Top 10 MAG-7 Skins in CS2 [Ranked]

Check out the best MAG-7 skins in CS2, combining devastating close-range impact with stylish designs, along with real-time pricing.

Factory New

MAG-7 | Silver

More About Silver

The MAG-7 | Silver is a classic beauty that stands out with its shiny chrome base and sleek silver finish. It's like turning your heavy hitter into a piece of high-end hardware. It's easy to see why this skin blasts its way to the top of our MAG-7 selections; its clean look is for players who like to keep it stylish yet simple on the battlefield.

Factory New

MAG-7 | Justice

More About Justice

The MAG-7 | Justice is a heavy hitter with a design that's as bold as its boom. Vibrant blues and electrifying yellows jump out, wrapped around an iconic tarot card that demands attention. It's snagged a spot on our list for its standout style that brings a touch of mystique to CS2's heated matches. The Prisma 2 Collection has a star, and it's definitely the Justice!


MAG-7 | Counter Terrace

More About Counter Terrace

The MAG-7 | Counter Terrace is a beast that rocks a cool geometric camo, mixing blacks, greens, and pinkish tones. This skin from The Rising Sun Collection brings a unique flair to the heavy hitter. Its place among the top MAG-7 skins is unchallenged, thanks to that distinctive, eye-catching look that stands out in any player's arsenal. It screams style and is a surefire way to make an impression while delivering those close-up blasts.

Factory New

MAG-7 | Bulldozer

More About Bulldozer

This bone crusher is a devastator The MAG-7 | Bulldozer is a heavy-hitter from The Mirage Collection, rocking a bold production line yellow that screams attention. Its look is as aggressive as its close-range impact, making it a favorite in our best MAG-7 skins roundup. Trust me, holding this beast makes a vivid splash in the heat of battle!


MAG-7 | Cinquedea

More About Cinquedea

The MAG-7 | Cinquedea is literally a work of art you can carry into battle. It's all about that classy vibe, with a striking design that features intricate glass patterns and a sharp red accent on the grip and pump. This skin from The Canals Collection brings a touch of elegance to your heavy arsenal, which is why it's a top pick for MAG-7 enthusiasts. The Cinquedea is a crowd favorite because it adds a dash of style that stands out in the gritty world of CS2.


MAG-7 | Chainmail

More About Chainmail

The MAG-7 | Chainmail brings the shine and intimidation of medieval armor right into CS2. Its semi-transparent hydrographic chainmail pattern layered over a cool silver base screams old-school cool. It's not just the damage that the MAG-7 packs – this skin turns your heavy hitter into a knight's trusted weapon, securing its spot on our best-MAG-7-skins roundup.


MAG-7 | Prism Terrace

More About Prism Terrace

The MAG-7 | Prism Terrace is a real head-turner with its pearlescent hues dancing across a geometric landscape. This heavy hitter from The 2021 Vertigo Collection keeps it visually sharp with an optical illusion vibe that won’t be ignored. It's a popular pick on our list for those who appreciate the art of misdirection—the skin's pattern makes you question where it begins and ends. No doubt, it packs both a punch and a style statement on the battlefield.


MAG-7 | Hazard

More About Hazard

When you're looking to smash the competition with something hefty, the MAG-7 | Hazard is your go-to heavy hitter from The Alpha Collection. Its yellow and black hazard stripe pattern screams 'danger zone', giving it a cool, industrial look that's hard to miss. This skin boasts a vibe that's both warning and warrior, which is why it's blasted its way to our top picks for the best MAG-7 skins in CS2. You're not just packing a punch; you're making a bold, edgy mark on the battlefield.

Factory New

MAG-7 | Sand Dune

More About Sand Dune

For those who dig a minimalist vibe, the MAG-7 | Sand Dune is a perfect match. Its earthy tones remind you of tactical maneuvers in desert storms. It's no wonder this skin is on our top MAG-7 list; its simple charm and clean look make it a subtle yet stylish choice for gamers who appreciate understated coolness in their arsenal.