How To Play Baptiste in Overwatch 2 [Abilities, Tips & More]

Welcome to our Baptiste guide. For all info on this carry support, including abilities, tips, and lore, continue reading below.

Updated on Oct 26, 2023
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How To Play Baptiste in Overwatch 2 [Abilities, Tips & More]

Overwatch Baptiste: Weapons & Abilities

Ability 1: Biotic Launcher (Primary Fire)

Baptiste fires bullets from his launcher that deal consistent damage in a three-round burst. It has slight recoil but it is hitscan and can headshot, rewarding accurate players. Biotic Launcher in Primary Fire mode is versatile, but not specialized in any particular aspect. It is a well-balanced tool for a player who can adapt to different situations. However, you may notice that it lacks "punch" compared to weapons such as the sniper or Reaper's gun.


Falloff Range

Fire RateAmmo
7.2 - 25 depending on falloff per round

21.6 - 75 per burst (3 rounds)

25 - 45m
1 burst per 0.588s

Reloading this gun will also reload his secondary fire, our next ability.

Biotic Launcher Baptiste

Ability 2: Biotic Launcher Alt Fire (Secondary Fire)

Baptiste fires explosive healing projectiles from his launcher that heal a large chunk. It has no recoil, and is instead a projectile with AOE. Biotic Launcher in Alt Fire mode is a powerful tool for team support, but requires skill and situational awareness for optimal use.

HealingAOEFire Rate
70 (Direct)

50 (Explosion)

3 meter radius
1 shot per 0.9s

Note that fully healed allies will not be hit by his secondary fire projectiles, they will pass through these allies, and Baptiste can not heal himself with these projectiles.

Biotic Launcher Alt Fire (Secondary Fire) Baptiste

Ability 3: Regenerative Burst

Baptiste's second healing ability, he activates a strong regenerative burst from his suit that heals instantly, and then heals over time. Regenerative Burst is a highly flexible ability, ideal for both offensive and defensive situations. Its value increases in proportion to the player's skill in reading the battlefield – the better you can predict when and where the most needed support will be, the more effectively this ability will be used; you can see the difference in its overall power level if you compare it to Bronze and Grandmaster.



50 - 100 (depending on above or under 50% HP)

+ 50 HP over 5 seconds

10 meter radius15 seconds

Regenerative Burst Baptiste

Ability 4: Immortality Field

A controversial and heavily changed ability; Baptiste throws out a device that prevents death. The device can be destroyed by enemies. It will also heal to 10% if under threshold. Immortality Field is one of the most influential tools in Baptiste's arsenal. It allows him to break through moments of crisis and makes him invaluable in team strategies. However, its effectiveness is closely tied to its ability to anticipate enemy movements and synchronize with the team. Used incompetently, it can be quickly neutralized.

Device HPAOEDuration
6.5 meter radius
5 - 5.5s
25 seconds

Immortality Field Baptiste

Ability 5: Amplification Matrix

For his ultimate ability, Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles damage and healing. Amplification Matrix is a high-potential but also high-risk tool. Proper use can determine the outcome of a battle, but faulty positioning or timing can squander its potential. This capability is particularly effective when integrated into a coordinated team strategy.

Matrix SizeDurationUltimate Cost
9x5 meter rectangle
10 seconds
2310 points

Amplification Matrix Baptiste

Passive Ability: Exo Boost

By crouching, Baptiste charges exo boots and upon release, and jumps higher than normal. The ability takes about one second to fully charge, max height of 9 meters at 17 m/s. No cooldown.

Exo Boost adds a tactical layer to Baptiste, allowing him to take up positions that are inaccessible to other heroes. This not only makes it easier to use his abilities, but also opens up a room for many fantastic strategies, and no wonder why we still consider him one of the best DPS heroes in Overwatch.

Exo Boost Baptiste

Overwatch Baptiste: Tips & Tricks

  • Baptiste is a scary foe for Damage characters. Your high mobility, high burst of healing, and great damage can let you duel damage carries with ease, and fend them off if your team won't.
  • Practice Baptiste's recoil. His gun is different to most, and practicing it will yield amazing results. Let it be known that his gun can one-shot Tracers in one burst, if all headshots connect.
  • Use your Regenerative Burst before your Secondary Fire. If allies are under half health, they will gain a stronger burst of healing, healing them before could put them above the threshold.
  • Save your Immortality Field. With a cooldown of 25 seconds, this ability is both essential and game-breaking, so don't waste it.
  • Using your Exo Boots passive, you should take advantage of high-ground. Healing and killing from afar with no threat is a luxury.
  • Communicate your ultimate. Getting an ally (or allies) ready for your Matrix will help teamfights immensely. Your ultimate is high-cost and shouldn't be wasted.
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