How To Play Cassidy in Overwatch 2 [Guide, Tips & More]

To play Cassidy effectively in Overwatch 2, focus on close-range combat with his Peacekeeper revolver and use Deadeye to eliminate multiple enemies.

Updated on Nov 05, 2023
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How To Play Cassidy in Overwatch 2 [Guide, Tips & More]

Overwatch Cassidy: Playstyle

Cassidy is a hero who likes to find himself a good spot a little out of the way - for example, on heights or on the side - from where he can knock down enemies from afar with his Peacekeeper revolver. He's also very good at surprising the enemy team with his Deadeye move, which can eliminate multiple players at once if he uses it cleverly.

However, if silent playstyle isn't your thing, no worries - Cassidy can also stand close to the larger, stronger heroes on his team and inflict considerable damage to enemy front lines. He's especially strong at close range, thanks to his Fan the Hammer and Magnetic Grenade abilities.

Cassidy is also great at protecting his team from fast enemies who try to get close, so heroes like Tracer. His abilities are also ideal for dealing with enemies that have normal health levels. As a hit scan type hero, he should focus on fast characters that his team may have difficulty hitting.

Overwatch Cassidy: Weapons & Abilities

Ability 1: Peacekeeper (Primary Fire)

The Wild-West mercenary has his signature revolver always by his side, and it is something that makes him one of the best DPS heroes in Overwatch. The Peacekeeper is a hit scan weapon, which means it's super quick - when you aim and shoot, it hits the enemy instantly if they're in your sights, even if they're far away. But remember, the farther away they are, the less oomph your shots will have.

DamageFalloff Range
Fire Rate
21 - 70 (depending on falloff)

20 - 40 meters

1 shot per .5 seconds

(2 shots a second)


Range really matters with this ability, so try to stay as close to your enemy for the biggest bang!

Cassidy Peacekeeper Ability

Ability 2: Fan the Hammer (Secondary Fire)

Instead of firing single shots, Cassidy's secondary fire will wildly fire off all of his remaining ammo at once. These bullets can't critically strike and deal less damage, but the rate of fire compensates.

DamageFalloff Range

Fire Rate


15 - 50 (depending on falloff20 - 40 meters1 shot per .128 seconds

(6 shots in under a second)

Depends on remaining ammo count, 6 at max

Just remember, once you've fanned the hammer, you'll need to reload, so pick the right time to go wild.

Cassidy Fan The Hammer Ability

Ability 3: Combat Roll

Cassidy dives in his current direction, reloading his Peacekeeper, reducing damage, and making himself harder to hit.

Move SpeedCooldownDamage Reduction
15 m/s6 seconds50%

Use it to duck out of danger or to surprise someone trying to take you down. It's your secret move to keep enemies guessing and give you the upper hand in a showdown.

Ability 4: Magnetic Grenade

With the Magnetic Grenade, Cassidy tosses a powerful little bomb that acts like it's got a mind of its own. It zooms towards an enemy and sticks like glue, so it's perfect for when you're dealing with sneaky players or to stop a rush.


Max Range

131 (66 on hit, 65 on splash)10-13 meters10 seconds

However, it doesn't go very far, so wait until the enemies before you give them a sticky surprise. It's also worth noting that Magnetic Grenade is super effective against support heroes and tanks because it can interrupt the supports' healing and force the tanks to back off.

Cassidy Magnetic Grenade Ability

Ability 5: Deadeye

Cassidy's finisher, Deadeye, is his ultimate ability that holds him in a state of focus. He draws his Peacekeeper, locking onto enemies and slowly marking them during the ultimate's duration. After recasting his ultimate, or pressing primary fire, every enemy in his line of sight will then be dealt damage based on the time he has spent locking onto them. Skulls will appear on enemies that have been locked onto long enough to secure a kill. He also reduces damage taken during this state.

Damage per secondMax Range


Ultimate CostDamage Reduction
130 during the first 2 seconds

260 for the remaining duration

200 meters7 seconds1848 points40%

Cassidy Deadeye Ability

Overwatch Cassidy: Tips & Tricks

  • Practice makes perfect. Just like any character where aiming is key, Cassidy needs to land headshots to really make a difference. Spend some time getting your aim right to help your team (and yourself, of course) win games.
  • Utilizing Quick Draw combo. Remember that right after using your Fan The Hammer, a quick Combat Roll not only gets you to safety but also reloads your gun. Rolling and firing again can take down enemies fast. It's like having a super move every few seconds!
  • Roll while also using your brain. Your Combat Roll is super handy and it's ready to use fairly often. Still, don't waste it! Make sure you save it for those "Oh no!" moments when you really need to escape.
  • Focus on ultimate teamwork. When your tank, like Reinhardt, uses their big move, it's your showtime. Line up your Deadeye ultimate. When the enemies are stunned, you can take them out before they even know what hit them.
  • Go for 1v1 duels: Don't shy away from 1v1 fights. Cassidy is strong, and the more you practice dueling, the better you'll get. Winning these battles can really turn the game in your favor.

Players that focus on countering Cassidy in Overwatch will try to stay out of his flashbang range by keeping distance or hiding behind barriers. Moreover, attacking him from above or behind can be a good plan because he's not the fastest at turning around to face sneaky enemies.

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