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11 Best Moira Skins in Overwatch 2

Moira's sarcastic, chilly nature are displayed in her many amazing skins. Here are the 11 best Moira skins that reflect her personality!

Published on Dec 31, 2022
11 Best Moira Skins in Overwatch 2

1 /10


Venus Skin - Moira

This legendary skin shows what Moira would look like in the Batman universe, giving serious Poison Ivy vibes. Released during the Overwatch Anniversary event in 2021, it was accessible through loot boxes or 3000 coins.

This is one of the coolest skins Moira has, as it looks like you are about to be eaten by a Venus fly trap. The colors in her red-tinged hands and sleeve openings make it seem like she's already consumed countless enemy players.

Venus Back - Moira

If you don't like this Moira skin, maybe it will grow on you.

2 /10


Scientist - Moira

One of Moira's more subdued outfits, this legendary skin is probably what Moira was wearing during the first part of her lore. You can imagine her in her laboratory, getting ready to write the genetic modification article that threw her into the spotlight.

Her lab coat, hand instruments, tie, and belt full of experimental tubes show what Moira would be dressed in when acting as a scientist in her genetics lab. This is just the type of classic support class outfit that reminds us of The Medic from Team Fortress 2.

3 /10


Moira Holly Skin

You wouldn't normally attribute Moira's gruff and grumpy character to an elf-inspired skin, yet for some reason, this epic skin just works. Maybe it has something to do with the Joker-green hair that makes this Christmas-themed skin somewhat ironic and the small details like the gold pattern on her red and white fur coat.

Released in the Winter Wonderland 2019 event, this is the perfect skin for the Christmas holiday

4 /10


Moira - Blackwatch

The Legendary Blackwatch skin presents both sides of Moira: battling soldier and strategic scientist. Only available from loot boxes or for 3000 credits during the Archives Event, this skin shows Moira as a member of Overwatch's controversial Blackwatch team.

The Blackwatch team beret really brings life to this skin. The color scheme of black, great, and dark red gives you a subtle camouflage in darker maps.

5 /10

Mask Dancer

Moira - Masked Dancer

A legendary Lunar New Year Skin, the Mask Dancer dresses Moira up as a Chinese dancer. Moira's mask and belt, with two different sets of eyes, gaze deeply into your soul in a creepy fashion.

This is one of Moira's most colorful skins (and that's saying something!), with white and bright yellow contrasted with the strips of rainbow pattern flowing down her arms.

6 /10


Moira - Glam

As one of the best Moira skins in Overwatch, the Glam skin takes inspiration from Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie's glam-rock persona.

The face paint, blue hair, flowing pink sleeves, pink-on-purple pint-striped pants, and spikey leather gloves and belt make this legendary skin ready to take the stage at huge music venues all over the world.

Special mention, as well, to Moon, which took similar inspiration from Glam rock, perhaps paying a tribute to KISS with her black and white makeup. Moon is the darker twin of Glam.

Moira - Moon

7 /10


Moira - Oasis

In Overwatch lore, Moira moved to Oasis in order to push her scientific experiments in a morally ambiguous direction. She was given the title of Minister of Genetics, and this is one of two legendary skins that represent her time at Oasis University.

Released in the original Overwatch, the flowing white robe, accented by gold and purple, and her ornate golden headdress shows a sophisticated side to Moira.

8 /10


Moira - Pale

As one of the simplest Moira skins in the game compared to the rest, the Pale epic skin is a great alternative choice for players who want something a little more quiet and subdued.

Mostly white, this plain outfit is highlighted by Moria's purple tubes and blue-frost accents. This is a great choice of skin to play in a snow-covered map, especially during winter events.

9 /10


Moira - Banshee

It's not a Halloween without strong, creepy skins available for most heroes! Banshee is Moira's undead outfit and brought a huge jump-scare during the 2022 Halloween Terror event.

Visually, the design is inspired by World of Warcraft's Undead minions. Additionally, it pays homage to Irish mythology, where Banshees sing songs for the dead, and is actually the harbinger or bringer of death. The creepy white eyes, subtle purple skin tones, and animal skull belt create a killer skin, ranking this outfit one of the scariest in Overwatch.

10 /10

Ice Empress

Moira - ice Empress

Though perhaps this name would be more fitting of a hero like Mei, the title "Ice Empress" certainly fits Moira's somber, sarcastic character.

Another of the Winter Wonderland legendary skins, the Ice Empress may take some inspiration from The Chronicles of Narnia's antagonist. The small details are what make the Ice Empress impress more than, as Blizzard developers leaned on white and silver for Moira's robe, with a cold blue accent on her frost crown, lipstick, belt, and fingertips to create one of the coolest color palettes.

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