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Overwatch 2: A Guide to Baptiste

Welcome to our Baptiste guide. For all info on this carry support, including abilities, tips, and lore, continue reading below.

Published on Dec 29, 2022
Overwatch 2: A Guide to Baptiste

Baptiste is one of the Support characters in Overwatch. He wields a dual-mode Launcher that can dish out both damage and healing. His kit is very noob-friendly, as he has great mobility and escape tools, as well as easily accessible healing. His role, like all supports, is to keep his team topped up. His secondary role is to save teammates in clutch situations and boost his team with his ultimate for a teamfight win.

Baptiste has a wide variety of cool skins, including lore-based ones. If you want to support your team in healing, damage, and style, check out this skin ranking. Now, onto the guide.

Baptiste's Weapons and Abilities

Ability 1: Biotic Launcher (Primary Fire)

Baptiste fires bullets from his launcher that deal consistent damage in a three-round burst. It has slight recoil but it is hitscan and can headshot, rewarding accurate players.


Falloff Range

Fire RateAmmo
7.2 - 25 depending on falloff per round

21.6 - 75 per burst (3 rounds)

25 - 45m1 burst per 0.588s45

Reloading this gun will also reload his secondary fire, our next ability.

Biotic Launcher Primary Baptiste

Ability 2: Biotic Launcher Alt Fire (Secondary Fire)

Baptiste fires explosive healing projectiles from his launcher that heal a large chunk. It has no recoil, and is instead a projectile. As it is an explosion of healing, it has an AOE that heals allies near the projectile's impact. 

HealingAOEFire RateAmmo
70 (Direct)

50 (Explosion)

3 meter radius1 shot per 0.9s13

Note that fully healed allies will not be hit by his secondary fire projectiles, they will pass through these allies, and Baptiste can not heal himself with these projectiles.

Biotic Launcher Second Fire Baptiste

Ability 3: Regenerative Burst

Baptiste's second healing ability, he activates a strong regenerative burst from his suit that heals himself and allies nearby instantly, and then healing them another amount over a short period of time.



50 - 100 (depending on above or under 50% HP)

+ 50 HP over 5 seconds

10 meter radius15 seconds
Regen Burst Baptiste

Ability 4: Immortality Field

A very controversial and heavily changed ability; Baptiste throws out a device that prevents allies inside from dying during the ability's duration. The device can be destroyed by enemies. It will also heal any low health allies to 10% of their max HP if they are under that threshold.

Device HPAOEDurationCooldown
1506.5 meter radius5 - 5.5s25 seconds
Immortality Field Baptiste

Ability 5: Amplification Matrix

For his ultimate ability, Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles all allied damage and healing that passes through it.

Matrix SizeDuration Ultimate Cost
9x5 meter rectangle10 seconds2310 points
Amplification Matrix Baptiste

Passive Ability 1: Exo Boots

By crouching, Baptiste charges his exo boots, and upon release, will jump much higher than normal. It takes about a second to fully charge, but will reach a max height of 9 meters with a speed of over 17 meters a second. This ability has no cooldown.

Baptiste's Playstyle

  • Baptiste should be swapping between a damage carry and a healing carry. His damage output can be very good, and should definitely be used on a low target. At the same time, you must not forget you are first and foremost a support, and you need to be using your crazy healing output whenever you can. After both are done, a reload will give you back both resources.
  • Baptiste needs to be on the lookout at all times. His immortality field is essential in saving an ally, and in return a teamfight and maybe an entire game. In destructive ult combinations from the enemy team, or simply a flanking enemy picking off an ally, Baptiste needs to be ready to save them, giving them a Regenerative Burst to help after.
  • Baptiste's goal with his ultimate is to amplify the damage carries. He can combo ultimates with a Soldier: 76 for example and completely wipe a team. Doubling damage is underappreciated, as even a Reinhardt can one shot squishies through Baptiste's Matrix.

How do I unlock Baptiste?

Since Baptiste is still relatively new to the Overwatch roster, he does require 100 completed matches to unlock if you are a newcomer. Blizzard's FTUE (First Time User Experience) locks heroes behind match completions to create a slow understanding of the heroes for new players. These matches can be completed in any mode however, except Custom games.

Baptiste Ow 2

Baptiste Tips and Tricks

  • Baptiste is a scary foe for Damage characters. Your high mobility, high burst of healing, and great damage can let you duel damage carries with ease, and fend them off if your team won't. 
  • Practice Baptiste's recoil. His gun is different to most, and practicing it will yield amazing results. Let it be known that his gun can one-shot Tracers in one burst, if all headshots connect.
  • Use your Regenerative Burst before your Secondary Fire. If allies are under half health, they will gain a stronger burst of healing, healing them before could put them above the threshold.
  • Save your Immortality Field. With a cooldown of 25 seconds, this ability is both essential and game-breaking, so don't waste it.
  • Using your Exo Boots passive, you should take advantage of high-ground. Healing and killing from afar with no threat is a luxury.
  • Communicate your ultimate. Getting an ally (or allies) ready for your Matrix will help teamfights immensely. Your ultimate is high-cost and shouldn't be wasted.
Baptiste Cinematic Scene

Baptiste's Lore

Jean-Baptiste Augustin's youth was heavily affected by the Omnic Crisis, resulting in him being orphaned. During his childhood, he made a friend in his orphanage, Roseline Mondésir, and aspired to build a clinic with her one day. Baptiste also sought to join Overwatch, but couldn't, and enlisted in the military instead as a battle medic, emulating a hero by himself, outside of Overwatch. The coalition didn't do much, and disbanded quickly, leaving Baptiste's heroic desires to the wind. Baptiste and other coalition members joined Talon to make use of their rare but mostly unwanted military skills, unknowing of Talon's evil doings.

Talon's missions paid well and were easy due to their military power, and Baptiste enjoyed his time. He made a best friend out of a man named Mauga, and met Sombra during his service. He began noticing too many civilian casualties, and saw Overwatch restoring the damage Talon had caused on a mission, prompting him to leave. Baptiste knew the danger of leaving however, and carried on his missions. Finally, after a destructive mission in Monte Cristi, with countless unnecessary civilian deaths, Baptiste fled, with Mauga covering for him as a sign of friendship.

Baptiste would deal with constant Talon assassins being sent to eliminate his knowledge of their true nature. After many failed assassinations, and a full wipeout of Baptiste's former squad except Mauga, Baptiste looked to help the world with humanitarian work. This led to him meeting Dr. Angela Ziegler.

Baptiste was later forced into a final job by Mauga, and a series of events led him to finding out Ziegler was a Overwatch hero on a hunt list, and so tracked her down to help her. He ended up tracking Cassidy, who figured this out quickly and questioned him. Baptiste showed his good intentions during this chat, and after a fight against Talon with Cassidy. Baptiste, Overwatch hero at last, now supports the team with his battle medic capabilities. 

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