How To Earn Money Playing Overwatch (4 Legit Ways)

Discover the best ways to earn money playing Overwatch! We tried them out for You!
How To Earn Money Playing Overwatch (4 Legit Ways)

The big misconception about making money playing Overwatch is that you have to be a professional gamer who competes in eSports tournaments or who plays an Overwatch league. While this is a very profitable way to make money playing Overwatch, the truth is that anyone can do it with the right strategy, regardless of their skill level.

This article will reveal the best ways to earn money through Overwatch, focusing on casual players. 

#1 Using Buff Game

Believe it or not, there's a way to profit by simply playing Overwatch, although you can't get cash, but various rewards (both digital and physical). Unlike other approaches we're about to reveal in this article, using is the only passive income method to make money playing Overwatch.

This loyalty service does what it promises - it rewards you for playing Overwatch. But how's that even possible? is a PC software (and a mobile app too) that scans how well you perform in Overwatch, like how many kills or wins you got, or how many achievements you've completed, and awards you with Buff Coins based on that.

After getting enough Buff Coins, you can exchange them in the Buff Marketplace for some of the available rewards. And the only way profits is from ads displayed in the main menu and with the monthly paid subscriptions for premium users, which is entirely optional.

The ads will always be displayed in the lower right corner, and this is one of the ways profits.

So basically, you'll just need to install on your PC, play Overwatch, and do your best to stand out from other players and win as many games as possible because the more you do - the more Buff Coins you'll receive.

Some of the Overwatch weekly challenges on

What's more, you'll also have weekly Overwatch challenges that may grant you bonus Buff Coins for completing them. We know that some of our readers are reluctant and may believe this service is just another crypto mining program, malware, or scam.

That is why we thoroughly reviewed to prove its legitimacy and safety and that it's absolutely worth using.

Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that won't make anyone rich, no matter how great an Overwatch player someone is, but it's an excellent way to profit from this game entirely passively.

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#2 Streaming And Creating Content

A considerable percentage of professional players who play Overwatch also stream this game, and some even caught the eye of eSport teams by showcasing their skills while streaming. Although this is not the easiest way to make money playing Overwatch, it can certainly become the most profitable.

But for that to happen, there are so many prerequisites that must be met because everyone can become a streamer nowadays, but only a selected few can succeed.

Besides having a fast internet connection and proper equipment, the most crucial element is having good Overwatch skills and being entertaining enough to attract the viewers.

Pay attention to the number of viewers of most-watched Overwatch streamers on Twitch.

Of course, if you're a new streamer, you need to play Overwatch and stream it constantly because being active is imperative if you wish to get followers and subscribers.

You can choose to stream on several platforms, but the most popular choices are Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, DLive, etc. Every platform has pros and cons, so it's up to you which one you select, but the ultimate goal is to get as many constant viewers as possible by offering them entertaining streams.

On top of this, you can also make money by creating video content on YouTube, rather than streaming. This is a great alternative for those who don't like showing their faces on camera, which is nearly always the case in streaming. There aren't any specific rules to which types of videos will be more popular, so whether it's a compilation of clips, how-to videos, or something third, it's all about the quality of content.

Some of these videos have millions of views, so you do the math and see how much money that is.

If your videos are good enough, you could monetize them through YouTube Partner Program and earn money through donations too.

Bonus Method: Earn Free Overwatch Credits Using Freecash

For this method to work, you won't even need to play Overwatch, and all you'll need to do is complete some online tasks to get Overwatch credits for free.

Other than this, you'll also be able to get more than 20 additional rewards for completing the tasks on Freecash, a get-paid-to service that you can start using right now.

If you'd like to give it a try, you're only a few steps from using it. First, you'll need to register a new account on their website or a mobile app. After that, move on to the "Earn" page that features several available offers based on your current locations.

Each offer contains multiple tasks, and completing them will grant you Freecash Coins.

You can also get any of the available rewards listed on Freecash.

This virtual currency is used to exchange any available rewards, including the Blizzard gift cards you may use to top up your account and get Overwatch credits.

As there are no limts on how many times you can use this method, you can stack up Blizzard gift cards.

After accumulating enough Freecash Coins, select the "Cashout" page, where you'll find over 20 reward options, and Blizzard is just one of them. Simply click on the Blizzard icon and select one of the four available denominations based on how many Freecash Coins you got.

Once you withdraw the selected sum, you'll receive a Blizzard gift card code that you can redeem and top up your Blizzard account to get Overwatch credits!

To learn about this program and why you should use it, check out our detailed review of Freecash. And if you'd like to join, here's something on the house - a free bonus code that may grant you up to $250!

Make sure to verify your email address after registering, and the next time you visit the Freecash website or an app, type in the "TGG" code into the popup field.

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#3 Coaching

As you know, Overwatch is a prevalent eSports title. As such, it provides an opportunity for skilled players to become Overwatch coaches and offer lessons to interested clients. Those players who'd like to pay for coaching lessons are actually investing in their skills, which is a great way to make money from Overwatch.

There are several levels of Overwatch coaching, and the more advanced your skills are, the more money you'll be able to earn from this. While you won't need to be a professional gamer to become an Overwatch coach, being one would definitely help you find clients much easier and faster.

Top-rated Overwatch coaching gigs on Fiverr.

On top of this, you can become a niche coach and offer your expertise by roles, like DPS, Tank, Support, or by hero, and focus on one role rather than the entire game.

But becoming an Overwatch coach won't be a walk in the park, and you will need something to back you up before you even consider this option. It can be proof of tournament winnings and competing in eSports, YouTube or Twitch clips where you showcase your skills, and anything that can verify that you can teach other players to improve their skills.

So if you consider yourself an expert Overwatch player, you can register at freelancing platforms (like Fiverr) on one of many game coaching websites, where you can post a gig and hope that it will capture the attention of potential clients.

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#4 Boosting

Another method where you can play Overwatch and make money is by becoming a game booster. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, game boosting is a service where a player interested in increasing the rank, leveling the account, getting wins, or reaching other in-game goals pays someone to do that instead.

Game boosting is a very lucrative business nowadays, especially when it comes to online FPS titles like Overwatch.

One of many available game boosting websites.

However, this is a very demanding approach because you would need to be a highly-skilled Overwatch player who can get to even the highest ranks and fulfill any given task.

In addition, you will have to register at one of the game-boosting websites, where you'll need to prove that you can become an Overwatch coach. But if you manage to accomplish that, you can turn game boosting into a full-time job, which has many benefits.

It's safe to say that there aren't many ways to profit out of Overwatch unless you're an expert player who can coach, boost, or stream. And because most of our readers are casual players who simply wish to make playing Overwatch into something more, the best way to do it is by using the

The reason is simply - you'll only need to install the program, play Overwatch, and forget about having this program until you realize that you've collected enough Buff Coins you can exchange for rewards.

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