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The Best Counter for Lucio in Overwatch 2

A good Lucio can completely dominate matches by supporting his team while disrupting his enemies. Here are great heroes to counter Lucio in Overwatch 2.

Published on Dec 08, 2022
The Best Counter for Lucio in Overwatch 2

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Roadhog is one of the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2, which contains a chunky health to mitigate incoming enemy damage. Not only he's a sustainable tank, but he can also deal damage like a wild boar because of his Chain Hook ability and his Scrap Gun that acts as a shotgun, which can also deal splash damage to enemies.

The first thing to remember when using Roadhog is to take out enemy healers first, as they can be soft as paper, especially Lucio. Once a Roadhog's hook ability and melee attacks hits him, Lucio is automatically out of commission on the battlefield.

His Whole Hog can rain hell toward enemy teams, pushing them away and killing softer heroes like Lucio. The only way for Lucio to counter Roadhog is to use his speed to avoid his deadly hook.

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Winston is one of the best heroes to pick in dive comps in Overwatch 2, one of the best counter picks for Lucio, and a good pick to counter Tracer. His primary attack, Tesla Cannon, can melt through Lucio's health, especially since it locks onto enemies.

Although Lucio is a good support, he is very fragile. That said, Winston is considered as a hard counter against Lucio since Winston can chase him effortlessly with his Jump Pack ability and swipe him with his Primal Rage, same method to counter Soldier as well. Most importantly, Winston's shield can heavily counter Lucio by blocking his Sound Barrier.

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Sombra is the best counter for Lucio in Overwatch 2 because of her nullifying skills that can render enemy Lucio useless to his allies. Sombra is a quick and deadly damage hero that can disrupt abilities with her hacking capabilities. Her primary fire, Machine Pistol, is powerful against fragile supports.

Her EMP ability can remove Lucio’s Sound Barrier’s extra health to them. Lucio is like a sitting duck as he doesn't possess any good escape and sustain. So if a hacked Lucio faces off against a Sombra in a 1v1 situation, dealing damage to Lucio is just child's play. Also, Sombra’s passive skill can locate a critical Lucio for you to make a quick kill, as Lucio does not have good damage to counter Sombra.

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Bastion is a tanky damage hero in Overwatch 2 that can withstand minimal damage because of his passive ability called Ironclad. Also, Bastion's is a hard counter for Lucio because he can shred through his health as soon as he appears. You can counter Lucio without a sweat if you can keep track of him on your crosshair.

If you track him using Bastion's tank mode, Lucio will most likely be overwhelmed by Bastion’s continuous damage. 

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Cassidy is a perfect counter for Lucio in Overwatch 2 and one of the deadliest damage heroes in Overwatch 2. Cassidy thrives in close-range fights because of his primary fire, the Peacemaker, which can apply burst damage to the enemy team. His alt fire Fan the Fire is the best thing to do in close 1v1 situations.

Lucio can counter Cassidy because of his swift movements; However, if Lucio battled with a better Cassidy, expect the fight will be in his favor of him. His Magnetic Grenade can easily counter Lucio if partnered with his alt-fire at close range.

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is an annoying counter for Lucio in Overwatch 2. Lucio’s swiftness is no match for Torbjörn’s turret, as it can auto-aim whenever he tries to wallride. Most importantly, Torbjörn can deal consistent damage to Lucio even if he heals up; Torbjörn’s damage can burst fragile heroes, which makes him easily counter Lucio. Additionally, Lucio can't take the fight to Torbjörn as Overload will quickly overwhelm him.

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Mercy is one of the strongest supports in Overwatch 2 as her healing capabilities are much more consistent than other support heroes. She can also boost her allies’ damage and revive a fallen teammate. 

Lucio has no match for Mercy for aiding her allies as she can do everything from top to bottom in support. Mercy can boost the damage of a teammate to kill Lucio, and also, Lucio can’t counter Mercy immediately because of her ridiculous movement. On top of that, Mercy can escape from danger even she's healing or not, thanks to her ability to fly.

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Kiriko is the newest addition to the Overwatch 2 roster. Moreover, if you’re looking for a good counter for Lucio, Kiriko is the best candidate for that, as Lucio cannot keep up with Kiriko’s Swift Step as she can dash and sway away from enemies, making her a hard target. Swift Step also allows her to come to the aid of her ally pinned down by Lucio. Likewise, her damage output is much greater than Lucio's because of her kunai, which hits like a truck on headshots. 

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Moira is one of the good picks to counter Lúcio as she can target him despite his slipper mobility. Moira can pressure Lucio using her beam weapons incorporated with her damaged orbs. Also, Moira can always use her Fade ability to escape from the enemy team that tries to save Lucio. 

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