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How to Check Time Spent on Overwatch 2

Curious about how many Overwatch 2 hours you've logged? Here, we break down how to check your hours and statistics on PC and console!

Published on Dec 31, 2022
How to Check Time Spent on Overwatch 2

If you are concerned about how much you play a game like Overwatch, there are plenty of ways to check how much time you have played on your account. New players, players of all 36 competitive seasons, or stats-curious gamers, we have a step-by-step process to access your gameplay time.

How to check time spent on Overwatch on PC

Blizzard has two places where you see the total hours you have been playing Overwatch and Overwatch 2: The "Career Profile" tab and the "Statistics" tab.

Career Profile Page

Once you're in the career profile area, you have to select the correct statistics to see your time, as Blizzard will automatically show your competitive play points. In the dropdown tabs from left to right, select "All Modes" > "All Competitive Seasons" and on the "Hero Comparison" tab, select "Time Played." For new players, this won't really matter, as this collects data from the previous game as well.

Time played diagram

Here are some of the features available in your Career Profile:

  • Playtime per Game mode (Quickplay, arcade mode, etc.)
  • Competitive season (this can include select Seasons, or all seasons together)
  • Total competitive play time
  • Hours played based on heroes
  • Hours played based on hero role
  • Hours played on role queue
  • Hours played on Quick play

The statistics tab has the same stats, but they are laid out in a simplified way this time. You can check the same stats as in the Career profile, but they are generally easier to read.

Statistics page

It also has the added feature of choosing which game mode through a drop-down bar, and all the way to the left, you can see stats based on each individual hero.

Statistics page, other breakdown

How to check hours on Xbox

There are two ways to access your game time on Xbox outside of your career profile on your Overwatch account.

On Xbox consoles:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the menu, then select Game activity > All achievements.
  2. Select Overwatch 2, then open Stats.
Xbox Screen

To see your time played on the Xbox website:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Press the top-right icon of your gamerpic, select Xbox Profile, and finally Achievements.
  3. Select Overwatch 2, then select Achievements again. Your gameplay time will be featured alongside other statistics.

How to check hours on PlayStation

You can easily check the details of your time played through the user interface on the PS4 and PS5 console.

PS5 Player Icon
  1. Select your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. In the drop-down menu, hit "Profile" again
  3. Hit the "Games" tab, then select Overwatch 2
  4. From there, you will have all the stats you want, including play time.
Games Tab

How to check hours on the Switch

The Nintendo Switch is similar to the previous consoles discussed. Though Blizzard has the details on the game itself, you can check your playtime statistics on the console system too.

  1. Just as with the Xbox and PS consoles, you want to access your "Profile" screen.
  2. In your Profile tab, you will see a listing of "Play Activity"
Switch Profile Tab
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