's shields, quickly causing severe close range damage to him. With how slow Sigma is, I have struggled many times trying to get away from Winston, especially if I have already used Sigma's barrier. If you are a Sigma player, be sure to check out the best counters to Winston, to ensure you stay undefeated!

Winston as Counter to Sigma in Overwatch 2

If you are facing an enemy Sigma, Winston paired with a good Sombra is the ultimate counter among Sigma counters, although it may take the entire team to cooperate to ensure combos work effectively. If anything, Winston's protective shield will give nearby teammates quick relief from Sigma's Accretion.

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As mentioned earlier, Sombra is a great counter for Sigma when she is paired with Winston (or even Doomfist). With her hacking abilities, she can make an effective counter to Sigma, allowing her teammates, preferably tank matchup, to easily cause major damage to the enemy Sigma.

Sombra as Counter to Sigma in Overwatch 2

As Sombra, I have always made sure to hack Sigma only when I know if my tank matchup is nearby, or by melee range. Since Sombra has low defensive abilities, it is important to wait for a good counter rather than waste ability charges.

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Baptiste is one of the best support characters who can counter Sigma successfully. With his Immortality Field, it GREATLY benefits nearby teammates to revive from Sigma's Kinetic Grasp and primary fire.

Baptiste as Counter to Sigma in Overwatch 2

Along with the Immortality Field, his Regenerative Burst is probably one of my favorite health boosts in Overwatch 2. Not only does it heal everyone around you significantly, but it also boosts Baptiste's health so he can continue offering healing abilities to the entire team. This is really annoying for Sigma players, and can give you a great advantage against the enemy team.

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Lucio is a tough counter, especially for Sigma. With Lucio's speed and Wall Ride, Sigma becomes a super easy target for his SoundWave and Sonic Amplifier. If you want to counter Sigma solo and have really unsupportive teammates, I would pick Lucio to counter Sigma's barrier and kinetic grasp.

Lucio Victory as Counter over Sigma in Overwatch 2

Not only is Lucio with one of the best ultimates for health abilities in the entire team, but it also counter's Sigma's Kinetic Grasp which is a huge clutch if you can time it well. This, along with some of the best tanks in Overwatch 2, Lucio can be a great matchup with Winston and Doomfist while countering.

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Doomfist is another fantastic tank counter to Sigma, with his close range abilities outlasting Sigma's long distances and slow movements. One of the best tank moments I have ever seen in Overwatch 2, was seeing a Doomfist charge Sigma who is always unprepared.

Doomfist as Counter to Sigma in Overwatch 2

With his charge and high damage close range, this makes Sigma immediately have no where to go, pushing him to fall back to his support. Even then, Doomfist can easily reach behind the frontlines to annihilate the enemy team's support, giving an easy victory.

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Symmetra is every Sigma players nightmare. If you really want someone to have a hard time, Symmetra's turret can quickly breakthrough Sigma's shields, giving him no where to run for quick defense.

Symmetra as Counter to Sigma - Overwatch 2

If you want an all-in-one type of damage hero to face Sigma, I would personally go for Symmetra. She provides the best overall outcome, not only with her turret but with her primary damage and speed that completely discombobulates a Sigma player.

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Reaper is not the first pick to counter Sigma, although this doesn't make him one of the best! Reaper's abilities can greatly outrun Sigma's long-distance Accretion ability along with his primary fire. Sigma also has no way to combat Reaper at close range without his barriers.

Reaper countering Sigma in Overwatch 2

As a Reaper player, I have come across many Sigma players who struggle with dealing with Reaper's flanks and his close-range weapons. With Reapers speed and Sigma's slowness, there is a clear victory line being drawn here.

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Although the last on the list, Genji's deflect counters like no other hero against Sigma. Genji is the perfect storm of lethal speed, damage, and defense. I love using Genji against slow heroes like Sigma. As they have no time to react, this gives Genji the perfect advantage to deflect and sprint to his prime target.

Genji Countering Sigma in Overwatch 2

If you are looking for a fast hero who does some serious damage against Sigma, Genji is probably your best option.

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