10 Hottest Skins in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

As the line-up of heroes increases, the hottest skins in Overwatch 2 are starting to stack up for heroes like Moira and Kiriko.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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10 Hottest Skins in Overwatch 2 [Ranked]

1 /10


Recently, Moira has been featured with a new skin that is beyond better than the base skin. Although it is limited time, in my personal opinion, it is the hottest skin in Overwatch 2. The detailed skin really brings Moira's true colors to life, which made me honestly enjoy this character way more than before.

Best Moira Hot Skin in Overwatch 2 - Lilith

Although it would be rather expensive to achieve Lilith, if you have the budget to bring this skin to life in your collection, I would definitely recommend it. With the dress, revealing chest and overall dark aesthetic, many players, including myself, have fallen in love with this Moira skin.

2 /10

Côte D'Azur

Côte D'Azur is one of the best Widowmaker skins to date, as so many Widow fans have mentioned this skin being the hottest option for this hero. With the high thighs with a rather revealing skirt, the idea behind the skin was obvious.

widowmaker skin overwatch 2

Along with the legs being a bit more revealed, the top also catches eye for many players. Making the entire skin a complete theme with fun details.

3 /10


Symmetra alone is definitely one of the hottest heroes in Overwatch 2, but this Vampire skin really highlights why. Although it imitates similar to the base skin, the two skins combined with the burgundy and dark details really make it one of the hottest skins in Overwatch.

Vampire Symmetra Skin in Overwatch 2

Symmetra has more than one skin that really draws in the community, although Vampire for me is not only hot, but it is rather affordable being only an epic skin.

4 /10

Antifragile GG

Antfragile GG is for any gender, if we are being honest. Brigitte gives a real tomboy, dont touch me type of mood with this idea. I mean... les-be-honest... she rocks this look.

Antifragile GG Brigitte Skin in Overwatch 2

Despite being a rather new skin, I found myself considering purchasing this skin, not just for the seasonal event, but simply for the fact that Overwatch skins like these are hard to come by. Not being your typical thighs and revealing chest makes it much hotter than the other heroes skins, what do you think?

5 /10


Merciful is a subtly attractive skin for Ana, with the short white hair draping slightly in front of her eyes, I personally found this really attractive, and I really like how she's revealing her whole head, not covered by the hood.

Ana's hottest skin in overwatch 2 - Merciful

In game, this skin is great to watch in video action, as highlight videos reveal the entire character and personality of the hero. For Ana, Merciful has its angles... and you have to see the right ones.

6 /10


Hanzo has some of the best skins in Overwatch 2, and Wave brings him up to being one of the hottest. Hanzo proves us that females are not always the most attractive in Overwatch 2, as Wave gives us some pretty nice eye candy. With his golden brown skin, sharp jaw, six pack, and nice pecks, you gatta get your eyes on this guy.

Hanzo's Hottest Skin in Overwatch 2 - Wave

Theres more to this skin than jsut the typical muscles though, and I came to the conclusion that the man-bun really brings the entire skin together. Giving him that clean, intelligent surfer appeal.

7 /10

Antifragile Kira-Kira

Another one from the Antifragile group, Kiriko has a new skin now that just rips all the others with no mercy. Giving the same vibes as Brigitte's new skin, Kira-Kira is a fun, tomboy, K-pop-influenced skin that just squeezes it into being one of the best support skins in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko's hottest skin in overwatch 2 - Antifragile

With the beanie and punk-related style, you really can't go wrong with the Antifragile Kira-Kira. It also gets us out of the typical traditional Kiriko style for something young, and cool.

8 /10


Poolside brings one of our favorite damage heroes into the list, Ashe and her reliable B.O.B are just a couple of hotties chillin' at the pool. Honestly, I typically am not one to like swimsuits, but this skin makes Ash look awesome. The details from the type of shoes to the floaties really bring this skin together.

Ashe's Hottest Skin in Overwatch 2 - Poolside

Blizzard has been working hard to get some mess skins into the line up, and this is one of the greatest options they have provided for their fanbase!

9 /10


Along the same theme as Poolside, Lifeguard really makes Cassidy looks like a hunk of hot stuff. With the towel mixed with a whistle, abs, and a hint of blonde hair, you got yourself a F-I-N-E beachboy.

Cassidy's Hottest Skin in Overwatch 2 - LifeGuard

Lets not forget to mention the fact that his weapon resembles a flair gun for those really intense emergencies.

10 /10

Punker Queen

Although last on our list, we all know Junker Queen is already with a nice body, so her Punker Queen skin has to make it on the top 10!

Junker Queen's Hottest Skin in Overwatch 2 - Punker

Punker Queen gives her a really nice gothic look that has awesome details including some mess fishnets, and the gladiator type of belt. This along with her abs and edgy hairstyle really makes this skin one of the hottest in Overwatch 2!

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