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Overwatch 2: A Guide to Cassidy

Welcome to our Cassidy guide. To learn all about Cassidy, including details on his kit, how to play him, and more, continue below.
Overwatch 2: A Guide to Cassidy

Cassidy is one of the many DPS characters in Overwatch 2. The cowboy wields a revolver than can pick off enemies at any range. Whilst he excels in the hands of skilled FPS players, his kit is fairly simple, enabling newcomers to pick him up from the get-go. His role in games is to duel the enemy DPS with his burst damage and pick off at the rest of his foes from a safe but sneaky distance.

Cassidy has a diverse and stylish wardrobe, so check out our Cassidy skin review if you'd like to take a look at his best outfits. If not, then let's continue with the guide. And first of, his abilities.

Cassidy's Weapons and Abilities

Ability 1: Peacekeeper (Primary Fire)

The Wild-West mercenary has his signature revolver always by his side. The Peacekeeper is a hitscan weapon, meaning if the enemy is under your crosshair, it will hit at any distance, although with some falloff damage at long ranges.

DamageFalloff RangeFire RateAmmo
21 - 70 (depending on falloff)

20 - 40 meters

1 shot per .5 seconds

(2 shots a second)


His Peacekeeper bullets can critically strike on a headshot, meaning he can do an insane burst of 280 damage in one second.

Peacekeeper Cassidy

Ability 2: Fan the Hammer (Secondary Fire)

Instead of firing single shots, Cassidy's secondary fire will wildly fire off all of his remaining ammo at once. These bullets can't critically strike and deal less damage, but the rate of fire compensates.

DamageFalloff Range

Fire Rate


15 - 50 (depending on falloff20 - 40 meters1 shot per .128 seconds

(6 shots in under a second)

Depends on remaining ammo count, 6 at max

Fan The Hammer

Ability 3: Combat Roll

Cassidy dives in his current direction, reloading his Peacekeeper, reducing damage, and making himself harder to hit.

Move SpeedCooldownDamage Reduction
15 m/s6 seconds50%

Ability 4: Magnetic Grenade

A stark difference from the original flashbang, Cassidy throws a high damage but short range grenade that will track, home onto, and stick on enemies.


Max Range

131 (66 on hit, 65 on splash)10-13 meters10 seconds
Magnetic Grenade Cassidy

Ability 5: Deadeye

Cassidy's finisher. His ultimate holds him in a state of focus. He draws his Peacekeeper, locking onto enemies and slowly marking them during the ultimate's duration. After recasting his ultimate, or pressing primary fire, every enemy in his line of sight will then be dealt damage based on the time he has spent locking onto them. Skulls will appear on enemies that have been locked onto long enough to secure a kill. He also reduces damage taken during this state.

Damage per secondMax Range


Ultimate CostDamage Reduction
130 during the first 2 seconds

260 for the remaining duration

200 meters7 seconds1848 points40%
Deadeye Cassidy

Cassidy's Playstyle

  • As a mid-range marksman, Cassidy will look to set up on flanks and high ground and pick off the enemy team with his Peacekeeper. His Deadeye on a wide-range and surprising flank can wipe out a whole team. Whilst he has no ways to easily get to flanks, he can escape dangerous positions using his Combat Roll whilst Fanning the Hammer to scare off the enemy.
  • If duelling and sniping is not your style, Cassidy can also play behind the tank and pump out damage to the enemy frontline. His Fan the Hammer at close range packs a punch alongside his Magnetic Grenade.
  • Cassidy's burst can also help him ward off enemy flankers himself, particularly Tracer, as his Magnetic Grenade into a punch one shot kills the squishy Brit. His Peacekeeper and Magnetic Grenade can also take out any 200 HP targets, a very normal health pool of any enemy Damage hero.
  • As a hitscan hero, Cassidy should be focusing highly mobile characters that are out of his teammates' range. Characters like Genji and Pharah can be shut down at ease from a few Peacekeeper bullets.
  • Countering Cassidy is a heavy task, but our guide can help.

How do I unlock Cassidy?

The American BAMF is available very early for newcomers. As part of the new player experience system from Blizzard, Cassidy only requires players to complete three games to unlock him. These three games can be completed in any non Custom game mode.

Cassidy Ow 2 Pic 2

Cassidy's Tips and Tricks

Ready to enter the battlefield, revolver at hand? Here are some tips you might need to increase your performance.

  • Consistently train your aim. Like any other aim-heavy hero, Cassidy requires headshots to carry. 
  • Your Combat Roll will reload your ammo, and Fan The Hammer will nearly instantly deplete it, enabling a high damage burst combo. Using your secondary fire, combat rolling, and using it again, will delete any target up close. 
  • Use your Combat Roll strategically. It hasn't got a long cooldown, but when you are in a dire situation, you'll wish you had it. 
  • Use your tank's ultimate to your advantage, your Deadeye is a hard ultimate to land, but a lethal one if done correctly. A Reinhardt stun into 5 people will net you 5 easy Deadeye kills.
  • Focus flying and mobile heroes. Most of your team won't be able to hit an Echo or a Pharah, but you can, and there's no shield for them to hide from your Peacekeeper.
  • Take any duels you can get, Cassidy is very strong and practicing these duels will lead you to winning more in the future.
Cassidy Cutscene OW

Cassidy's Lore

Cassidy grew up on a farm in Texas, working random jobs here and there. His life wasn't moving anywhere, leaving him constantly wanting more. A rich, beautiful and young Ashe swayed Cassidy, his morality weak, into performing heists with her and eventually forming the Deadlock Gang. He took up the name of McCree to hide from his mysterious past.

The first heist did not go as planned, almost resulting in their death. Ashe didn't mind, and was eager to continue, whereas McCree was wary. Ashe yet again convinced the young, now outlaw, McCree to continue their life of crime. Their schemes would go on for a while, resulting sometimes in success, and sometimes in failure with nasty consequences.

Overwatch would then take down the Deadlock Gang during a sting operation against the dangerous and rebellious group. McCree chose to join Overwatch over spending life in prison, after being recruited by Gabriel Reyes. He spent time in the higher ranks of Overwatch, contributing to missions told in the Retribution and Uprising events and comics. Uprising caused the loss of his arm and is also when he joined the Echo project, a project to keep Echo safe and secret from Overwatch's enemies. 

After several conflicts and acts of heroism, Cassidy took back his old name and now continues his work in Overwatch, recruiting fearsome allies to the cause, like Zarya.

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