How to Get Gold Guns in Overwatch 2 Fast

Golden Guns in Overwatch 2 are like a trophy for competitive players, which is why saving competitive coins is super important!

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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How to Get Gold Guns in Overwatch 2 Fast

How to Unlock Golden Guns in Overwatch 2

In order to unlock golden guns in Overwatch 2, you will need to save up about 3,000 competitive points to unlock your first golden skin. Unfortunately, this means you cannot simply receive them through the casual microtransaction method.

Lucio golden gun in overwatch 2

If you want to earn a solid 3,000 competitive points in Overwatch 2, you have to grind for a rather large amount of time to receive this count. Here are the typical rank reward count for competitive coins:


Top 500


Where to Earn Competitive Points

In order to receive competitive points for golden gun skins, you must first be able to play in competitive matches. If it is still locked for you, simply finish 50 unranked games to unlock the competitive mode.

competitive points needed for golden gun

Once you have unlocked competitive, it will be a bit of a sweaty few weeks, as I even feel myself struggling in this game mode without a great support hero or team.

To start earning Competitive points, here is a brief on how the process works:

  1. Enter into Competitive play in Overwatch 2
  2. Ensure you complete the entire match, do not leave early.
  3. As you win and progress, you will be provided competitive points.
  4. Earned points will always depend on your performance.

While you are in competitive, your main goal is to complete as many games as possible and finish at the highest position (with the best MIT, kills, secured objectives, etc) in order to earn competitive points.

What are Golden Guns?

Simply put, golden guns in Overwatch 2 are a golden gun skin of a Hero's main weapon which gives players the opportunity to flex their skills in their favorite heroes. The golden weapon is rather hard to find, although they are 100% achievable.

golden gun skin in overwatch 2

Anytime you may spot a golden coated gun, consider the player to be very talented with the selected hero.

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