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TheGlobalGaming helps its readers by providing actionable gaming guides. Unlike other sites, TGG doesn't focus on industry news, but instead tries to resolve various in-game issues/topics. Displaying your favorite skins in CSGO or how to fix your FPS Drops in Halo. We got it all.

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We keep you updated on what’s hot and what’s not in the gaming industry. From the latest trending video games to all the rumors surrounding future gaming tech and next-gen consoles, we are the only place you need to keep up to date with the very latest guides, news and rumors.

The company is always on the lookout for new talents or partnerships. If you have any idea as to how you could help our team or cooperate with us to mutual benefit, make sure to send us an email.

We always strive to be a community website; creating contacts with our community. Bringing people together all over the world for one single purpose. Gaming. That's who we are. TheGlobalGaming.