6 Best Tracer Skins Overwatch 2 That Are Simply Fire

Some of the best Tracer skins are not what you think, and they are changing the game for so many Tracer fans! Let's take a look.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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6 Best Tracer Skins Overwatch 2 That Are Simply Fire

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Ultraviolet Skin

By far the most popular Tracer skin that is absolutely legendary! Literally and figuratively, this legendary skins has some of the coolest details that no other Tracer skins possess. If you are looking for something edgy, and opposite of that cheeky British look, this skin is the one!

Ultraviolet Tracer Skin

Ultraviolet is a top pick for many reasons, not only for giving Tracer an edgy look, but the details and extra effort put into the skin to make it look so good. Including the white hair, piercings, chains, and overall outfit, this is a must-own Overwatch 2 skin that is simply gangster for any Tracer mains out there!

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Graffiti Tracer Skin

Graffiti Tracer is for that player who really has that street style in hard-core mode. Graffiti is one of the coolest skins in Overwatch 2 with a sick gas mask combo with a blue hoodie, I have to say this would definitely be my main Tracer skin!

Graffiti Tracer Skin

If you are looking for something similar to this skin, Tagged is a much more "Junky" style that is just as popular as the Graffiti skin, making them both some of the best Tracer skins in Overwatch!

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Calvary Tracer Skin

The Calvary Tracer skin is one of the most unique Tracer appearances that is not like all the others. For anyone who really enjoys the colonial style and want to use it on their favorite hero, the Calvary Tracer skin is an awesome choice!

Calvary Tracer Skin

Similar to Space Raider from some of the best Cassidy skins, Calvary matches perfectly with the tricorn hat and royal blue with golden accents that all colonial skins love to emphasize.

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Jingle Tracer Skin

To get in the spirit of all Christmas Overwatch 2 skins, the Jingle Tracer is one of the best skins to get into the holiday spirit! Jingle not only gives Tracer a festive look, but its one of the most favorited legendary skin options from Tracers list.

Jingle Tracer Skin

With the all-green and red vibe, we are definitely getting some hard-core Christmas vibes with the attached jingle bells and Santa hat. This is definitely a poster girl worthy skin for any Tracer best skin collectors out there.

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Nezha Tracer skin

As our final on the top best Tracer skins, the Nezha skin makes its way into the top as being a completely unique skin that brings a completely different look to Tracer.

Nezha Tracer Skin

Opposite of the basic overall theme of Tracer, the Nezha skin gives Tracer a unique, traditional look that glorifies her appearance times ten. If you want something that really stands out and want to show everyone who's boss, this skin does the job!

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Tagged Skin

Although it is similar to Graffiti, Tagged is another one of the coolest Tracer skins that gives some cool street girl vibes. If you want a more creative, out-there skin compared to the clean Graffiti version, this one is for you!

Tagged Tracer Skin

Tagged is one of my personal favorites, having some awesome personality and overall stands out from the average Tracer outfits everyone seems to get (some of which are the worst skins I've seen... it's sad). Luckily, this skin is a great bet if you're looking for something fun and head-turning.

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Track and Field Skin

You already know the cheeky Brit has to have her patriotic outfit. The Track and Field is a fun and interesting skin that really fits the personality of Tracer quite well.

Track and Field Tracer Skin

There are so many heroes who project a specific group or theme, and Tracer is one of those who could be a hit or miss when it comes to design and aesthetics. With the Track and Field skin, you can tell they definitely took the reins and got a hit out of this simple design.

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