Silver Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Silver is one of the lowest ranks in Overwatch 2. Getting there is easy, getting out could be tricky if you are new. To find out more, continue below.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Silver Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Is Silver Rank good in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 1's rank distribution shows us that 21% of the player base is in Silver. Along with Bronze's distribution, that means to get to Silver, you must only beat around a quarter of the player base in your skill level. Since a lot of casuals exist, by simply performing your best and striving to improve, you can clear Silver in no time. This Overwatch rank doesn't mean you are terrible, but it is not a good rank.


What can help me climb to Silver and out of Silver?

Since Silver is only above Bronze, and most players will even skip the rank, you won't need much to get there. We do however have tips for everyone looking to reach there from Bronze, and for those looking to go further in competitive play.

  • Master a main immediately and properly. Find a hero you love, one that is also strong preferably. By mastering all their combos, all their mechanics, and learning how and when to use them, you will be better than most players in Bronze, and will easily best the enemy team.
  • Look at the best heroesThe best dps heroes can shine in lower skill tiers, and let you wipe the enemy team. The best tank heroes can protect your whole team whilst dishing out insane damage. And finally, the best support heroes can keep your entire team practically immortal.
  • Queue up with a friend. Players in Bronze and Silver might just need a friendly push. Having one less teammate that could possibly be playing on 10 frames per second will definitely increase your odds of winning.
  • Revise game concepts. Concepts like when to push, when to group up, team fighting, target focus, aim placement, etc. These concepts are fundamental to players in higher skill tiers, and are basic knowledge at this point. If you do not know them, you should get to it.
  • Fix your game. Some players might simply find it harder to climb when they are lagging, frame rate wise or ping wise. If you can find a more stable connection, or fix your frame rate by decreasing your settings, try doing that and seeing how your games go.

What percentile is Silver in Overwatch 2?

Silver holds 21% of the player base, or 1 in 5 players on average. This means you can see a fairly good amount of them. This percentile is quite high, only being below Platinum and Gold in distribution. 

RankRank IconRank Distribution
BronzeBronze Rank Icon8%
SilverSilver Rank Icon21%
GoldGold Rank Icon32%
PlatinumPlatinum Rank icon25%
DiamondDiamond Rank Icon10%
MasterMaster Rank Icon3%
GrandmasterGrandmaster Rank Icon1%
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