Top 10 Ana Skins in Overwatch 2 With Best Features

Discover the top-notch Ana skins in Overwatch, such as Snow Owl, Captain Amari, Shrike, and Ghoul!

Updated on Sep 02, 2023
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Top 10 Ana Skins in Overwatch 2 With Best Features

1 /10

Snow Owl

The Snow Owl is one of the best of Ana's skins, taking literally one of her many nicknames. This legendary skin was available through loot boxes during the Winter Wonderland events.

Snow Owl Ana Skin

The thing that really makes this skin pop is the amazing color coordination. The white feathers are accentuated with light blue, while her icy-blue eyes gaze deep into the soul of her enemy. The Snow Owl is definitely the best skin for winter play and even offers camouflage in snowy maps.

2 /10

Captain Amari

As an original Overwatch member, the Captain Amari skin depicts our favorite Overwatch Support hero in her younger years, before she lost an eye.

Captain Amari Ana Skin

This skin features Ana in mostly blue, with highlighted white accents surrounding her cape. Frankly speaking, she is one hot female Overwatch hero on this skin. Her black hair is held mostly back by her blue beret, with a small sliver of bangs over her eye; it just fits so well!

Special shout-out, as well, goes to Horus, a Captain Amari re-skin that helps Ana blend in better on certain sand-colored maps in Overwatch.

3 /10


As the only skin costing 250 gold, this is one of the more popular Ana skins in Overwatch. Despite the inexpensive nature of the skin, it still is a cool one for Ana, you have to admit it.

Shrike Ana Skin

This version of Captain Amari offers a dark contrast to Ana's normally bubbly nature, which is accentuated by the bright neon of her mask and cape. Even though this is only 250 gold, the Shrike remains one of the best Ana skins in Overwatch.

4 /10


As one of the original heroes in Overwatch, Ana has a number of solid epic skin options. One of the coolest is the Ghoul skin, which was released as a part of the Halloween terror event.

Ghoul Ana Skin

The Overwatch developers created this amazing skin that glows in the dark, with her eye peering at you through the shadows, striking fear into her enemies. Honestly, this is probably the best Overwatch Halloween skin ever released.

5 /10


Ana's Sniper skin gives us a hint at what Ana Amari would have looked like as a member of the military in Egypt.

Sniper Ana Skin

The best part about the Sniper is that this skin can be used as camouflage with a lot of sand-colored maps in Overwatch. Not only are the intricacies of this skin awesome, but they also can help you win games.

6 /10


Forced out of retirement in the Overwatch universe, the Cabana Ana skin gives us a look into what Ana was up to before she got back into the fight.

Cabana Ana Skin

A Summer Games event skin, the Cabana skin shows what this white-haired sniper would look like when she is relaxing on a sunny beach. This skin looks especially good with the golden gun, an unlockable version of the weapon only available from Competitive points in the original Overwatch game.

7 /10


Ana already has an eye patch, so creating an Ana pirate skin should be an obvious choice for the Overwatch developers.

Corsair Ana Skin

The beauty is in the details with this skin, taking Ana out of the Overwatch universe and into a pirate ship. From the bird on her shoulder to Ana's gun made of wood, this is one immersive Ana skin!

8 /10


If you thought Ana's Ghoul skin was creepy, then take a look at the Tal. This was one of the Lunar New Year skins, and it is inspired by Korean culture.

Tal Ana Skin

Despite its terrifying appearance, this is still one of the best Ana skins in the game.

9 /10


Though not one of the legendary skins, this Epic skin still represents the best of Ana Amari. This is a perfect skin to wear on a snowy map and was available from loot boxes all year round.

Merciful Ana Skin

Donning this outfit will only inspire faith in your teammates, though worn on the wrong map, and this bright white will make you poke out to enemies.

10 /10


Originally from Egypt, the Bastet skin pays homage to Ana's home country with a sleek skin design. It was only available through a challenge event, making it one of the rarest skins in Overwatch.

Bastet Ana Skin

Legend has it that Ana became a Batman-style vigilante after Overwatch dissolved, becoming a local hero in the streets of Cairo. She took inspiration from the Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of protection and health. How the Overwatch team rated this awesome skin as Epic instead of legendary is another story altogether.

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