10 Best Cassidy Skins Ever Released in Overwatch

Check out the 10 best Cassidy skins in Overwatch, including the White Hat, Forest Ranger, and Blackwatch.

Updated on Nov 05, 2023
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10 Best Cassidy Skins Ever Released in Overwatch

1 /10

White Hat

As one of the original DPS heroes in Overwatch, Cassidy is blessed with multiple cool epic skins and the White Hat is almost as cool as the rest.

One of the simplest of Overwatch 2 skins, Cassidy is mainly dressed in white, with a light-tan sombrero and chaps (the leather clothes that go over your pants so there's not too much friction on your crotch when you're riding a horse).

Cassidy White Hat

In contrast to many of the other Overwatch 2 skins, which are amazing in their little details, this skin is most impressive because of its simplicity. All in all, White Hat gives Cassidy a classic cowboy look that's sharp and clean. It's perfect for players who love a good ol' Western hero vibe without too much fuss.

2 /10

Forest Ranger

The Forest Ranger is one of the new skins one, only available if you purchased the Battle Pass Season One. With this skin, you can channel the spirit of adventure and feel like the guardian of the wilderness during your matches.

Forest Ranger Cassidy

Other than the vivid forest-green color (that may actually make him more noticeable, hence an easier kill for enemy teams), this Cassidy skin pops out for its ranger-style hat. But the most important part of this skin are the trees on his cape. And, don't forget, the "RNGR" on his belt is short for "ranger", making it a neat, unique touch that stands out in the heat of action

3 /10


Released during the Archives event for 1000 credits or great look when opening loot boxes, the legendary skin called Blackwatch adds a more modern, sleek look as opposed to his normal old-western appearance (except, of course, his classic cigar). This skin lets you step into the shoes of a younger Cassidy, one who's all about stealth and cool spy stuff.

Blackwatch Cassidy Overwatch Skin

As an undercover agent in the Archives event story, Cassidy's weapons come with a laser sight, slick matte-black cape with matching hat, and younger, less rugged facial features. Clearly the Blizzard developers wanted to show a less experienced Cassidy, at a time before the original game takes place.

4 /10


This Lifeguard Cassidy skin is perfect for when you want to mix up the serious battling with some summer fun. As a part of the Summer Games event, you can't imagine playing Cassidy in the high heat of June without strapping on this legendary skin.

Lifeguard Cassidy Overwatch Skin

A more laid-back outfit (or lack thereof), Cassidy swaps his usual poncho for a beach towel, spurred cowboy boots for flip-flops, a cowboy hat for a straw hat, a chest armor for... nothing. Who needs armor with those abs? Yo, you have to admit that it makes Cassidy one of the hottest heroes in Overwatch.

There's even the added detail of the bouncing beach ball instead of the normal tumbleweeds during Cassidy's High Noon ultimate. Many of Cassidy's skins are great seasonally, and this cool skin (literally) has to be one of the best skins for summer.

5 /10

Space Raider

Space Raider Cassidy is like a blast from the future, turning him into a cool space cowboy ready for intergalactic showdowns. Released in conjunction with Soldier 76's Space Raider Legendary skin, this is the better of the two, though that may be up to personal taste.

Space Raider Cassidy Overwatch

This skin was not available through loot boxes in the original Overwatch, but only through the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2. Cassidy's tricorn hat, futuristic eye patch, and bright purple jacket flung over his left shoulder, purple gloves, and purple gun holster make this skin really stand out.

6 /10

Van Helsing

One of the Halloween Terror Legendary skins, this outfit is everything you'd want from a Overwatch Halloween skin. Van Helsing skin turns Cassidy into a monster hunter extraordinaire, perfect for those spooky October matches.

Van Helsing Cassidy Overwatch

Inspired by Hugh Jackman's vampire hunter, this skin is the best look for Halloween period. With silver bullets lining his vest, and a crossbow strung across his back, Van Helsing Cassidy is ready to take on other heroes bitten by vampires and scratched by werewolves.

7 /10


Another of the Halloween Terror skins, this epic skin still offers a cool option for playing during the spooky season. Though no longer available through loot boxes in Overwatch 2, this hero skin would be worth picking up if only to frighten your opponents into surrendering.

Undead Cassidy Overwatch

The Blizzard Entertainment designers created an interesting concept with this skin, with Cassidy's pale skin and neon green eyes peering into your soul. His mouth is covered by a bandana, the jawline of a skull painted over his face.

The inside of his sombrero is also painted neon green, hinting at some sort of chemical accident that turned him this way.

8 /10

Mystery Man

Mystery Man, Vigilante, and Masked Man all offer similar outfits that may have come from the same inspiration. To many, Mystery Man screams Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, one of the main protagonists of the series.

Mystery Man Cassidy Overwatch

With his identity hidden behind a scarf and mask, the enemy team won't know who they're fighting when Mystery Man is around. This sleek skin also comes with a matte black scarf, tuxedo vest, and black-and-blue top hat, bringing together a generally cool outfit.

Vigilante, the bright yellow version of this skin, is also a fun choice for this hero, though this skin may pop out more to opponents, making him easier to track which could led to a tougher game.

Yellow Mystery Man Cassidy

9 /10


An Anniversary event skin, one wouldn't think Sherlock would fit Cassidy's character. However, the Blizzard Entertainment developers did a great job immersing this character into the Overwatch 2 universe.

Sherlock Cassidy

His deerstalker hat, pipe, and yellow cloak all mirror Sherlock Holmes's features, yet they still do justice to Cassidy's characteristics.

Hopefully you got your hand on this skin during the last Anniversary event, as this skin, like most of the legendary skins, is only available in the Overwatch 2 store at select times.

10 /10


Released during Blizzard entertainment's Summer games event, this skin offers the complete American look compared to any other hero.

Overwatch Cassidy American

If blue jeans and picnic-table button -up shirt weren't American enough, this skin features an American flag wrapped around Cassidy's shoulders. There is no doubt that Blizzard Entertainment imagined anyone playing on July 4th would pick this hero and skin.

Still, if you ever find yourself stuck in a hero-selection rut while appreciating Cassidy's variety of skins, consider using our Overwatch hero randomizer to explore other characters you might enjoy more.

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