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How to check money spent on Overwatch 2

Looking to start budgeting your money spent on Overwatch 2 or simply want to see your transaction history? We've laid out the steps for you!

Published on Dec 05, 2022
How to check money spent on Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment is a company that has thrived with microtransactions, so it comes as no surprise that many customers have spent a lot on things like loot boxes, hero skins, and the season's battle pass. If you are looking for a way to start budgeting your week-to-week money spent on the Blizzard platform, the best thing you can do for your wallet is to check your transaction history.

What can I spend my money on in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch Lootboxes

Besides the base game, Blizzard offers a lot of things that you can purchase in the sequel. Though the developers announced you will no longer have to buy loot boxes to get all the skins you want, the Overwatch team added seasonal battle passes in order for players to unlock emotes, skins, and highlight intros. This redesign, as well as making the game free-to-play may encourage people to spend money on microtransactions like the Watchpoint Pack.

Whether the game will have events like the summer games or winter wonderland remains to be seen, but now that Blizzard has removed loot boxes, it may be harder to get all the skins you want. Due to the limited nature of items and psychological strategies Blizzard uses, players will always look for events and deals to spend their money on, getting the best hero skins and emotes for their buck.

Is there a way to check your purchase history on Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Shop

Currently, there is no way of checking the amount of money spent on your Overwatch account in the actual game. Transactions actually take place through Blizzard itself, you have to check with the company to see how much you have spent on your account.

Alternate ways to check your transaction history on Overwatch 2

There are only two ways for you to check your purchase history in order to see how much you've spent:

  • Searching your email to track your purchases
  • Logging in to Battlenet on your PC or another device with an Internet connection

Checking your email account for purchase history

Email receipts

Blizzard will automatically send you a receipt to your email if you've done any something like buy loot boxes. Your email address is necessary to have a account, so don't worry if you haven't noticed these. Here are the simple steps you can take to see your previous transactions.

  1. Launch your app or browser and log in to your email address
  2. Search your history using keywords from the game: "Overwatch", "receipt", "payment"
  3. Input your emailed receipts into a spreadsheet to automatically add them together

Checking your Blizzard account for purchase history

Checking your Blizzard account settings is probably the easiest way of finding the grand total amount you have spent on Overwatch 2, though with it, there is still some level of complication. Follow these steps:

Account Login & Settings
  1. Open your browser and go to the site
  2. Log in to
  3. Click on your account name and select "Account settings." This will bring you to your "Account Overview" page.
  4. Go to Transaction history at the bottom of the page
  5. You may have to change your region depending on where you are, if you've moved to a different country, etc.
  6. Listed is every cent that you've spent on Blizzard games and other microtransactions.
Transaction History

Unfortunately, using this interface is the most convenient way to check how much you've spent on the game, which is probably by design. Blizzard does not have a way of filtering by game or what you spent on, so you have to manually look to see if they spent money on Winter Wonderland loot boxes or the actual game itself.

Additionally, Blizzard does not allow you to filter by which games you spent money on. So, in the list, you will see games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Destiny 2, and a bunch of other games found on the platform. We suggest you use CTRL + F and type in "Overwatch" to see what you've spent on this particular game.

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