Overwatch 2: A Guide to Doomfist

Welcome to our Doomfist guide. If you'd like to discover Doomfist's abilities in detail, as well as tips and more, continue reading.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Overwatch 2: A Guide to Doomfist

As of Overwatch 2, Doomfist is now a Tank character. Like Winston, he excels in diving on the enemy as a frontline, tanking damage whilst also carrying out a ton of damage himself. He can crowd control multiple enemies at a time, letting his team follow up with ease.

He is difficult to play well and is slightly niche, as other tanks will perform better in other team compositions, so keep that in mind if you want to main Talon's steadfast bruiser. Furthermore, his combos and mobility make him a challenging character to master, with an infinite skill ceiling.

Doomfist does however rock some of the most excellent outfits during his missions, ones you can even wear in game; if you want to combo the enemy team in style, look no further than our skin review. With that said, on with the guide.

Doomfist's Weapons and Abilities


Ability 1: Hand Cannon

Doomfist's left hand has been drastically modified. The knuckles can fire off shotgun pellets at his foes. Being a shotgun, the hand cannon's range is short and the shots have some spread, meaning up-close they are terrifying, but from a distance they are mere tickles.

DamageFalloff RangeFire RateAmmo
1.8 - 5 per pellet (depending on falloff)

18 - 55 per shot (11 pellets per shot)

15 to 30 meters
3 shots per second

His cannon ammo will regenerate automatically, during combos and other abilities, so no need to reload. The hand cannon can also critically strike, but it being a shotgun means you might miss a few pellets aiming for the head.


Ability 2: Seismic Slam

Doomfist launches himself in the air, leaping in the direction of the player's crosshair, and then smashing the ground in a large radius in front of him, hitting any enemies in its area of effect.

DamageMove SpeedMax RangeArea of EffectCooldown
25 m/s
15 meters (forward)
15 meters
7 seconds


Ability 3: Power Block

Whereas some tanks opt for a shield like Reinhardt, or a projectile consuming vortex like Sigma, Doomfist instead holds out his unstoppable gauntlet, shielding himself from oncoming damage. He only blocks frontal damage however, and is slowed during this ability.

Damage ReductionMove Speed ReductionDurationCooldown


2 seconds
8 seconds

It should also be noted that taking damage whilst using this ability powers up his Rocket Punch ability, which we will see next.


Ability 4: Rocket Punch

Using the power of the Doomfist itself, Doomfist charges up his gauntlet, lunging forward and smacking any enemies too careless to escape. The enemy is dealt damage and knockback, increased based on charge time, dealing additional damage if the enemy hits a wall.

DamageMove SpeedRangeCast Time
25-30 (impact)

20-40 (wall slam)

45 m/s
6.5 meters to 20 meters
0.2 seconds to 1 second, max 2 seconds
3 seconds

If the Rocket Punch is empowered through taking damage during his Power Block ability, Doomfist's Rocket Punch will then do 50% increased damage, move 50% faster, go further, knockback enemies further, and any enemy that hits a wall will also be stunned up to a second long.


Ability 5: Meteor Strike

Doomfist's ultimate move. He leaps high into the sky, planning his destructive descent. After activating his ultimate with primary fire, or finishing the ultimate's cast duration, Doomfist plummets to the ground, dealing massive damage to all enemies and slowing them. Enemies caught in the outer ring will be dealt less damage.

DamageArea of EffectDurationUltimate Cost
300 (Inner Ring)

15-100 (Outer Ring)

Inner Ring: 2 meters radius

Overall radius of 8 meters

4 seconds to select landing area
1680 points


Passive Ability 1: The Best Defense

Upon hitting enemies with his abilities, Doomfist gains temporary overhealth. His normal abilities will each grant him 30 overhealth for each enemy hit, and his ultimate will grant him 75 overhealth for each enemy hit. This passive can boost Doomfist by a total of 150 overhealth, which decays after a second at a rate of 3 health per second.


