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10 Highest Earning CS2 (CSGO) Pro Players Of All Time

Discover the top-earning CS2 (CSGO) pro players of all time, with players like dupreeh, Xyp9x, and dev1ce leading the pack.

Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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10 Highest Earning CS2 (CSGO) Pro Players Of All Time
PositionnicknameReal NameEarningsNationality
1dupreehPeter Rothmann Rasmussen$2.181,164.40Danish
2Xyp9xAndreas Højsleth$2,001,285.06Danish
3dev1ceNicolai Reedtz$1,981,531.54Danish


Lukas Rossander$1,881,123.63Danish
5MagiskEmil Reif$1,869,042.41Danish
6S1mpleOleksandr Kostyliev$1,751,688.65Ukrainian


Finn Andersen$1,651,752.06Danish
8electroNicDenis Sharipov$1,587,392.00Russian
9TwistzzRussel Van Dulken$1,546,793.10Canadian


Håvard Nygaard$1,444,216.24Norwegian

1 /10

dupreeh | $2.1 Million

You've definitely heard of Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen somewhere. The 30-year-old Danish CS2 (CSGO) player may not be the best player of all time, but it is not up for argument to say that he's the most successful one. He is most known for his time in the legendary Astralis roster, and has collected $2,181,164.40 from tournament winnings alone. Yeah, this guy knows how to earn money in CSGO!

Highest Earning CS Pros dupreeh

Rasmussen started his CS2 (CSGO) career in 2012, so he has been playing for over a decade already! He is a rifler, and his primary role is the entry fragger.

Dupreeh has won five CS2 (CSGO) Majors, which is an impossible task. He is the only player to have won that many Majors and the only player to have qualified for all 18 CS2 (CSGO) Majors.

2 /10

Xyp9x - $2 Million

Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth isn't the flashiest of CS2 (CSGO) players but the second-highest-earning player in the game. He is cool, calm, and collected in any situation, earning his title as the "Clutch Minister" and $1,999,716.79 from his lifetime career.


The Danish player is 27 years old and mainly plays the role of a Support rifler. He's the person enabling his star players in the team from the shadows, which is why he doesn't get as much recognition as he should.

Xyp9x was with the prime Astralis roster throughout its journey, meaning he has also lifted four Major trophies in the Danish roster. Overall, he looks like a chill and friendly guy!

3 /10

dev1ce - $1.9 Million

The third highest-earning CS2 (CSGO) player is Mr. Consistent, who also goes by Tom Cruise or probably Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz. He has sharp looks, and his aim with the AWP is even sharper.

Highest Earning CS Pros dev1ce

The 27-year-old was the star AWPer of the unbeatable Astralis and played a crucial part in the building and success story of the roster, earning himself $1,958,154.30 in tournament winnings. You can bet he won't miss the shot if someone is about to walk into his crosshair.

With such consistency and precision, the Danish player has been awarded many awards for the top 20 players of the year. If it weren't for the likes of s1mple and ZywOo, we could really consider dev1ce as the best AWPer in the world. If you want to AWP like dev1ce, check out his pro settings here.

4 /10

gla1ve - $1.8 Million

With Astralis having a roster of star-studded players, the only thing they need is a leader—a brain to think for them. Well, Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander was the perfect man for the job. The 28-year-old served as the mastermind of the Astralis team.

Highest Earning CS Pros gla1ve

Gla1ve played as the in-game leader of the Astralis squad, and he controlled all his chess pieces and set them up for success. He is the highest-earning in-game leader, and it's not even close.

Along with the Astralis roster, he was able to lift four Major trophies and won an abundance of tournaments. Naturally, he'd get paid for his services and has accumulated $1,873,967.40 in prize money.

5 /10

Magisk - $1.7 Million

Emil "Magisk" Reif was late to the Astralis party, as he joined the team after their first Major win. However, his entrance to the team was very welcomed, as he was a crucial part of how Astralis won three more Majors.

Highest Earning CS Pros Magisk

He was the youngest player on that roster and is currently 25. At his prime, his rifling was unmatched, and Magisk was able to provide Astralis the firepower they needed to create an era in CS2 (CSGO).

