How To Play Echo in Overwatch [Abilities, Tips & More]

Welcome to our Echo guide. If you'd like to learn all about Echo, including how to unlock her and play her at peak form, continue reading.

Updated on Nov 05, 2023
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How To Play Echo in Overwatch [Abilities, Tips & More]

Overwatch Echo: Playstyle

Echo is a dynamic character in Overwatch that is pretty fragile but makes up for it with her agile moves, sneaking up on enemies to deliver a powerful combo of Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs. And when her targets are weakened, she can quickly take them down with her Focusing Beam. She's not just about close encounters, though; Echo can target enemies from a distance since her abilities can reach far without losing power, except for her Beam. 

Moreover, Echo is incredibly good at taking down tank heroes, especially when they've lost half their health – she can tear through them in no time, and the same goes for even the strongest support heroes. Her ultimate ability, Duplicate, can be tricky to use, but if you pick the right character to copy and make good use of their special moves, you can turn the tide of a battle. However, even with her high damage output and mobility, some characters in the game are well-equipped to counter Echo, making battles against her a challenging but exciting task.

Overwatch Echo: Weapons & Ability

Passive Ability: Glide

Echo can glide while falling, useful after using her Flight. She gains a 50% movement buff when moving horizontally, and falls to the ground at 4 meters a second. Moreover, she zips along faster when moving side-to-side, so you can make quick getaways or chase down enemies in style.

Ability 1: Tri-Shot (Primary Fire)

This friendly Omnic has a not-so-friendly primary fire. Echo fires a triangular pattern of shots. With no falloff and good damage, Echo can easily take down enemies from afar, as a sniper would.

DamageFire RateAmmo
17 per pellet

51 per shot (3 pellets)

3 shots per second12

These shots can headshot, but, due to their pattern, you might lose out on some damage if aiming directly for the head.

Tri Shot Echo Ability

Ability 2: Sticky Bombs (Secondary Fire)

Echo fires a volley of bombs that will stick onto enemies and surfaces, exploding after a short duration. These bombs are great for damage in a quick panic; their high damage and big AoE will scare off enemy damage characters.


5 Impact damage

25 Explosion damage

180 Total damage

2 meters explosion radius6 seconds

Sticky Bombs Echo Ability Overwatch

Ability 3: Flight

As the name indicates, Echo surges into the air in her chosen direction, then flies freely for a short while. You can choose to rise or descend, and even cancel the flight.

Move SpeedDurationCooldown
8 meters per second0.2 - 3 seconds6 seconds

Combined with her passive ability, this is the reason Echo's mobility is so potent.

Flight Echo Ability Overwatch

Ability 4: Focusing Beam

Echo has yet another damaging ability, there's no crowd control in this Omnic. Echo channels a laser beam from her hands, dealing damage over time during the beam's duration. If the target is under half health, the beam's damage nearly quadruples

50 - 175 per second (depending on enemy HP)16 meters0.24 - 2 seconds8 seconds

Like her flight, this can also be cancelled if you're in a scary situation.

Focusing Beam Echo Ability Overwatch

Ability 5: Duplicate

Echo duplicates the selected enemy with her ultimate ability, gaining their abilities, health pool, and even skin. During this time, Echo's ultimate point accumulation is increased by 6.5x, allowing her to spam the duplicated hero's ultimate.

RangeDurationUltimate Cost
40 meters to select target15 seconds2254 points

Duplicate Echo Ability Overwatch

Overwatch Echo: Tips & Tricks

  • Learn the metagame. Echo is not only among the best Overwatch heroes to climb, and it all depends on what's currently popular in the metagame. I wouldn't play Echo in the metagames where you will encounter only sweaty players running around with the most expensive Cassidy skins. I would rather use a Overwatch Hero Randomizer, honestly.
  • Fly smart. Save your Flight ability for when you really need to escape or chase down an enemy, because if you waste it, you might find yourself in a tough spot without an exit.
  • Pay attention to Focusing Beam timing. Use Echo's Focusing Beam to finish off enemies, but only when they're already hurt. This powerful tool can turn the tide by wiping out weakened opponents after your team has roughed them up in a battle.
  • Play around with your positioning. With Echo's unique ability to Glide and Fly, you can reach places others can't. Use this to find unexpected paths and surprise your enemies with an attack from where they least expect it.
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