5 Best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

Are you a formidable leader, a valiant hero looking to push your team to victory in the tank role? Then look no further than this tank hero tier list.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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5 Best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2's game modes offer players three roles. Tank, Damage, and Support. For this guide, we will be taking a look at the Tank role. Since Overwatch 2 has shifted things from its predecessor, the game now only has one tank, rather than two, completely changing the tanks' dynamics, kits, and strengths. We also saw the addition of Doomfist to the tank role. So, here are our top 5 tanks in Overwatch 2 ranked, from lowest to highest.

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Siebren de Kuiper, known as the maniacal Sigma, is our first pick on this list. Packed with a huge chunk of health, a moveable shield, and projectile absorption, Sigma has insane survivability. Furthermore, he can do great damage, at surprising ranges, making him an all-round great tank for any player to pick up.


His Barrier has unparalleled versatility, his Accretion + Hyperspheres can burst down squishies, and his Kinetic Grasp can deny ultimate abilities. Sigma is a very strong tank in Overwatch 2.

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Hana Song, everyone's favourite mech pilot, is up next. D.Va is much like Sigma, as she can eat projectiles, and send out damage by the masses. Her ultimate is also a game-winner, potentially wiping out a whole enemy team. She can engage insanely well, whilst also being able to peel for vulnerable allies in an instant. Sigma and D.Va are not as high ranked as they could be, due to the threat of Zarya, who is very strong.


D.Va is a super strong offensive tank, who also has great defensive capabilities and a good health pool to help. With crazy mobility and strong damage, D.Va is great to play in Overwatch 2.

3 /5


Roadhog is Overwatch's beefy Australian that is infamous for his buggy hook mechanics in the original Overwatch. He can soak up damage like a sponge, allowing your team to safely take out the enemies. Plus, if Roadhog hits that hook on an enemy, it's lights out for them. He does lack mobility, and shielding utility, and he doesn't even absorb projectiles. The reason for his strength is the possible picks from his hook, and his raw damage which counter the meta shields and any high health units (a.k.a., the enemy tank).


A combo of your hook into a scrap gun shot will end a damage or support's life. Even then, tanks should die if your team is nearby, turning a fight into a 5v4. Whilst you don't have the utility of other tanks, Roadhog's pure damage counters the bulkiness of Overwatch 2's tanks, making him a very good pick.

4 /5



Aleksandra Zaryanova, shortened to Zarya, is a huge threat right now in Overwatch 2. Zarya can deploy barriers on allies and herself at ease, providing the best shielding in the game, as any hero near her can receive an immense health boost at an instant. Not only is the barrier a huge boost to an ally, it also funnels Zarya energy which then boosts her damage. This creates a snowballing feedback loop, where Zarya becomes unstoppably strong and tanky. Furthermore, she can deal damage through projectile absorption abilities, countering Sigma, Orisa, and D.Va. And this is all without her ultimate ability.

Zarya is the second best, but probably can be tied for best, tank in Overwatch 2. In a game without a secondary tank, her presence in fights is unmatched.

5 /5



Winston, a household name and figure in Overwatch. This immensely intelligent gorilla is our pick for the best tank hero in Overwatch 2. When you look at his kit, he doesn't seem all too strong. In practice though, his short cooldown and long range mobility, consistent damage, and bulky barrier enables an unstoppable dive power, and thus composition if your team joins you. He can dive any enemy and probably come out winning, and in a team-based game like Overwatch 2, if a fellow Genji or Reaper tags along, you can easily pick off an enemy or two every fight, with a nice shield to block off any reactions.

That's it for this list, we finish off with Winston, a highly mobile tank that is annoying to deal with, even with a Reaper, his counter.

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