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CS2 (CSGO) Slang Explained

Check out the most popular slang phrases used in a Counter-Strike community!

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Slang Explained

We’ve prepared a list of all the most common phrases used in ranked games, along with explanations and examples of situations in which you can use them. If you're an active Counter-Strike player, or even if you don't play, but one of your close friends does, be sure to check this one out.

In-game chat abbreviations

Let's start with the abbreviations used in the in-game chat. Most of them are also used in other multiplayer games, so there is a good chance that some of them are familiar to you.

Away from keyboard
Good game
Good half
Gratz (Congratulations)
Have fun
Nice one
Nice try
No problem
Thank you
Well Played


CS2 (CSGO) Dictionary

Moving on, let's take a look at the most popular CS2 (CSGO) slang phrases. Most of these phrases are mainly derived from the first Counter-Strike versions and are rarely used in other multiplayer games.

AceShort for “All Clan Elimination”
Auto / Auto-campAn alternative term for auto sniper rifles
Bombsite stackTactic in which counter-terrorists position themselves exclusively on one bombsite
BoostBoost is when one person crouches, and another person jumps on them to, for example, get a better view of the map or get into a specific location faster. It can also refer to CS2 (CSGO) Rank Boosting
ClutchA situation in which a player on one team is left alone against multiple enemies
DeagleIt stands for the iconic Desert Eagle pistol
Eco (Eco-round)Situation where one team has to forgo buying weapons because of a lack of money
ForceTerm for a round in which we buy weapons despite insufficient funds
FragReplacement term for a “kill”
Full / Full-roundRound in which the team has money for complete equipment
IGLShort for “In-Game-Leader”
JumpshotTerm for a shot executed while jumping
KQLYThis refers to a former professional CS2 (CSGO) player Hovik “KQLY” Tovamassian who got banned for cheating
KobeA well-thrown HE grenade. This is a reference to one of the more famous American basketball players, Kobe Bryant.
Ninja defuseA clever bomb defuse, one that the Counter-Terrorist team doesn't expect
No-scopeShooting with a sniper rifle without zooming in
One-tapShooting style involving the use of single shots
One-wayTerm for a smoke grenade that allows visibility on only one of its sides
Pop-flashTerm for a perfectly thrown flashbang
Pre-fireShooting at a spot where you expect the enemy to be before you could even see them
SaveTerm for saving a weapon due to too much chance of losing a round
SmurfA person who intentionally plays at lower ranks than they should be playing
ThrowLosing a round by making a silly mistake
WHShort for WallHack.
VAC / VACationReference to Valve's Anti-Cheat system, which is designed to fight and ban players who cheat on Steam games
XhairShort for “crosshair

We could say that those slang phrases form a somewhat common language for the CS2 (CSGO) community. Knowing it will significantly improve your in-game communication skills, and the better your communication — the higher your potential in the ranked system.

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