5 Best Ways to Grind Brawl Stars Trophies Fast

Check out five effective ways to quickly gain trophies in Brawl Stars, including one-tricking a Brawler, playing Heist mode, and trying new Brawlers.

Updated on Jan 07, 2024
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5 Best Ways to Grind Brawl Stars Trophies Fast

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One-Trick a Brawler

As Trophies are awarded or taken away based on the results of a Brawl, playing Brawl Battles, and most importantly winning them, is the best way to win Trophies in Brawl Stars. Though losing Brawl battles means losing Trophies as well, making it a double-edged sword, as the goal is gaining Trophies and not losing them!

The best way to do so is to one-trick a Brawler as you'll achieve a high level of skill on said Brawler quickly, ensuring you get more wins.

Brawl Stars - One Trick Brawler

The one trick players can employ to win Brawl Battles more frequently, is to either play Brawl Stars on PC, or play Brawl Stars with a controller, to give yourself an edge against other players and ensure you don't lose Trophies!

It's even better to check quests, hit two birds with one stone, and get Brawl Stars Credits as well!

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Play Heist

When compared to game modes like Showdown or Bounty, Heist has the best ratio of time invested to Trophies gained. This, in turn, makes it the best game mode to play when you want to get more tophies quickly.

Brawl Stars - Heist

After all, you'll spend the least amount of time on it per match, allowing you to cram in more matches during your game time. The biggest danger is, of course, overdoing it., as I've found myself hating Heist after grinding it out for so long.

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Play New Brawlers

One aspect of Brawl Stars that many players don't know about, is that matchmaking works based on Trophies of individual Brawlers, and not on the total Trophy Count of any player.

This means that the easiest way to earn Trophies is to play the Brawlers you don't have a lot of Trophies on,  which are the newly released ones for me, usually, but old ones will work just fine, if there are some you've never picked up!

Brawl Stars - Trophy Matchmaking

This way you will be matched with players of lesser skill, making it easy to win and push Trophies quickly. Just beware that you may also be matched with some using the same tactic at Trophy pushing.

And, since your teammates are going to have a similar Trophy Count on their Brawler if you're going to play a game mode like Duo Showdown, it's best to play Brawl Stars with a friend, to ensure your ally doesn't tilt you!

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Play with a Team

After a while, I've milked the previous ways of getting Trophies quickly in Brawl Stars and hit a plateau. Heist was getting boring, and not only my main but the others I had grinded out were not giving any more results.

Brawl Stars - Team

The fault lay in the fact that no man is an island, and I couldn't carry games at higher levels of skill anymore. So, I formed a team with some friends, to always have allies to rely on in a Brawl.

This, coupled with good communication over Discord, made my Trophy count soar once again. In the case none of your real-life friends are on your skill level, you can always find a good team at the club you're in!

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Take Breaks Between Brawl

The bane of all competitive multiplayer gamers is not entering matches with a fresh perspective. When trying to push Trophies at a high skill level, you should always take short breaks after each Brawl.

This ensures that you've set the previous Brawl behind you. In the case of a loss, you'll cool off from your anger which would lead to overcompensating in the next Brawl.

And in the case of a win, you'll reset to a better way of thinking from the overconfidence the previous win gave you! Not to mention that the break allows you to take a look at the previous Brawl, whether it was a win or a loss, and learn from it!

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