7 Best Concept Skins for Overwatch 2 Heroes

Some of the best inspiration for new skins comes from the best concept skins created by the community, including Mercy and Ashe skin ideas.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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7 Best Concept Skins for Overwatch 2 Heroes

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Ashe Concept: E-Girl & Moderator B.O.B

As the number one best Overwatch skin concept, the E-Girl & Moderator B.O.B was a huge hit that went around the community for quite some time. Not only is it hilarious, but the details in the skin and related topics is just perfect. From the purple and black goth look, to the slides and socks of the Discord moderator, Ron Tsfany really had too much fun with this one!

Overwatch 2 Ashe Concept Art

Many players still want this appearance to be added to the game, although one can only hope that an Overwatch 2 artist will catch it and make it the community reality! I mean, this skin is just too good not to pass up; it brings quite the laugh as well.

2 /7

Reaper Concept: Ancient King

By far my favorite concept, although did not get as much praise from the community is the Ancient King for Reaper created by Grigory Lebidko. I would use this skin every single match if I could. From the amount of detail, to even the presentation, it is absolutely flawless.

Ancient King Reaper Concept Art for Overwatch 2 - Full Body

I know we already get a lot of Egyptian skins, but this one is just top-tier. It also just makes sense, as Reaper is a representation of a spirit guide, Ancient Egypt is also considered as a heavily spiritual-based part of history. For me, I would play Reaper more often just to adore this skin and its purpose.

Ancient King Reaper Concept for Overwatch 2 Hero

Overall, the details are incredible, perhaps more detail than an average Overwatch skin usually contains. 

3 /7

Genji Concept: NecroLord

Genji is one of the best heroes in Overwatch, meaning his skins should represent such a hero. The Necrolord skin concepts by Flame Croowz are some of the best ideas we have seen for Genji. With the heroes looks so perfectly details, there is no wonder this has gotten pretty popular in the community.

Genji NecroLord Concept Art Overwatch 2

Although Genji already has some pretty cool skins, this one just adds a pretty badass addition to his collection. The color scheme just seems to fit this hero, and I am in love with the sword and sheath look as well.

4 /7

Hanzo Skin Concept: Hanzo 3.0

The Hanzo 3.0 is one of those skin ideas that I could definitely see becoming reality in Overwatch 2. With its simple yet detailed nature, this is just one of the many ideas that Okkoinu created for Hanzo, who I believe needs way more skins in game than he has been given.

Hanzo 3.0 Concept Art for Overwatch 2

Hanzo already has quite a great skin collection in Overwatch 2. Although adding a few more would never hurt. The 3.0 would not only be a rather simple skin to develop, but it also gives him some more color ideas that could fall into summer games or even spring.

5 /7

Kiriko Skin Concept: HypeBeast

Kiriko has been needing some new skins, and these ideas would be some top-tier additions! Not only two heroes skins, but three, are featured in this skin idea given by the same artist for the Hanzo 3.0. This guy is definitely an artist!

Kiriko Concept Art Overwatch 2

Although these have a lot of detail and most likely won't have everything shown in a developed game skin, the concepts are definitely possible and could be played with to be quite appealing.

6 /7

Brigitte Skin Concept: OGrimmar Lands

Brigitte is another one of those heroes who really needs some reworked skins. The Ogrimmar Lands skin by Jordi Inglada is a great idea that goes beyond what the artists of Overwatch have been creating for Brigitte lately.

Brigitte Skin Concept Overwatch 2

Although Brigitte has some of the worst skins in Overwatch, finding more in game skins like this would really improve her selection and possibly even raise player count.

7 /7

Sigma Skin Concept: Ghost

Sigma has already had some great mythic skins in Overwatch 2, but this is one of the skin concepts (By Plastic) that I could definitely fall behind as a legendary or even mythic skin (if it makes it as such). This skin has a really specific design, though, and could either be a really good hit or miss.

Sigma Concept Skin Overwatch 2

Although the idea of a ghost is a good idea, we have seen the new battle pass for the Halloween event, and the ghostly Pharah is not really THAT great. It's cool, but not as cool as the new Moira skin. That being said, This Sigma concept could run into a similar problem, although I do like the idea of a ghostlike Sigma.

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