Do You Need PS Plus to Play Overwatch on PlayStation

Some people believe that they need to have a PS Plus Subscription to play Overwatch... and that is just not true.

Updated on Aug 26, 2023
Fact checked by Szymon Bielawski |
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Do You Need PS Plus to Play Overwatch on PlayStation

Technically, PlayStation users don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Overwatch, and you can find it under the Free to Play games section in your PlayStation interface. All in all, Overwatch 2 is probably the best online multiplayer hero shooter that can be played without dealing with membership fees on all platforms that support the game; whether it's console, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

More good news is, you do not need a PlayStation Plus to play online with others or play Overwatch cross platform with Nintendo Switch or Xbox series friends. This wasn't the case with the original game, but after Blizzard Entertainment decided to release Overwatch 2, playing Overwatch is really easier than ever, regardless of your main platform, with all features such as checking your personal stats and accessing a progress system. This is one really good point where Overwatch beats CS2 (CSGO), and we hope that this will never change!

All in all, there are no benefits for having this subscription if you just want to play Overwatch; you don't even get a single one of the hottest skins available. However, if you feel you want to go for PlayStation Plus, Sony offers one free trial for seven days, so you can try it out if you see any potential in this membership!

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