Is the Battle Pass Worth it in Overwatch 2?

Depending on your taste of skins, or preferred hero unlocks, the Battlepass is worth every penny to those who enjoy its rewards.

Updated on Nov 30, 2023
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Is the Battle Pass Worth it in Overwatch 2?

Is the Overwatch Battlepass Worth it?

Depending on your playstyle and gaming preference, the battle pass is definitely worth purchasing. Even If you are only a casual fan who just likes to play here and there, I would still take advantage of purchasing the battle pass. With a 10 USD price minimum for the new Overwatch hero skins and premium battle pass extras... the Overwatch battle pass is well worth its price.

overwatch 2 battle pass

The Overwatch 2 premium battle pass offers additional in game content that you have to play consistently to really achieve everything. Truthfully, with the XP buffs and in game challenges as you play, it could be well worth for someone who wants to achieve the new mythic skin, or other new legendary skins for their favorite heroes!

What Makes the Battle Pass Worth it?

There is a large line up of absolutely fantastic skins for heroes, including mythic skin and sometimes new heroes that are immediately unlocked once the battle pass is purchased.

Battle pass rewards season 7

Despite choosing to purchase the premium battle pass, there are a handful of skins and other bonuses that are free for the casual player. So even if you don't want to spend the money, it's completely okay as everyone gets rewarded for playing!

free tiers in overwatch 2 battle pass

Along with the content, you are also receiving an XP boost that helps you reach every tier of the battle pass, so you don't miss out on any rewards. With this boost, you also have the option of skipping 20 tiers, collecting the rewards, and being much farther ahead in the premium battle passes progression. The premium battle pass + 20 tiers is a bit more pricey (2200 coins) although if you are late in the season, this is a great option to catch up!

What Items are in the Overwatch Battle Pass?

Some items that make the premium battle pass worth the price are the items, including hero skins, paints, voice lines, and much more.

Currently, the Halloween Horror Event (Season 7) has lined up pretty spooky rewards, including:

  • 80 Tiers of Items
  • 20% XP Boost
  • 9 Hero Skins
  • 3 Highlight Intros
  • 8 Victory Poses
  • 4 Emotes
  • 14 Voice Overs

Including extra sprays, player icons, and even banners, there are so many rewards packed into a measly 10 USD battle pass. This makes it that much more worth it, as most skins cost you 1500 coins or more, the premium battle pass offers you so much more content, while costing only 1000 coins.

Currently in the Halloween Event, you have the choice of purchasing the Ultimate Premium Battle Pass (40 USD) that includes extra limited-time skins; Lilith (Moira Skin), and Inarius (Pharah skin). You will also receive 2,000 extra Overwatch coins and some other cosmetics. If you are a hardcore Overwatch 2 fan... this option is definitely worth it!

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