Emil won his first Major with Astralis at age 20 and showed continuous improvement in his subsequent Major wins. After his time with Astralis, Magisk joined Vitality alongside dupreeh to win his fourth CS2 (CSGO) Major, tying the score with the other Astralis members and totaling $1,774,623.63 in prize money.

6 /10

S1mple - $1.7 Million

The greatest CS2 (CSGO) player of all time, the greatest to ever touch the game, is none other than Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev, the 25-year-old AWPer from Ukraine who needs no introduction.

It would be a shame if such a talent like s1mple would not be paid big bucks for being the best in the game. The GOAT has accumulated $1,718,388.65 from numerous tournaments.

Highest Earning CS Pros s1mple

Kostylev has been crowned the best CS2 (CSGO) player in 2018, 2021, and 2023. If he's not ranked number one in the year, he's sitting at number two. He has also won multiple awards for the best esports player of the year.

S1mple finally won his first CS2 (CSGO) Major in 2021 with Na'Vi, and at that point, he has pretty much completed CS2 (CSGO).

7 /10

karrigan - $1.6 Million

Yet another Danish player makes the list, as Finn "karrigan" Andersen is the seventh wealthiest CS2 (CSGO) player from tournament winnings. Karrigan is a direct competitor to gla1ve because they are both considered the best in-game leaders in CS2 (CSGO) history.

Highest Earning CS Pros karrigan

Being 33 isn't necessarily a disadvantage to karrigan, as he contributes his wealth of experience to help his star players shine brighter than others. Finn has been around in the CS2 (CSGO) scene for a very long time, but his most notable results come from his time in FaZe Clan, where he lifted the trophy in the PGL Antwerp 2023 Major.

Karrigan has had the pleasure of working with the world's best players, including NiKo, ropz, rain, and Twistzz, earning him $1,635,052.06 in his career.

8 /10

electroNic - $1.5 Million

Denis "electroNic" Sharipov is a 24-year-old from Russia known to be s1mple's right-hand man. ElectroNic has been playing with s1mple in their prime, where they achieved the most results.

Highest Earning CS Pros electronic

However, being s1mple's partner in crime isn't the only reason he's famous, as he was considered one of the most consistent rifles ever. His role as an entry fragger was no joke, as his laser-sharp aim will always take your head off.

Denis started his professional CS2 (CSGO) career in 2015, which was eight years ago, meaning that he became a pro at 16! In those eight years, electroNic collected $1,572,125.33 in prize money.

9 /10

Twistzz - $1.5 Million

Russel Van Dulken, or Twistzz, is the only North American player on the list and the youngest player here. At the age of 23, Twistzz has managed to earn $1,524,593.10 from CS2 (CSGO) tournaments.

Highest Earning CS Pros Twistzz

In his early professional career, many people have set eyes on this Canadian kid's potential. After finding great success with the North American squad Team Liquid, Twistzz finally joined forces with karrigan, where he could unleash his full potential.

Twistzz is still considered one of the best aimers in the world. His headshot accuracy is nothing to scoff at. With Russel's help, FaZe Clan could finally lift their long-awaited Major trophy in PGL Antwerp 2023.

10 /10

Rain - $1.4 Million

At number ten, we have arguably the most loyal player on the list, Håvard "rain" Nygaard from FaZe Clan. The 28-year-old from Norwegia has been playing under the FaZe Clan banner since 2016, meaning he's been under the organization for seven years.

Highest Earning CS Pros rain

Rain has undergone many roster changes in his time with FaZe, but his patience was rewarded when karrigan, Twistzz, broky, and ropz joined the team. With this iteration of FaZe, he was finally able to win a CS2 (CSGO) Major. He has earned $1,425,907.24 throughout his CS2 (CSGO) career.

Rain is known to show up in big games, such as playoff matches, in front of a big crowd. He is now a father but is still looking to extend his youth by seeking more tournament wins with FaZe Clan.

And that's pretty much it! If you aspire to be a professional CS2 (CSGO) player, but your parents aren't supportive, show them this article, and maybe they'll change their minds!

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