T Sided Maps in CSGO

We’ve all heard about Nuke or Ancient being incredibly CT Sided, but are there actually T Sided maps out there? This article will cover some T Sided maps!
T Sided Maps in CSGO

Just like any other FPS game you’ll find in real life, not all CSGO maps are one hundred percent balanced between the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist side. 

Though each map tries to maintain a 50% win rate between each side, CSGO maps generally favor one side over the other, either CT or T sided. This article will aim to teach you guys which of these maps are T sided and the reasons why!



In the earlier days of Counter Strike Global Offensive, Inferno used to be in the running for the most CT Sided map. But over time, professional players and community members started figuring out ways to excel on the Terrorist side, by using effective utility and strategies. Inferno now boasts a 51.8% win rate on the most T sided map on this list.

Inferno Map

Though bomb sites on Inferno can be quite CT sided and hard to break into, this kind of favors the T Side as it can be even harder to retake and help Terrorists win T side rounds. When the round starts, Terrorists already have so much space to work with, having Mid, Second Mid, Apartments and some parts of Banana as well. The amount of ground that Terrorists can gain early on makes the map less CT sided.

Since utility is important for Counter-Terrorists to defend, Terrorists can play rounds slowly and bait out Molotovs and Smokes from the CT Side. Once CT utilities have been used, Terrorists can choose a bomb site and overwhelm their enemies and collect T side rounds.

Inferno Map 2

Terrorists can hit A bomb site through Arch, Lane, and Apartments, making a synchronized attack very difficult for CTs to hold. The B bombsite might be harder to break into, but smoking off Coffin and CT Spawn is almost always all you need in order to outnumber defenders in the site. Learn the Coffin and CT Spawn smoke in our article on the most useful smokes on Inferno.


Dust II

Dust 2 is a classic Counter Strike Global Offensive map, and has been out for an incredibly long time. With the map being out for so long already, players have already figured out the map layout and many strategies that they could use to obtain T side rounds. But, the layout of the map can also favor the Terrorist side from the get-go, making Dust 2 have a 51.4% win rate on the Terrorist side, clear in the running for the most T sided map.

Dust 2 Map

First off, A Long covers a really big part of the map. If the T side can use utility to control the A Long area, and plant the bomb facing A Long, Counter-Terrorists will have an incredibly hard time retaking the bomb site since Terrorists will have so much ground to work with and secure T side rounds.

Dust 2 Map 2

Terrorists can also use Mid smokes to do a B Split, coming from Tunnels and CT Mid. The CT Spawn smoke will block off a very common rotation path, where the T side can use this time window to overwhelm the B bombsite defenders from two sides. Once the site has been taken over, Terrorists can easily choose effective post-plant positions to lock the site down.

Proper utility and smokes can be crucial for finding success on the Terrorist side, so check out our article on the best smokes on Dust 2!



Despite getting a nice rework, Cache is still the only map in the list that isn’t being played in the professional map pool. However, casual Counter Strike Global Offensive players like us tend to go back to playing this map knowing that Cache used to be quite a T sided map. Cache has a 51.5% win rate, making the map slightly more T sided compared to CT sided.

Cache mid

The AWP can be very useful in the hands of the T side on Cache, as there are multiple ways for Terrorists to peek mid, with the boost spot on mid always being an available option. This makes establishing control quite easy for the T side. Once control has been gained, Terrorists are rewarded with lots of options and paths to both bomb sites.

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