How To Play D.VA [Guide, Tips & More]

To excel with D.Va in Overwatch, skillfully balance her defensive and offensive abilities, focusing on strategic use of Defense Matrix.

Updated on Nov 11, 2023
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How To Play D.VA [Guide, Tips & More]

Overwatch D.Va: Playstyle

D.Va is a tank hero, but she can lead the team better than some DPS heroes, truly. She can effectively take hits for her teammates using Defense Matrix ability, and she is also excellent at jumping into the fight and duel with the strongest Overwatch heroes without any backup.

Since D.Va can move around fast, she can also rush back to help her teammates if needed and act as a Support hero using Boosters. Moreover,'s cannons are super accurate and with her Boost, she can fly across the battlefield to challenge fast-moving or flying characters, such as Genji, Pharah, and Echo.

To counter D.Va effectively, you’ll want to take advantage of the times when her Defense Matrix is on cooldown, as it can't absorb damage indefinitely and has to recharge. When she can't use her matrix, she's vulnerable to concentrated attacks, especially those that can bypass or outlast her defensive abilities.

Overwatch D.Va: Weapons & Abilities

Passive Ability: Eject!

This passive ability is key to D.Va's survival in battle. When her mech gets destroyed, either by taking too much damage from enemies or using her ultimate, D.Va automatically pops out on foot. In this mode, she's more vulnerable with only 150 health but gets a handy pistol to defend herself and fight back. This pistol also helps her charge up her ultimate to call a new mech faster, so keep shooting!

Ability 1: Fusions Cannons (Primary Fire 1)

D.Va's mech comes with powerful fusion cannons that can keep firing without needing to reload. These cannons do a lot of damage, especially when you're close to an enemy. Remember, while firing, D.Va moves slower, so position yourself wisely.

DamageFalloff Range
Pellets per Shot
Fire Rate
Move Speed
0.6 - 2 (depending on falloff)10 - 20 m11 pellets6.667 shots / second-40% penalty

The cannons are less effective at long range, doing just a bit of damage, so it's best to get up close to your targets for maximum impact

Fusions Cannons D.Va Ability

Ability 2: Light Gun (Primary Fire 2)

When D.Va is not in her mech, she uses a light gun, which is a small but quick-firing pistol. While it doesn't do as much damage as her mech's cannons, it's still useful for defending yourself and taking down weaker enemies.

DamageFire RateAmmo
147 rounds a second20

Remember, using this gun is also how D.Va charges up her ultimate to get her mech back, so don't hesitate to use it whenever you can. It's a great tool for staying in the fight and getting back into your mech quickly.

Light Gun

Ability 3: Defense Matrix (Secondary Fire)

D.Va's Defense Matrix is her key defensive tool, capable of deleting incoming projectiles in a targeted area in front of her. This ability is unique as it operates on a rechargeable gauge, allowing for strategic and frequent use.

10 meters0.5 - 3 seconds1 second, 6 seconds for full charge

As you move D.Va around, the Defense Matrix moves with her, enabling you to cover a wide area and protect your teammates from various angles. It's a crucial ability for blocking enemy attacks and can make a big difference in team fights.

Defense Matrix DVa

Ability 4: Boosters

Boosters give D.Va's mech the ability to fly quickly in any direction. This isn't just for moving around; you can also ram into enemies, hurting and pushing them back. It's perfect for getting into the middle of a fight, escaping danger, or helping your teammates when they're in trouble.

DamageMove SpeedDuration
1512 m/s0.4 - 2 seconds4 seconds

When you use Boosters while firing your Fusion Cannons, D.Va becomes a powerful force, charging at enemies and dealing damage on the go.

Boosters DVa

Ability 5: Micro Missiles

D.Va can fire a bunch of tiny rockets all at once with her Micro Missiles ability. Each rocket by itself doesn't do much damage, but when you fire a lot of them together, they add up to a big hit.

DamageFire RateAmmo
7 per direct hit per missile

1-4 splash damage per missile

11 missiles / second187 seconds

You can use this ability along with her Boosters and Fusion Cannons to really surprise your enemies with a lot of damage quickly. It's great for attacking groups of enemies or taking down a tough opponent.

Micro Missles DVa

Ability 6: Self Destruct (Ultimate 1)

Self Destruct is one of D.Va's most famous moves. When she uses it, she jumps out of her mech, which then charges forward and explodes in a massive blast. This explosion can wipe out any enemy not protected by a shield.

DamageArea of EffectUltimate Cost
100 - 1000 (depending on distance)20 meter radius1540 points

Moreover, when her mech explodes, D.Va's ultimate gauge fills up right away, so she can call down a new mech instantly. This ability is awesome for clearing out enemies from an area or breaking through tough defenses.

Self Destruct DVa

Ability 7: Call Mech (Ultimate 2)

Call Mech is D.Va's way of getting back into the fight after using Self Destruct. It's not exactly an ultimate but is linked to her ultimate ability. When she calls for her mech, it drops down from the sky. If any enemies are right where it lands, they'll take unexpected damage

DamageUltimate Cost
250280 points

Besides, when D.Va hops back into her mech, it's at full health, ready for her to jump back into the action. This ability is perfect for quickly rejoining your team in battle

Call Mech DVa

Overwatch D.Va: Tips & Tricks

Love D.Va? Here's some tips to help you perform well right from the start.

  • Don't waste your Defense Matrix in one go. Using it in short bursts allows a longer uptime, and the enemies won't be constantly firing. If they do, your tankiness can solve that.
  • Why tank when enemies are dead? Your Booster, Fusion Cannon, Micro Missiles combo can burst down anyone that isn't a tank.
  • Practice Self Destruct in Custom Games. Her ultimate has so many different tricks of itself, so practicing can net you team kills every game.
  • Moving on with Self Destruct, it doesn't have to kill enemies to be effective. Zoning a team off an objective can win games, too.
  • Defense Matrix can eat some ultimates, that's all I have to say, it's broken.
  • Self Destruct in danger. It resets your Call Mech cooldown, and zones enemies, so you can get back to flying in no time.
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