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The Hottest Characters in Overwatch 2

Blizzard has created one of the hottest casts in gaming with Overwatch. But, which of the roster reigns supreme? Let's find out!

Published on Nov 28, 2022
The Hottest Characters in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch has some of the hottest characters in gaming. While it is certainly a herculean task to highlight just a few, we've managed to pin down stunning lookers from the roster. From giant bulky loudmouths to cute and caring scientists, there's a character you're bound to like in this list, no matter your type


Reinhardt is a towering German wearing powered armor while wielding a rocket-propelled hammer. Players love playing the most iconic tank in Overwatch because of his commanding presence and archetypal shield to protect his teammates. Despite his threatening aura in-game, Reinhardt is one of the sweetest characters in Overwatch, with unmatched happy-go-lucky dad energy, making him one of the hottest heroes.

Reinhardt always lifts up the spirits of everyone in the room and is always prepared to exchange light-hearted banter or jokes with the cast. He also seems to really care about the majority of the characters, as evidenced by his nostalgic voice lines with the cast. He's a battle-scarred fallen hero who rises up to the occasion despite enduring many hardships yet still finds genuine enjoyment in life; what's not to love? And as long as he keeps his big mouth shut, even Widowmaker finds him hot!

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Junker Queen

This one is for ladies and gentlemen who love their women tall, fit, and extremely intimidating. Junker Queen is a berserker-type brawler who is the current ruler of Junkertown, Blizzard's interpretation of post-apocalyptic Australia in Overwatch 2.

Odessa Stone is a scrappy character who fought her way up the order from the wild Wasteland nobody to a feisty queen. She's a leader who charges head-first into battle, and anyone within reason would follow that lively accent.

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Haitian Jean-Baptiste Augustin is a former Talon combat medic who went rogue to join Overwatch. Baptiste is extremely competent in his lore; equipped with a medic rifle, he can dish out damage as well as he can save teammates through healing.

Baptiste has a strong Haitian accent and occasionally speaks in Haitian Creole, like when the enemies hear his ultimate. While Baptiste is a sassy and sarcastic character in Overwatch, you can tell he's a gentle soul who always has your back.

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Sombra, real name Olivia Colomar, is a Mexican Talon operative and the best hacker in Overwatch's world. Despite her allegiance with Talon, Sombra is a freedom fighter who works for her own agendas first. Her complicated morals, carefree attitude, edgy cyberpunk aesthetic, and alluring accent wins our hearts at the end of the day.

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Widowmaker is a former French ballet dancer turned into the world's deadliest assassin. Her skin is blue because she's a living weapon with a drastically slower heart rate. Her cold demeanor, ruthless efficiency, and emotionless responses all contribute to her mysterious allure, making her one of the hottest heroes. Widowmaker cares for nothing except the thrill of the hunt— a competent professional lady is always bound to pull some heartstrings.

Overwatch Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a femme fatale designed from the ground up to be sexy and seductive. Her cold voice lines towards the other cast members paired with her alluring French accent, certainly elevate her attractiveness. She's snappy, sarcastic, and beautiful to behold from afar (preferably away from her sights). High-skilled players will become more familiar with her since she's a playmaker and always hype to watch.

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For any hardcore gamer, D.Va is the most relatable character in Overwatch 2. A former professional gamer, D.Va uses her talents to pilot an extremely advanced mech to protect her country with the help of her elite mech squad. Aside from that, Hana Song is a young Korean celebrity who appears everywhere: advertisements, movies, and various sponsorship deals love to have the starlet's face on their brand. Any Overwatch tier list about the hottest heroes should always include her.

Overwatch Dva

Yet, under her carefree and playful demeanor, D.Va is heavily burdened by her responsibilities and upkeeping her facade to the media. Nonetheless, she's doing her best to keep the peace in her skin-tight suit accentuating her figure. Moreover, fans love playing D.Va because like us, all she wants to do is eat junk food, drink Nano Cola, and play games to her heart's content. Be sure to change the language to Korean, as she sounds absolutely adorable in her native tongue!

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Of course, this would hottest heroes Overwatch tier list countdown includes Hanzo. Hanzo Shimada was set to become the head of the Shimada Clan, an underground criminal empire that primarily traded arms and illegal substances. Eventually, Hanzo goes rogue after he was forced to kill his brother Genji (who was revived by Mercy without his knowledge). Hanzo then traveled the world, rejecting the blade and picking up the bow, which makes sense why he'd use that weapon in the video game. Hanzo's brooding backstory and intense self-loathing make him even more appealing in an "I can fix him" sort of way.

Hanzo had the best glow-up of the Overwatch 2 roster when they were all redesigned for the sequel. His facial hair is much more pronounced and that streak of white hair highlights his serious demeanor—which fans love shipping him with Cole Cassidy. His Japanese-inspired high-tech costume also suits him and shows off his tattoos. He also rocks the white and black color scheme from Seoul Dynasty which can be purchased with OWL tokens.

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Mei-Ling Zhou may not be the sexiest character in Overwatch 2, but she certainly is one of the hottest Overwatch heroes. Mei is a Chinese climatologist who works to protect the environment. She's cheerful and optimistic; you can often catch her bringing positivity into the group with her adorable voice lines. Mei can make casual and baggy clothes work for her, as she looks like someone you would just love to cuddle.

Overwatch Mei

Based on the animated videos in YouTube, you can see how endearing Mei is, especially interacting with Winston. Mei captured everyone's hearts with her bubbly personality, creative intellect, and shy awkwardness. So long as you're not locked in a duel against her, Mei is always a welcome sight on any map.

There's definitely more room for the hottest heroes in this Overwatch tier list. While having your own ranking for personal reasons isn't wrong (we all have our own favorites), this Overwatch tier list was meant to showcase a good mix of the hottest characters in the video game.

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