Top 10 Budget FAMAS Skins in CS2

Uncover the top budget-friendly FAMAS skins in CS2, offering great designs at great prices, with current price updates.


FAMAS | Teardown

More About Teardown

The FAMAS | Teardown is a frugal fragger's dream with its messy yet edgy stencil style. Its tangled blueprint of dark shades intermixed with hints of red won't break the bank. It's no wonder this skin is heralded among the best bangs for your buck in CS2—not just because it's wallet-friendly, but because it stands out without trying too hard.


FAMAS | Meow 36

More About Meow 36

The FAMAS | Meow 36 isn't just a blast for your wallet, it's a feast for the eyes with its bold green base and playful number '36' smacked on the side. It's easy to see why this skin claws its way into our top budget picks. With its unique feline flair, it brings fun to the fray without breaking the bank. A truly purr-fect pick for riflers looking to stand out.


FAMAS | Crypsis

More About Crypsis

The FAMAS | Crypsis might be easy on the wallet, but it's tough on style. Its autumn-inspired insect camo brings the kind of flair you want when you're watching corners on a tight budget. Its slot in our lineup of budget-friendly favorites is a no-brainer—this skin punches way above its weight class, giving your arsenal that seasonal stealth edge without breaking the bank.


FAMAS | ZX Spectron

More About ZX Spectron

The FAMAS | ZX Spectron, straight out of The Operation Riptide Collection, brings a touch of retro-cool to your arsenal with its nod to classic gaming rigs. It's the perfect choice for gamers looking for style without breaking the bank. Its eye-catching black texture mixed with vibrant multicolored stripes makes a bold impression. This skin earns its spot among the top budget picks for its unforgettable look and feel that's heavy on nostalgia, yet light on your wallet.


FAMAS | Rapid Eye Movement

More About Rapid Eye Movement

When your wallet's feeling light but you still want to shine in CS2, the FAMAS | Rapid Eye Movement is a top pick. It's decked out in a vibrant pink with interlocking squares that stare back at you with dreamy eyes. This skin is a perfect match for players carving out style without breaking the bank, securing its spot among the best wallet-friendly finds for your FAMAS arsenal. It's part of The Dreams & Nightmares Collection, capturing the essence of a whimsical, almost hypnotic battlefield.


FAMAS | Survivor Z

More About Survivor Z

The FAMAS | Survivor Z is a gritty warrior's choice, with its battle-scarred mix of red and black patches standing out on the battleground of CS2. This skin makes our list of top budget picks because it brings a rugged charm without breaking the bank, showing you can still look cool on a dime.


FAMAS | Decommissioned

More About Decommissioned

The FAMAS | Decommissioned brings a nostalgic touch straight from the classic maps of CS. Its rugged design, featuring a mix of metallic blues and red accents, makes it look battle-hardened and ready for action. Landing a spot in our selection of top affordable FAMAS skins, it's clear that style doesn’t have to break the bank. Its design is a tribute to CS history, giving it an edge that resonates with both old-school fans and new players.


FAMAS | Neural Net

More About Neural Net

The FAMAS | Neural Net is a real bang for your buck, landing a spot in our best value picks for its killer combo of price and style. Its cool metallic vibe is jazzed up with a funky yellow and black hydrographic, proving you don’t need to empty your wallet for something that looks this good. This skin from The Falchion Collection bridges the gap between affordable and awesome, making it a no-brainer for players looking to spice up their arsenal on a budget.


FAMAS | Cyanospatter

More About Cyanospatter

The FAMAS | Cyanospatter is a wallet-friendly beast with a cool marbleized blue pattern that stands out. Its splashes of dark cyan give your play a touch of style without breaking the bank. It's a top pick for those looking to add some flair to their game without spending a lot, making it one of the best budget-friendly FAMAS skins out there.


FAMAS | Faulty Wiring

More About Faulty Wiring

When you're running low on cash but want to keep your rifle game sharp and stylish, the FAMAS | Faulty Wiring has got you covered. This skin boasts a slick wiring diagram pattern that's all about that techie vibe. It's the perfect combo of cool and budget-friendly, which easily lands it on our list for top wallet-friendly picks for the FAMAS. Whether you're saving for the next round or just love a good deal, this skin is a surefire hit in CS2's 2021 Vertigo Collection.