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The Global Elite CS2 (CSGO) Rank | All You Need To Know

The Global Elite (also known as Global/GE) is the highest rank in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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The Global Elite CS2 (CSGO) Rank | All You Need To Know

How Good is The Global Elite rank?

The Global Elite is the highest rank in the game. Having this CS2 (CSGO) rank demonstrates a player's truly exceptional and breathtaking skill level; even professional players struggle to get this CS2 (CSGO) rank sometimes, and only 0.75% of all CS2 (CSGO) Players have it. If you want to learn more about a CS2 (CSGO) Rank Distribution, check out this article:


You can’t get a higher rank than The Global Elite, and most CS2 (CSGO) players won’t ever see this beautiful blue & gold icon on their start up screen.


It’s a sign of prestige, so if you have made it – congrats, this is as far as you can get in the CS2 (CSGO) ranking system, and there are no higher ranked players than you in the game.

How many games do you need to play CS2 (CSGO) to become The Global Elite?

Most average CS players would need a minimum of 1000 hours of playing competitive matches (41 days total) to reach The Global Elite rank. Considering that most of the CS2 (CSGO) games play out in about 40 minutes, it shows that you really need to grind hard to get into the top 0.75% of the CS2 (CSGO) rank distribution. For new players, this number might even double, especially for people that never played any FPS games.


In theory, you can get The Global Elite as your first rank, but not really. Getting The Global Elite as your first rank is mostly reserved for people who are using a new account with Wallhack or some other type of cheats. It’s hard to keep such a consistent and outstanding performance to be in the top 0.75% of players in just the first 10 competitive matches. Yeah, new players are not that talented in general.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game with an incredibly high skill cap. The ranking system is designed so that achieving a top CS2 (CSGO) rank requires a lot of dedication and effort… plus a Prime Status with some good trust factor.

How To Stay in The Global Elite?

Even if you have already reached The Global Elite, not playing will just drop you from it; that’s just how the ranking system works in most games when you can’t get a higher rank.


Here are some things you can implement to maintain The Global Elite rank:

Play the maps you have mastered to perfection

Playing maps where you feel more confident in your game will make your chances of winning much higher.

Avoid solo queuing

Counter Strike is mostly about team play, and you don’t want to underestimate that. Play with your squad or don’t play at all. And speaking of your squad…

Keep in touch with your team

Very often, grinding for this rank is not a one-time adventure. Take care of the relationships with the people with whom you have achieved The Global Elite. Play a Ranked Match or even an Arms Race game with them from time to time; just make sure to stay in touch.

Invent new strategies

Launch any map and look for new smoke lineups, bomb plants, or pop flashes. Who knows, you might come up with something that wins your team a few rounds.

Take care of your muscle memory

It doesn't matter how good you are; you need to keep practicing if you want to stay on that level and keep your game sense on point. That said, you might also want to be more careful about changing your game settings, so you don’t need to adapt to them over and over again.

Silver I (S1)
Silver 2 CS2 (CSGO) (S2)
Silver III (S3)
Silver IV (S4)
Silver Elite (SE)
Silver Elite Master (SEM)
Gold Nova I (GN1)
Gold Nova II (GN2)
Gold Nova III (GN3)
Gold Nova Master (GNM)
Master Guardian I (MG1)
Master Guardian II (MG2)
Master Guardian Elite (MGE)
Distinguished Master Guardian CS2 (CSGO) (DMG)
Legendary Eagle (LE)
Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CS2 (CSGO))
Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)
Global Elite CS2 (CSGO) (GE)

How To Go Pro in CS2 (CSGO)?

Now, once you become The Global Elite player, it’s clear that you are already pretty good at the game; come on, it’s the highest rank in the system. That said, you might want to consider going pro and making your name mean something in the CS2 (CSGO) competitive scene.

And what would we recommend to aspiring Counter Strike pro players? First, look for an ambitious team. People who were good for climbing in the climbing system may not necessarily be good for your “going pro” adventure. Even though you have made it to the highest CS2 (CSGO) rank with them, they may not be so motivated to go to majors.

That said, you need to find ambitious people who are into that stuff and may be dedicated, have a similar skill level as you do, and play dozens of games every week.


Secondly, you should play FACEIT, ESEA, and online tournaments. Playing online leagues is a great option to meet new players and stay in shape. Besides, it is at such tournaments that e-sports organizations look for fresh talents. It’s also worth mentioning that FACEIT has its own ranking system where you have 10 ranks (called Levels) to climb:

All in all, if you want to be the best out there, the so-called “goat”, you need to play more games than everyone else. It’s all about doing it and being consistent about the whole process. To get better at the game, be sure to check out the best aim maps there are.

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