10 Best Green Skins in CS2

Find out about the top green skins in CS2, along with their live market values, perfect for adding a natural or tactical edge.


AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge

More About Aquamarine Revenge

The AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge skin splashes onto our top green-themed skins list with a bang! Its vibrant aquamarine and orange design, intertwined with fierce-looking sea creatures, exudes a rebellious vibe that's hard to miss. The bold streaks of red add a dangerous flair, ensuring that this rifle is not just about looks, but about making a strong impression. It's a favorite among players who want their firepower to have a unique twist.

Factory New

P250 | Visions

More About Visions

The P250 | Visions is a trip for the eyes with its vibrant swirls of green, pink, and yellow that stand out in any match. It's like a neon dance party on a gun, making it a must-have for players looking to add flair to their loadout. This gem surely snags a spot on our list for anyone keen on making a bold splash of color in the sea of standard skins. The Recoil Collection never looked so lively!

Factory New

P250 | See Ya Later

More About See Ya Later

The P250 | See Ya Later skin slaps you in the face with its vibrant green hue and a fierce mechanized crocodile design. It's not just a skin, it's a statement piece in your CS2 arsenal, sporting striking yellow accents that pop against the green. This beast of a pistol from The Spectrum 2 Collection easily makes our list of top green skins for its bold look that stands out in any in-game firefight. When you want to make sure your frags are not only efficient but also stylish, this is the skin to carry.

Factory New

Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr

More About Emerald Jörmungandr

The Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr pops with a vivid green hue etched with the mythical World Serpent design. It's no wonder this Clint Eastwood of pistols made it to our eco-friendly skins roster. That stunning serpent adds a legendary flavor to your loadout. Its killer combo of style and myth seals its spot among the greenest of the green in CS2.

Factory New

Dual Berettas | Emerald

More About Emerald

The Dual Berettas | Emerald shine with a lush, candy green finish that'll turn heads in any match. A slick chrome base peaks through, giving a high-class vibe to your dual-wielding shenanigans. It's no surprise it's top-tier in our green-themed collection. Its eye-catching appeal makes it a favorite for players looking to flaunt some style.

Factory New

Dual Berettas | Twin Turbo

More About Twin Turbo

Rev up your game with the Dual Berettas | Twin Turbo, a tribute to speed demons and race track thrill-seekers. Sporting a slick green and red paint job that would make any Italian race car jealous, these pistols are a stylish choice for speedsters. It's no wonder these babies are a top pick for avid collectors. With a vibe that screams fast and furious, they've blasted their way into our list of must-have green skins. Dual-wield and double the envy!

Factory New

CZ75-Auto | Emerald

More About Emerald

Dive into the eco round with style using the CZ75-Auto | Emerald. Its slick, unblemished green finish gives it that high-roller vibe, perfect for impressing teammates and psyching out opponents. This stunner from The Chop Shop Collection earns a spot on our top list for its vibrant look that stands out on every battlefield. A must-have for collectors who like their loadout to pop with color!


AK-47 | Wild Lotus

More About Wild Lotus

The AK-47 | Wild Lotus is a true head-turner, bursting onto the scene with its vibrant green backdrop and floral accents that really pop. It's as if you're taking a slice of the jungle into battle with you. It's not just about blending in; it's about standing out, and this skin earns its spot in our lineup for the most eye-catching green skins in CS2. Plus, a touch of natural beauty on a fierce weapon? That's a winning combo.

Factory New

SSG 08 | Parallax

More About Parallax

With its bold geometric shapes and a striking mix of green and black, the SSG 08 | Parallax stands out. It's a top pick for anyone looking to add some style to their sniping without breaking the bank. The eye-catching pattern makes it a clear favorite in our best green skins lineup.

Factory New

M249 | Jungle

More About Jungle

The M249 | Jungle packs a serious style punch with its earthy green vibes, looking like it's just been airlifted from a dense forest combat zone. It's a sweet pick for anyone who wants to keep it simple yet impactful on the battlefield. Earning its spot in our top greenery-themed skins, this beast from The St. Marc Collection rocks a look that blends right into the action while standing out in your arsenal. It's all about that nature-inspired cool that players dig.