Best CS:GO selling sites

So you've worked hard and earned some quality CS:GO skins? Well, why not sell them for cash? Here is a list of the best sites to sell your skins.

Best selling sites CSGO Skins
Best selling sites CSGO Skins

Are you looking for the top sites to sell your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items for the best price? Then, you’ve come to the right place as we tested them for you!

Where to sell your CS:GO Skins?

There are many CSGO marketplaces to choose from. If you only want to get the most money out of your items, it's important to know that none of these sites always offers the best price. Just open every site in the table below (each one in a new tab) and see how much each site offers for the items you want to sell. Then compare the prices. Here is a handpicked selection of the best websites in 2021 to sell your skins on. We didn't include the steam marketplace in our list.

It can be a good place to sell CS:GO skins as well but it's very time-consuming and there are a lot of people who try to scam you. That's why we don't use it.


Skinport is the most transparent and secure marketplaces to sell CSGO skins for real money in our opinion. It's a legitimate business registered in Stuttgart (Germany). The seller fee is 12%. Here is why we like Skinport so much:

  • transparent website acting within the boundaries of the law
  • great customer support
  • no hidden fees
  • a lot of cashout options
  • excellent account security
Sell CSGO Skins Skinport

Skinport (formally known as Skinbay and Skincay) is one of the sites that use trading bots and has adapted to the 7-day trading restrictions. When someone places an item up for sale, they put it into the Skinport inventory where it is held for 7 days until it can be sent to the buyer. The seller still gets their money for the trade as soon as the item is added to the buyers' Skinport inventory. It will just take 7 days for the buyer to add it to their Steam account. This website is focused on buying and selling skins and knives. For sellers, there is a 12% sales fee in place which includes the VAT. Don't try to find Skinport discount codes online, there are none that are free (we searched a lot already).

Sell CSGO Skins Skinport

Money can be left on the account to be used to buy weapon skins or can be withdrawn through Payoneer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Euro Bank Transfer. You can withdraw a maximum of 10.000 Euros a year if your account is verified, without verification the limit is 5000 Euro per year. Daily you can do up to 3000 Euros for verified accounts and withdraw up to 1000 Euros for non-verified accounts.

Sell CSGO Skins Skinport

Moreover, Skinport has a sleek UI that is professional and easy to use.

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Skinswap is a legit CSGO & Rust skin trading platform with instant cashouts so you are also able to sell your skins there as well. Here is why we like Skinswap so much:

  • Usually, the site offers very good prices among all cashing-out services
  • Legimate business from the USA
  • fast cash out
  • accepting CSGO Rust skins
  • no hidden fees
  • you can get a 1% bonus with the code "TGG"
Customer Support Skinswap

With all that said, we think it’s a safe call to consider Skinswap one of the best trading bot and selling sites for Rust and CS:GO skins. It’s relatively new, we get it, but we think that it’s more than worth it, giving it a shot.

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SkinCashier is also one of the best marketplaces for CS players to sell your CS:GO skins on. The company is registered in Poland. It allows users to sell their Steam inventory items for cash. The fee for selling items is at 11,5 % but it can be reduced to 8,5% using the code TGG.Here is why we like SkinCashier so much:

  • Usually, the site offers the best prices among all cashing-out services
  • Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer withdrawals
  • fast cash out (the quickest payouts with 55 seconds average payout time)
  • active live chat support
  • accepting CSGO/ Dota 2/ TF2/ Rust skins
  • no hidden fees
  • you can get a 3% bonus with the code "TGG"

The site explains exactly how it works on the homepage, users just need to sign in through Steam and select what they want to sell. It's all done through bots which means users can complete trades very quickly. They also have a very good interface which results in a great user experience. Just signing with your steam, find your trade URL, browse your inventory and check how much money they are willing to offer you.

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BitSkins is still a very popular CS:GO skin marketplace to sell your skins in 2021. The company is located in Katowice (Poland). The seller fee varies between 5% and 10% depending on the amount you want to sell.

CSGO Buy CSGO Skins Bitskins

BitSkins is one of the oldest skin marketplaces. Their popularity significantly increased once OPSkins shut down. It looks more basic than the other sites listed here, however, it is as functional as them too. Plus, you sometimes get very good offers for your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items. Due to many fraud attempts from users in the past, BitSkins has improved its security and verification process.

CSGO Buy CSGO Skins Bitksins

All sale money is placed into your account to withdraw through a large number of potential methods including PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Visa, Payeer, Cryptocurrencies and more.BitSkins is legit and has a strong social media presence which includes accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and also a Steam group. They are highly rated on Trustpilot, have a good support if there are any transaction issues or other problems.

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DMarket is an American marketplace for CSGO skins which means you can quickly sell your skins here. The seller fee varies from 1% to 7%.

Sell CSGO Skins Dmarket

Sellers can immediately sell the items they don't want to the website for fast payout and the website also makes it clear what the prices are for skins so you can instantly sell it at that price if you wish. If an item does not have any trading targets placed on it, then there is no instant sale available for it. This means you can still put it up for sale, the item just won't sell instantly. While there are a lot of deposit methods for the site, there are considerably fewer withdrawal options available for DMarket. You can withdraw money using Visa, Payoneer, WorldMoney, and some other options. In addition to sales, you can also buy and trade items too through this website. It's also possible to trade items to get something from another game as well.

Sell CSGO Skins Dmarket

They also have a Steam group, a Discord channel, and a Reddit subreddit that users can use to ask questions and get involved with the community. Their pages are quite active from both the DMarket team and their community.

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Skinwallet is also a good platform to sell your skins for real cash. The fee for selling is around 10% + the fee from the cashout method you choose. The company is situated in Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie in Poland.

Sell CSGO Skins Skinwallet

The homepage looks like a website that's trying to sell you a service and you can access the selling part of the websites by making an account with them. However, Skinwallet is safe and legit. As soon as you created an account the process is simple and straightforward. You just need to connect your account to the Steam marketplace and you are ready to cash-in on your skins. Keep in mind that the minimum value of skins you're trying to sell should be $0.5 and $1 for cases, souvenirs and graffiti as well.

Sell CSGO Skins Skinwallet

Skinwallet has a blog as well which covers a range of topics including CSGO updates, skins, eSports, game advice, and more. To go along with this is a regularly updated Facebook, Twitter, and Steam group accounts for the website. The FAQ helps with a few issues but is not extensive, for further support you will need to sign in before being able to contact the support team. Of course, you can ask for help through social media channels too. The support isn't very responsive compared to the others but we like the selling experience.

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CS.Money and Skins.Cash are also very good options that didn't make it in our top 5. Selling, buying and trading CSGO skins is something that often has a bad reputation but this isn't normally the case. Gamers can easily avoid scammers by using one of these platforms. When using legitimate marketplaces with trading bots, trading and selling CSGO items becomes easy and safe. The above websites are some of the best ones currently available to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. Our best choices are Skinport, SkinCashier, and BitSkins.

It's easy to sell your CS:GO items for real money. So make sure to check your inventory. You will be surprised how much money is in there! You will need your Steam Trade URL so here is how to find the steam trade link. If you are more into CS:GO gambling, case opening, buying or trading make sure to check our list of the top CS:GO Gambling sites and our post about the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case Opening site. Or read our articles about the best csgo websites to purchase your skins and the best CS:GO trading platforms.