8 Absolute Best Zarya Skins in Overwatch 2

See the top Zarya skins in Overwatch 2, including the goth-inspired "Industrial," the fierce "Barbarian" with molten core weapon, and the sporty "Snowboarder".

Updated on Aug 26, 2023
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8 Absolute Best Zarya Skins in Overwatch 2

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Industrial is not only the best Zarya skin, it is one of the hottest-looking Overwatch heroes in the game. Originally available outside events to purchase for 1000 Legacy Coins, this legendary skin shows this top tank hero's goth side.

Industrial Zarya

The outfit is mostly black with blood-red splotches here and there, with leather straps and silver studs surrounding the armor. Her hair matches her outfit, with black at the roots and red tips.

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Based on Blizzard studio's Diablo series character the Barbarian, this champion comes from the freezing north (Arreat), is proficient in weaponry, and is known for their tankiness. 

Barbarians fight with strength and ruthlessness, often getting their way simply by fighting. What better hero to base a Barbarian off of than Zarya?

Barbarian Zarya

Not only are the two characters a fit personality and skills wise, this is simply one of the best skins for Zarya. Zarya's large red head of hair, furs, and blue tattoos really make this skin pop.

The coolest part of this skin is her weapon. This version of Zarya's particle beam runs on a molten core, with the barrel of the gun wrapped in a goat's skull.

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The Champion skin is available during the Summer Games events. Described as a "champion weightlifter," Overwatch lore explains that Zarya retired from the Olympics in order to enlist in the Russian Defense Forces. This skin is a reimagining of Zarya's time before joining Overwatch.

Champion Zarya

Looking like a mold between wrestling and weight lifting, this Summer Games event is probably the better of the two. As a champion weightlifter, this uniform represents her country colors of red, blue, and white, with the word "Russia" features on her gun.

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Siberian Front

Similar to the Artic legendary skins, you can imagine Zarya traveling in her home country in the rough Russian winter. Her huge white fluffy hat and huge fur coat means she is dressed for the weather, and her glasses block out the bright sun reflected off the snow and protect her eyes from blizzard winds.

Siberian Front

After she entered the Russian Defense Forces, Zarya was stationed at the Krasonyarsk front in Serbia, and the Siberian Front is likely what Zarya was wearing when preparing for war.

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This legendary skin was released during the Winter Wonderland event. This winter-themed skin is probably Zarya's cutest, with a fuzzy seal cap, large ski glasses, and full ski kit, she is ready to hit the slopes this winter.

Snowboarder Zarya

Her weapon is in keeping with this most popular of seasonal events, her barrel made up of two snowboards and the back a snowboarding bag. Out of all the winter wonderland event skins, this is the coolest one.

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Some of the best Zarya skins Overwatch releases come from the Lunar New Year seasonal events, and that includes the Xuanwu. A powerful Chinese God, Xuanwu is wields magic and is said to be able to control the elements, including controlling gravity. This Matches Zarya because of her Graviton Surge ultimate ability.

This skin features dark Chinese imperial clothes, black-matte colored armor to protect Zarya from incoming damage, a dragon helmet, along with a neon-green symbol almost like a belt buckle.

Xuanwu Zarya

Xuanwu's minions, a tortoise and a snake, are featured on Zarya's weapon. And even though it might sound kind of odd, we would love to see some Ana skins in this style; this Chinese snake design just fits so much for a sniper Overwatch hero.

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Totally 80's

One of the most popular, unique, yet completely recognizable Zarya skins is the Totally 80's from the Halloween Terror event. This skin was designed around the time that the 80's aerobics videos resurfaced, becoming an overnight meme sensation.

Totally 80's Zarya

The skin combines 80's workout outfits with 80's metal hair in a unique and stylish skin. However, in the Overwatch universe, despite the color scheme and cartoony nature Blizzard includes in the game, this skin pops out. Many fans of this legendary skin also complained that it perhaps didn't fit the Halloween Terror events who use this skin feel they are targeted, but perhaps they're just defensive.

The gun that comes with the Totally 80's skin also features two speakers, which you can imagine are blasting the song "Physical," a 1981 workout song written by Olivia Newton-John, which lyrics, "Let's Get Physical" are featured on Zarya's shirt.

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An anniversary event skin that was available for purchase for 1000 credits, the Cyberian is a futuristic outfit that covers Zarya's body in what looks like a power suit.

Cyberian Zarya

As opposed to many of Zarya's other skins, this one provides a sleeker image. The color scheme, again, is spot on, with the light red and white of Zarya's armor clashing with her bright blue hair and gold mask plate. This skin looks like it's ripped straight out of a Power Rangers episode.

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