How To Grab In Fall Guys [All Platforms]

From trapeze to trolling, grabbing is a huge part of Fall Guys, and each platform has a different button for grabbing. Here's how to grab it on every platform.

Updated on Jan 10, 2024
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How To Grab In Fall Guys [All Platforms]

Grabbing is a pretty simple, but super important technique to learn if you want to get good at Fall guys - almost as important as learning how to dive, how to double jump, or how to run faster.

Luckily for all platforms all it takes is a single button, though this button does depend on the platform - here's how to grab for each. 

How To Grab In Fall Guys Xbox

If you're on Xbox, including Xbox One, and Xbox X/S, you'll need to hold R2. Remember, once you let go of R2 you will stop grabbing.

How To Grab in Fall Guys PlayStation

If on PlayStation, including both the PlayStation 4 and 5, you will also need to hold R2 to grab.

Grabbing people in Fall Guys

How To Grab in Fall Guys PC

If you like to play Fall Guys on PC, the default grabbing button is shift.

How To Grab in Fall Guys Nintendo Switch

Grabbing things and people on a Nintendo Switch is slightly different, as you'll need to hold down the ZR button.

Grabbing ledges in Fall Guys

Why Grabbing is Useful in Fall Guys

It's important to remember that you may need to perform other actions like jumping to secure the grab. Of course before you start, remember that you need to move towards the person or object you're trying to grab as you hold the grabbing button.

Remember, you need to be pretty close to whatever it is, as the Fall Guys characters have very short arms. And grabbing is useful for more than just hugging or trolling other players.

For example, for climbing up ledges you will need to jump, and then grab while in the air to reach and grab onto a ledge.

For the Trapeze, you will also need to jump forward to grab on and swing, and then release to jump off the other side.

Fall Guys grabbing a trapeze gameplay

Grabbing is also important for specific game modes like tail tag, as well as for any other game mode where you need to pick up objects.

The Best Tactics For Grabbing People In Fall Guys

After grabbing someone, you have the opportunity to move their character around if you time things right.

Once you grab hold of another player, a vibrating white circle should appear around where you grabbed them. This means you've successfully latched on and are ready to launch them.

From this point, you can pull them towards you by moving backwards while holding them, or you can push them. This can be a bit finicky so make sure you practice how to push people in Fall Guys.

Although a bit annoying when you're playing by yourself and get grabbed, I've always found the grabbing mechanic one of the best parts of Fall Guys. Whether it's to gain a competitive advantage and stop other players, or just to mess around with your friends, grabbing is a lot of fun.

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