Platinum Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Platinum is the middle rank of Overwatch 2, the so called ‘ELO Hell’. If you’d like to learn more about it, and how to get there, then continue reading.

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Platinum Overwatch Rank | All You Need To Know

Is Platinum rank good in Overwatch 2?

25% of the player base lies in Platinum, according to statistics from Overwatch 1, and you'll have to beat half of the player base with your skills and team play to succeed and climb to Platinum.

Since Platinum rank is a place of average skills, getting there is actually quite simple. A lot of players are stuck below Platinum simply because of connection issues, frame rate problems, or they’re new to video games. To conclude, Platinum is a good rank, but can be achieved with proper effort.


What can help me climb to Platinum and out of Platinum?

If you are struggling with the first challenge of Gold, and are looking to breeze through it and face the next one, look no further than these tips.

  • Aim practicing can help a whole lot. The aim mechanics in Gold and Platinum are not insane. If you are a Damage player, or an aggressive Tank or Support, having better aim can put you ahead of the rest.
  • Do not burn out, and do take breaks. Playing too much reinforces bad habits that will stay in your memory forever. This is one of the biggest reasons people cannot climb to Diamond and above
  • Blame yourself, not your teammates. Some games you will have an AFK, or a troll. But not all. Look to improve on your gameplay every game, reviewing replays if you need to. Most players do not do this, meaning if you do it right, you’ll have an advantage over others.
  • To carry on with this point on AFKs, 4v5s are winnable in most low Elo ranks, especially Silver and Gold. Do not give up, work as a team and surprise the enemy, and maybe you’ll get a surprise victory.
  • Master a meta main, then master some off meta picks. Enemies in Gold will have never faced a true off meta main, that can somehow solo wipe an enemy team or put out insane healing whilst never dying. The meta also helps, it will give you an advantage against similarly skilled players.
  • Consider queueing with friends. As Platinum will have a very average skill distribution, if you know your friends well, and know they can play well, queueing with them will ensure synergy and easier games.

What percentile is Platinum in Overwatch 2?

Platinum holds 25% of the player base, or a quarter of the total players. Therefore, 1 in 4 players are platinum, quite a high number, just below Gold's distribution.

RankRank IconRank Distribution
BronzeBronze Rank Icon8%
SilverSilver Rank Icon21%
GoldGold Rank Icon32%
PlatinumPlatinum Rank icon25%
DiamondDiamond Rank Icon10%
MasterMaster Rank Icon3%
GrandmasterGrandmaster Rank Icon1%
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