The Best Baptiste Skins in Overwatch 2

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best Baptiste skins in Overwatch 2!

Updated on Sep 02, 2023
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The Best Baptiste Skins in Overwatch 2

Baptiste has a wide range of abilities that make him a very versatile and powerful support character. He also has a variety of decent skins, and today we are going to look at the top 10 skins for Baptiste in Overwatch 2!

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Players who would like to pull off a look that incorporates a green color scheme on a budget can pick up the rare Vet skin for Baptiste. With the word Vet meaning green in Haitian Creole, players can use this rare skin if they want to keep the default look of Baptiste but add a bit of green and yellow to the mix.


The Vet skin is available for purchase at any time from the hero menu and can be purchased for 300 Overwatch Coins.

2 /10


For those players looking for some fun in the sun, the Tropical legendary skin for Baptiste delivers. Donning a white bathing suit and Hawaiian shirt, Baptiste looks ready to catch some rays on the nearest beach. Even his boots are inspired by a tropical look, yet still, come prepared to keep him jumping high above the battlefield.


The Tropical legendary skin can be picked up from the Summer Games event for 1900 Overwatch Coins.

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With the very aptly named Pirate legendary skin, Baptiste looks like a fearsome pirate clad in black and red. His coat makes him look sharp, with the silver assons creating a nice contrast that stands out from the rest of his outfit. With mighty leather boots, an eye patch, and a skullcap to match, this pirate-themed skin can help players plunder their way to victory in Overwatch 2.


As one of the two pirate skins available all year round from the Baptiste skin menu, players can pick up this fun skin for the price of 1900 Overwatch Coins.

4 /10


Many skins help Baptiste greatly alter his appearance, and not many of them do as good of a job as this legendary pirate skin. The Buccaneer skin gives Baptiste an almost regal pirate-like appearance, as if he were the Captain of his own ship. With a smart red jacket with gold clasps, and mighty pirate boots to match, this skin lets Baptiste strike fear into the hearts of any who dare oppose him.


This legendary pirate skin can be picked up anytime from Baptiste's available skins for the price of 1900 Overwatch Coins.

5 /10


When the months approach, and it grows colder outside, Baptiste can don his snowboarder attire with the Legendary Snowboarder skin. Available as part of the Winter Wonderland event, the Snowboarder skin sees Baptiste in a pair of ski goggles, snow shoes, a nice warm winter hat, and an outfit that shows others he’s ready for the cold.


Sure, this Snowboard skin may not fit as much as it fits on Zarya, but it's still rocking. For those looking to look rad while using his Exo Boots to make some sick jumps, the Snowboarder skin can be picked up for 1900 Overwatch coins.

6 /10


Even as a vampire, Baptiste wears a suit of armor that keeps him safe as he shields his own allies from danger. With the legendary Vampire skin, players can wear the classic red and black vampire colors with a special vampire haircut for Baptiste, complete with glowing red eyes. As players soar above the battlefield thanks to their Exo Boots, they can swoop down and lay swift vengeance on their foes with lightning speed in this special Halloween-themed outfit.


However, before using this skin, you might want to check out if there is no Brigitte with a Vampire Hunter skin in the enemy team! Those who want to be a vampire can get their hands on this skin during the special Halloween event for the price of 1900 Overwatch Coins.

7 /10


Wouj is one of the rare skins players can get for Baptiste, and like the Haitian Creole word for red, the Wouj skin is indeed red-inspired. Featuring a classic red color, with a blue color stroke across the chest of Baptiste, players who want to sport the classic Baptiste look with a splash of red color will love the Wouj skin.


It looks pretty basic, sure, especially if you are playing on competitive-oriented graphic settings. Still, it is a decent rare skin that skin is available anytime from the cosmetic menu for Baptiste for the price of 300 Overwatch Coins.

8 /10

Desert Ops

The Desert Ops skin for Baptiste lets him look like he’s ready to do some special operations inside of a desert area. With the desert-inspired camo, green accents, and a military-style look, Baptiste really looks the part of the combat medic with this legendary skin.


As one of the skins that players can have access to purchasing at any time of the year, the Desert Ops skin can be picked up for 1900 Overwatch Coins.

9 /10

Combat Medic

Living true to his calling in Overwatch, Baptiste dons the Combat Medic special event skin and really looks the part. With the smooth white finish adorned with the red cross symbol, anyone who looks at him will instantly know that he’s there to help keep them alive. However, with the amount of armor on this skin, he also looks like he can dish out the pain as well as take it away.


This skin is only available through a special Baptiste event called Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge, where players need to win 9 games to claim this quality skin.

10 /10


The Wasteland skin is one of the few epic skins available for Baptiste in Overwatch 2. This special epic skin features a special yellow radioactive suit that Baptiste wears that even masks his entire face. The yellow and brown outfit fit the Wasteland theme well, and players who choose this skin will be able to play the part of a survival expert who heals their team and keeps them in the fight.


Players who want to pick up this special epic skin will need to pay 1000 Overwatch Coins, although the skin is available in the store any time players want to make the purchase.

With so many great skins to choose from, Baptiste is not only a great hero to have on any team, due to helping them stay alive – but he’s a stylish choice as well. And even if some skins seem expensive to you, it's also worth noting that there are some legit methods to earn free Overwatch skins

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