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CS2 (CSGO) Agents That Blend In

Looking to buy agent skins? Why not buy agent skins that give you an advantage while you're at it? Read this article for a list of agent skins that blend in.

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Agents That Blend In

Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are a massive contributor to what the game currently is. People can spend a lot of money on them, but nobody can call them pay to win. However, with the addition of Agent skins in, this non-pay to win idea of CS2 (CSGO) skins might be false after all. 

Though Operation Riptide Agent skins are a cool new addition to the game, different agent skins can actually blend into different maps, due to the similar darkness and color scheme of the skin and the map. Have a read of this article to figure out the best pay to win agent skins!

Best CT Side Agents that Blend In

Here is a list of the best CT Side Agents that you should buy to blend in.

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Special Agent Ava

The first CT Side on the list is Special Agent Ava. She is a great agent that blends in due to her very dark outfit. This will allow her to camouflage in dark areas on multiple maps in the Active Duty pool. She can stay hidden in maps that have dark areas, with great examples being Nuke and Ancient.

Nuke has extremely dark spots in areas such as Garage, CT Spawn and most places on the Lower Floor of the map. With Ancient having very dark themed walls and spots all around the map, Ava’s gloomy outfit can easily make enemies miss out on spotting her! She is overall a great option for one of the best agents to invest in, which you can have a quick read about.



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Cmdr. Mae ‘Dead Cold’ Jamison

The second CT Agent on the list is Cmdr. Mae ‘Dead Cold’ Jamison, as she also has a similar dark-themed design to Agent Ava. Though her outfit looks brighter than Ava, this can play into her advantage as she can also camouflage in somewhat brighter maps such as Overpass and Dust II.

She could be a good fit for the Connector and Monster areas for Overpass, as those parts of the map have multiple dark spots. CT Spawn and both Lower and Upper Tunnels can be another good camping spot for Dead Cold, as those areas are also very dark.



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Michael Syfers

With the gray and blue color scheme of Michael Syfers, he can easily be seen to fit into blue-themed maps. Nuke and Vertigo are maps that immediately come to mind when the word "blue" is said.

Michael is the perfect agent to use on Vertigo, as the color of his clothes looks very similar to most parts of Vertigo. He could easily play a game of hide and seek on that map. He also fits the color scheme of most areas on Nuke, especially the upper floors. He can easily blend into many parts of the Outside area of Nuke. To look for more hide and seek spots on Vertigo, check out our full guide to Vertigo!



Best T Side Agents that Blend In

Here is a list of the best T Side Agents that you should buy to blend in.

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The Enforcer has a gray color scheme that, similarly to Michael Syfers, fits perfectly on maps such as Nuke and Vertigo. When played in the proper positions, he can be a master agent of jumping and scaring the enemies with how well he blends in.

The Enforcer can blend in well in places like Garage and most of the A Bombsite.In Vertigo, he has amazing flexibility in hiding spots as the design of the map perfectly fits what he is wearing. This makes him an incredible Agent to abuse on these two maps. Look for the best hiding spots for the Enforcer by checking out our guide to the map Nuke!



5 /6

Ground Rebel

The Ground Rebel has a brown color scheme that is a perfect fit for maps such as Mirage and Dust II. This allows him to blend in with most of the walls on these maps. It might be a wise decision to hug walls most of the time for an advantage over your enemies!

The Ground Rebel is an amazing fit in Dust II, and can play positions such as Car at the B Bombsite, as a wall is directly behind him. The A Bombsite also allows many different positions for him to play in. The same idea applies to spots on Mirage, as the walls also have a very similar color to his outfit.



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Like the name suggests, the Jungle Rebel is made to play in a jungle, so what better map for it than Ancient? The outfit looks like an actual, real-life camo design to blend in with the jungle.

This Elite Crew costume allows the Jungle Rebel to blend into many parts of Ancient, as a lot of leaves are involved on the map. He is very flexible in which positions he can play to camouflage, making Ancient the perfect map for him!



Have you ever wondered why professional players are never seen using these sick Agent skins in official matches? That is because the use of Agent skins is completely banned by competitive integrity of professional play. This may prove that agent skins are actually pay to win, and gives players an advantage in the Agent skins that they use on different maps.

Even if you can't camouflage in every part of every map, having a stash of agent skins on hand will give you a slight advantage over opponents. This advantage is given to players who spend more money than others, so it can really be considered an element of pay to win. For a complete list of agents, you can read the article on all CS2 (CSGO) agents.

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