Doomfist's Playstyle

  • Doomfist, like his old Damage counterpart in the original Overwatch, is a close-range fighter. He wants to get into the enemy's face to unleash the most damage out of his abilities. At long-range, he is pretty much useless, but his abilities allow him to close that distance.
  • Doomfist is hyper-mobile, using his Punch and his Slam, he can reach high-ground or the enemy's backline at ease. He wants to punish any unsuspecting opponent with his crowd control and damage alongside his damage character teammates.
  • Doomfist has to hit his combos, the overhealth provided by his passive ability has insane value if you can use it right. He can be seen as invincible in the right hands.
  • You can't fight forever. The Talon punching machine can of course punch, but without his Power Block, he can't tank as much as the others in his role. He must use his abilities to engage, secure a kill, and get out alive.
  • If you are looking to counter the beast that is Doomfist, check out our counter guide.

How do I unlock Doomfist?

Unfortunately for new players, you will have to complete 85 matches to unlock this Tank carry. Blizzard's new First Time User Experience delays hero unlocks for newcomers, allowing them to ease into Overwatch 2's unique roster of characters. Since Doomfist is quite mechanically challenging, his unlock is one of the latest in the game.


Doomfist's Tips and Tricks

  • Learn or practice rollouts. Rollouts are combos of abilities in order to traverse a map much quicker than normal, or to find a secret flank to catch enemies off guard.
  • Use your Rocket Punch before Power Block if you know you will take damage. If you manage to charge up your Rocket Punch with Power Block, you will then have access to two strong punches with back-to-back.
  • Seismic Slam is cancellable, meaning you can use it to launch yourself into the air, allowing you to then Rocket Punch to nearby high ground.
  • Play around walls. Doomfist's Rocket Punch damage increases heavily if an enemy is flung into a wall, and can even stun enemies at max charge.
  • Your Power Block does not make you immortal. It only reduces damage by 80%, not 100%, meaning you can still die at low health. Be sure to use it before you reach those low levels of health.
  • Use your Hand Cannon as a finisher, not as a constant burst. After stunning an enemy, you can then use your cannons to destroy what remains of their health bar.


Doomfist's Lore

It must first be known that Doomfist is a title, a title given so far to three men. It was first given to Adhabu Ngumi, the Savior. The next Doomfist was Akinjide Adeyemi, the Scourge of Numbani, a member of the Talon organization. Finally we have our current Doomfist, Akande Ogundimu, known as the Successor.

Ogundimu was born into a prosperous family in Nigeria, a family that led a technology company that specialized in prosthetics. He was thus the heir of this company, and would use his charisma and intellect to further expand it and prepare it for his succession. Whilst investing in the company's endeavours, he also took time for his true passion; competitive martial arts. He would constantly train in traditional African fighting styles, whilst also using modern fighting techniques and incorporating them into his movesets.


The Omnic Crisis would take away Ogundimu's precious right arm, and so his competitive career was put to an end. Despite having a prosthetics company to help replace his arm at an instant, he wouldn't be allowed to continue competitions. His life goal was gone, but quickly replaced when Adeyemi, the 2nd Doomfist, approached him to join his side in the morally corrupt Talon organization. 

After many missions had gone by, the evil higher ups in Talon looked to replace Adeyemi with the more inspiring and powerful Ogundimu. This led to Ogundimu killing his teacher, and taking up the mantle as the new Doomfist.

Doomfist would rise the ranks in Talon, becoming one of the higher ranks himself, causing other powerful members to worry and become hostile towards him. Nonetheless, he carried out his vision and transformed Talon to what it is today. He was imprisoned during a conflict with Winston, Tracer, and Genji, but escaped years later thanks to Reaper, a man he corrupted to Talon's side through his ideologies.

Doomfist would then participate in many conflicts over the years, looking to disrupt the peace between humans and omnics. He is wary of a repeat of the Omnic Crisis that took away his arm, as well as the lives of countless individuals. 

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