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The Best Aim Training Maps in CS2 (CSGO)

Want to take your aim game to the next level? These maps will help you achieve that!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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The Best Aim Training Maps in CS2 (CSGO)

Steam Workshop offers many maps in which we can have lots of fun. However, did you know that there are also a bunch of practice tools? The most popular are aim maps, and they will be the topic of this article!

What Are Aim Maps?

Aim maps are places where we can practice our shooting skills and learn how to control weapon recoil. In short, an aim map is a map designed specifically for aim training, simple as that.


In a way, you could say that these 1v1 arenas that replace classic warm-ups are some sort of aim maps.

Why You Should Practice On Aim Maps

Aim skills are some of the most important (if not the most important) aspects in CS2 (CSGO). Like, it’s what the game is all about! Improving aim skills will help us gain a significant advantage over our opponents, especially in 1v1 situations.


Plus, the vast majority of rounds in CS2 (CSGO) is won with mainly aim skills. Even if you can execute lineups straight out of major tournaments and know all the map callouts; if you can't shoot, you won't be a useful player. And we want to be useful in our games, don't we? Even if you’re currently Silver I, just a couple of minutes practicing on aim maps every day can take you to The Global Elite over time.

The 5 Best Aim Maps in CS2 (CSGO)

Now that we know how great aim maps can be, let's talk about the top 5 aim maps you can find in Steam Workshop. Before we start listing them, we'd like to point out that it's impossible to pick the best one; each has different features, and some are designed for very niche training. Your map choice will depend heavily on your needs and what you have to train.



This aim map is one of the oldest out there, but that does not make it inferior; quite the opposite. The fact that it has been available for almost 10 years now and many players still choose it as their primary practice tool says a lot.

training_aim_csgo2 is a great map not only for aim practice, but also for reflex training. Training on this map consists of shooting down small targets with a very short reaction time is. Target size, time, weapons and virtually everything can be set with a few clicks, which makes this map not only easy to use but also versatile for many types of training.

Aim Botz


  • Creator: Mr. uLLeticaL
  • Steam Workshop profile: Aim Botz

Aim Botz is another map with a variety of training options. In fact, it is very similar to training_aim_csgo2, except that instead of dots, we shoot at bots. In a way, it's a little better, especially since during our ranked games we're not fighting dots pressing down on us, right? However, this map is much less intuitive when it comes to setting it up, so we don't recommend it for new players who aren't yet familiar with the CS2 (CSGO) jargon.

Recoil Master


This map, on the other hand, is designed specifically for learning recoil patterns. It is created by the developers of Aim Botz, but unlike the map above, it is incredibly easy to use. If you are interested in being good at the game, you need to know the patterning of weapons like the AK-47 or M4 should know by heart.

But it's not about you thinking, "oh, ok, now the pattern goes slightly up and then turns" while playing. It has to be in your muscle memory!That said, if you are having trouble learning to control the recoil of any particular weapon, this chart is where you should spend some time.

Fast Aim / Reflex Training


This map is very interesting, and it's the one that Tyson "TenZ" Ngo was playing on when he was preparing to break the CS2 (CSGO) Aim Challenge world record twice. And what is it based on? Throughout the game, bots are rushing at you, and try to shoot them down while standing still as they start spawning in increasing numbers.

The fact that bots are spawning more and more frequently helps; that's how we learn good habits. I mean, what's one way to speed up the execution of every frag? Shooting a headshot.

Training: Bot Aim V4C


Don’t worry, you won’t automatically download any aimbot software by entering this map. However, it may just so happen that you will gain aimbot anyways, right in your muscle memory. It’s a classic aim map in a Dust 2 design, and it’s not much different from Aim Botz or training_aim_csgo2. Still, what we really love about this map is a special wall headshot training mode.

How To Access Aim Maps?

The process itself is very straightforward. All you need to do to access any Steam Workshop aim map from within CS2 (CSGO) is:

  1. Go to the map profile on Steam Workshop
  2. Click the green Subscribe button
  3. Launch CS2 (CSGO)
  4. In the game mode selection, pick "Workshop maps" and launch the map of your choice


Are you now convinced to train regularly on aim maps? Seriously, if you want to improve and climb ranks, this is one of the best training options, right next to things like Deathmatch.

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