How to make Overwatch 2 fullscreen? [Quick Fix]

5 minute guide to make Overwatch 2 fullscreen on Windows PC.
How to make Overwatch 2 fullscreen? [Quick Fix]

Nobody likes playing a shooter in Windowed mode, let alone such a fast-paced Hero Shooter like Overwatch 2. Going fullscreen will improve your input lag, frame rate, latency, and affect performance in an overall positive way.

In this guide, you’ll learn 4 ways to fix Overwatch 2’s fullscreen mode. Sit back and apply these simple fullscreen fixes in just 5 minutes; Sombra’s hacking skills not required.

Overwatch 2 gameplay screenshot

Solution 1: Use Alt-Enter or F11 keyboard shortcuts

These are universal keyboard shortcuts for players to toggle games to go full screen mode on Windows PC. If you tap [Alt] and [Enter] together, Overwatch 2 should be able to go full screen mode.

Full screen mode keyboard shortcut Overwatch 2

For all options, go through this keyboard shortcut checklist below:

  • Press [Alt] [Enter] once or twice to go fullscreen.
  • Press [F11] key once to go fullscreen.
  • Hold [Fn] and press [F11] key once to go fullscreen.

Solution 2: Change your Video Settings for Overwatch 2

The second method you should try is to change your video settings from the Options menu available in-game. Simply setting your [Display Mode] should turn Overwatch 2 fullscreen.

Overwatch 2 fullscreen

How to change Video Settings in Overwatch 2:

  1. Press [Esc] to bring up the Options menu.
  2. Go to [Video] tab.
  3. Switch [Display mode] to Fullscreen.

If this didn’t work:

  1. Select [Windowed] mode first, and apply settings.
  2. After going into Windowed mode, change display mode back to [Fullscreen].

Solution 3: Use the Correct Resolution on your monitor for Overwatch 2

If you have the wrong resolution, the game can look blurry, too squished, or just partially fullscreened. Knowing what the right resolution for your monitor screen is will be important for not just Overwatch 2, but many other games you play. Here's a step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Right click your desktop and select [Display settings].

Open your display settings on PC Overwatch 2

Step 2: Scroll down to [Scale and layout] to find your display resolution.

how to access Display settings on PC Overwatch 2

Once you have the Recommended Resolution, apply the same settings to your resolution settings found in the Options menu: [Esc -> Video-> Resolution]. 

If Overwatch 2 still looks blurry or strange in full screen, change your PC's display scaling to 100%.

Solution 4: Turn on Disable Fullscreen Optimizations if Overwatch 2 is lagging in full screen

If Overwatch 2 is lagging severely after going fullscreen, then you should enable the [Disable Fullscreen Optimizations] for Overwatch 2. Here's how.

Disable fullscreen optimization Overwatch 2

How to turn on Disable Fullscreen Optimizations option:

  1. Locate your game’s shortcut.
  2. Select it and press [Alt] + [Enter], this should bring up your file properties window.
  3. Click on the [Compatibility] tab.
  4. Check the box for [Disable Fullscreen Optimizations].
  5. Hit [OK] to save settings.

With this setting applied, Overwatch 2 should run with less input lag and frame latency in full screen mode.

Overwatch 2 screenshot

And there you have it, 4 ways to go fullscreen mode in Overwatch 2. 

If Overwatch 2 still isn’t able to fullscreen, here are some other notable troubleshoots to try:

  • Restart Overwatch 2
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game
  • Reinstall your PC’s Nvidia or AMD Graphics Drivers

Alternatively, you can try other troubleshooting options found in this comprehensive guide for ARK: How to make ARK: Survival Evolved Fullscreen.

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