All Voice Actors in Overwatch 2

This article will showcase every character's voice actor in Overwatch 2, so continue reading if interested.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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All Voice Actors in Overwatch 2

The original Overwatch, and now Overwatch 2, make an incredible point of having a diverse roster with loving personalities. Every character is recognizable, and it's mostly thanks to the incredible voice actors and actresses. Without further ado, here are all of the voice actors from Overwatch 2, in alphabetical order.

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Ana | Aysha Selim

The much beloved Ana Amari is voiced by Aysha Selim, an Egyptian actress who is also known for work in World of Warcraft.


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Ashe | Jennifer Hale

Ashe is voiced by Jennifer Hale, a very famous Canadian-American actress, having voiced things in nearly 500 different productions, including Star Wars and Mass Effect.


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Baptiste | Benz Antoine

Benz Antoine voices Baptiste. He is a Haitian actor who has appeared in many films and voiced many characters.


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Bastion | Chris Metzen

Metzen is an American developer at Blizzard Entertainment, and happens to also voice Bastion.


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Brigitte | Matilda Smedius

Matila Smedius is only really known for her work as Brigitte, but has a couple of voices in other medias, such as Lego Movie.


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Cassidy | Matthew Mercer

Probably the most famous and well-known out of the voice actors as of today, Matthew Mercer is an icon in the gaming industry. He has voiced hundreds of characters, and hosts the famous Critical Role channel on Twitch, the biggest earner on the platform. He is the voice of Cole Cassidy in Overwatch 2.


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D.Va | Charlet Chung

Charlet Chung, the voice of D.Va, has a good portfolio of appearances, voicing characters in many loved cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad.


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Doomfist | Sahr Ngaujah

Primarily an actor in several series, Sahr voices Doomfist in Overwatch.


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Echo | Jeannie Bolet

Jeannie is a small-time actress, appearing in several series / mini-series for a few episodes. She voices Echo in Overwatch.


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Genji | Gaku Space

Gaku Space is a Japanese actor, mainly known for his voice acting as Genji Shimada, but he has also appeared in a couple series like Westworld.


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Hanzo | Paul Nakauchi

The voice actor of Hanzo, Paul Nakauchi, has starred in many different games and series, such as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Saints Row.


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Junker Queen | Leah De Niese

Leah De Niese, voicing one of Overwatch's newest tank additions, Junker Queen, is a small-time actress from Australia.


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Junkrat | Chris Parson

Chris Parson is the American voice actor of Junkrat. He has voiced in a few animated series like Family Guy and Love, Death & Robots.


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Kiriko | Sally Amaki

Kiriko is voiced by Sally Amaki, an upcoming voice actress who has previously voiced anime characters.


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Lúcio | Jonny Cruz

Jonny Cruz is quite famous, having voiced in Hitman and Need for Speed. He voices the vibrant Lúcio in Overwatch 2. He is also a director.


Mei | Elise Zhang Yu

A very low-key individual, Elise Zhang Yu is mostly known for her voice acting work as Mei.


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Mercy | Lucie Pohl

Mercy is voiced by Lucie Pohl, a German-American actress who has starred in Fantastic Beasts and Homeland.


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The Irish actress Genevieve O'Reilly, and the voice actress for Moira, is an actress in many big hits such as Andor and Rogue One.


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Orisa | Cherrelle Skeete

Cherrelle, a British actress, has acted in series, and voiced for other Blizzard games. In Overwatch, she voices the lovely Omnic, Orisa.


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Pharah | Jen Cohn

Jen Cohn is a small-time actress, but is known by many as the voice actress of Pharah.


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Ramattra | Ramon Tikaram

The Singaporean actor, Ramon Tikaram, is the voice of the new face of Ramattra. He has acted and voice acted in 100 different medias, like Dragon Age.


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Reaper | Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson is a classic universal voice actor, being able to voice a large variation of characters. He has voiced an insane amount of characters over the years, even Batman, which I guess has a similar voice to Reaper.


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Reinhardt | Darin De Paul

Darin is also a big-time voice actor, he has voiced Reinhardt of course, but also characters in God of War and Destiny 2.


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Roadhog | Josh Petersdorf

Josh is primarily a game voice actor, he has voiced in World of Warcraft and Rage 2, alongside the Junkertown tank, Roadhog.


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Sigma | Boris Hiestand

Boris Hiestand is the voice of Sigma. He is actually an animator, having participated in both Guardians of the Galaxy films and Harry Potter films' animation.


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Sojourn | Cherise Boothe

Cherise has voiced in many games like Horizon, Crash Bandicoot, but has also starred in series, too. She is the voice of the lovely and fresh Sojourn.


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Soldier: 76 | Fred Tatasciore

Actor, animator, director, voice actor; Fred does a lot in the video industry. Whilst he of course voices Soldier: 76 in Overwatch, he is also the voice of the infamous Megatron.


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Sombra | Carolina Ravassa

Carolina is a small star in gaming. Her iconic voice has led her to voice Sombra, Raze from Valorant, and Taliana in GTA V.


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Symmetra | Anjali Bhimani

The lovely Anjali Bhimani is the voice actress of Symmetra in Overwatch. She has appeared in many series such as Ms. Marvel, and also voices other leading games' characters, like Rampart from Apex Legends.


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Torbjörn | Keith Silverstein

Tied with Cassidy's voice actor, Torbjörn's voice actor, Keith Silverstein, is a big name in gaming and video. He voices several characters in the widely known Miraculous series, a headhold name, Zhongli, in Genshin Impact, and stars in many many more.


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Tracer | Cara Theobold

Cara, the voice actress of the famous Tracer, has made many appearances in Downton Abbey, and has voiced in Elden Ring.


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Widowmaker | Chloe Hollings

Whilst Chloe hasn't done much voice acting apart from her work as Widowmaker, her job was an excellent one, and she even voices the French version of Widowmaker. She has also, however, acted a bit in the past.


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Winston | Crispin Freeman

Like Matthew Mercer, the voice actor of Winston has also voiced many characters. He has voiced in series like Alucard, and games like Batman and Final Fantasy.


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Wrecking Ball | Dee Bradley Baker & Jonathan Lipow

Wrecking Ball has two voice actors, Dee Bradley Baker, the voice of Hammond, and Jonathan Lipow, the voice of the Wrecking Ball. Dee Bradley is actually quite famous, and stars in shows like Phineas and Ferb, Woody Woodpecker, Spongebob, etc. Jonathan has also done his fair share of acting, voicing in the Simpsons, and as additional voices in many big games.


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Zarya | Dolya Gavanski

Dolya has participated in several series, as well as the voice acting of Zarya.


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Zenyatta | Feodor Chin

The voice actor of the famous Lee Sin of League of Legends, a monk, is also the voice actor of Zenyatta, an Omnic monk, interesting. Anyways, Feodor is a fantastic voice actor and has worked in several different games.


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